Fun Facts About Time

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Fun Facts About Time  Time is actually something that has been difficult accurately understood. There are different opinions scientists and other great and intelligent people have about time. The fact there are difference in opinions on the topic is enough evidence to show that time is a phenomena we don’t fully understand, irrespective of what …

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11 Fun Facts About Vampires

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Facts About Vampires Vampires need no introduction to anyone especially those if you at least a teenager. Even though none of us alive today or reading this have seen a vampire before but the numerous stories about vampires have been a made a part of our modern culture, either through movies, books or other forms …

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Max Planck Fun Facts

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Max Planck Fun Facts Max Planck whose full name is Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck is German scientist who is credited with the discovery of energy quanta is one of the most important scientists whose discoveries have helped shape what we know about our world and even technological advancement. In this article we would be …

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Fun Facts About The Quran

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Fun Facts About The Quran The Quran is popularly considered by Muslims as the holiest book on earth. According to muslims all over the world, the Quran is direct verbal revelation given by God to his prophets. That is how it is believed to have come about. The Holy Book of Quran is to muslims …

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Funny Looking Cartoon Characters

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Funny Looking Cartoon Characters Ever since their creation they have always had a unique appearance to distinguish them from what is considered the norm. Cartoons have always had a weird look or appearance especially when compared to the real world, this look gets even weirder when you compare their characters with us in real life, …

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Funny Cartoon Characters

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Funny Cartoon Characters   Cartoons have been one of our earliest depiction of human imagination on screen, especially imagination in things and animals as well as what they could be, that by itself makes cartoons to have a very wide range of theme, genre, storyline, casts(characters) of which many of them turn out to be …

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Fun Facts About Cats

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Fun Facts About Cats. There are so many interesting fun facts about cats that you probably haven’t heard of, from the world’s largest cat, to the surprising way they walk. Their mysterious personalities and adorable looks have made them an incredibly popular pet.  Approximately 94 million cats in the United States are the proud owners …

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Fun Facts About Dogs

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Fun Facts About Dogs.   Fun Facts About Dogs you probably do no know that’ll definitely blow your mind especially if you are a dog person and don’t know these. One of the most popular and oldest pets known to mankind is dog, heck they’re called man’s best friend, chances are you own a dog …

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Fun Facts About Oranges

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Facts About Oranges Oranges are one of the most popular and widely consumed fruits all over the world, and they have been like that for thousands of years and that is because of the awesome features and nutritional value oranges possess. Despite being almost everyone’s favorite, most people do not know much about oranges, most …

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