Fun Facts About Tuesday

Fun Facts About Tuesday

facts about tuesday

Most amazing fun facts about Tuesday is what we have compiled here for your fun and reading consumption, to spice up your Tuesday is our job today.

Depending on what part of the world you’re from, Tuesday can be the second day of the week or third day of the week for you, but irrespective of your part of the world, Tuesday just like all other days of the week has it’s own meanings and even origin(at least its name), all of the facts that make Tuesday a special day for you and everyone all over the world is exactly what we’re going to discuss in this collection of Tuesday fun facts. Some of these Tuesday facts will shock you while others will spike your curiosity as to why somethings only happen on Tuesday. Get ready to have your facts loving mind blown with the amazing facts and history of Tuesday compiled below.

Facts About Tuesday

1. The modern name of the day Tuesday was derived from the Old English version which is ‘Tiwesdæg’.

2. Tiwesday means Tiw’s Day, Tiw is Norse god of combat, it’s safe to say Tuesday from it’s origin is his day.

3. Tuesday is considered to be an unlucky day, especially among the Greek. Apparently, because it’s day which Constantinople fell.

4. There’s a day called Black Tuesday, it’s the day which the US had the Great Stock Market crash. It happened Tuesday the 29th of October 1929.

5. There’s also a day called Super Tuesday, which is basically the day on which most States in the US choose to have their presidential election held. It is always a Tuesday. Unfortunately, in 2012 a bill to moved the elections to weekends to encourage voting was introduced.

6. Unlike Mondays, Tuesday is considered the day with most productivity from workers. This is according to a survey in 2002.

7. In the US video games are mostly released on Tuesdays.

8. The color associated with the day is Pink, this is according to Thai solar calendar.

9. According to same Thai solar calendar the meaning of the day is Ashes of the Dead

10. Allover the world, majority of Hindus fast on Tuesdays.

11. According to Interpretation Germanica(interpretation by Greek) Tiw(the god whom Tuesday was name after) is associated with Mars.

12. Hence many languages have their names of the day related to Mars, particularly languages with Latin origins.

13. In Japan the name of the Tuesday also means Mars Day.

14. Microsoft(a software company) releases patches to its softwares on Tuesdays.

15. In the US DVDs are mostly released on Tuesdays.

16. Other languages such as Bulgarian, Russian and Slavic languages have the name of the day to mean ‘Second’ or ‘The Second’.

17. For this reason in most parts of the world excluding the US, Tuesday is considered the second day of the week.

18. Tuesday is also considered an unlucky day in most Spanish speaking parts of the world.

19. Tuesday is the day on which Californians eat lesser barbeque than any other day of the week

20. Tuesday is the day with most Christmas (Check out trending Christmas movie trivia questions).

21. Unlike above the fact above, Tuesday with the least chance to be a Christmas eve.

22. Tuesday is the unofficial day which people(Catholics) choose to go for confessions.

23. Tuesday is the day most popular for worship and praying among Hindus.

24. Tuesday is considered a lucky day in Judaism.

25. Tuesday is a day dedicated to Saint John The Baptist, mostly in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

26. Tuesday is also known as Mars Day.

27. The second Tuesday of every month is known as patch Tuesday.

28. The famous D-Day attacks during World War II started on a Tuesday.

29. There are more job applications on Tuesday than any other day of the week.

30. In 1992, ‘Sonic 2sday’ was a marketing campaign initiated on a Tuesday following the launch of Sonic Hedgehog 2.

31. In the past music albums were mostly released on Tuesdays before it was eventually moved to Fridays allover the world in 2015.

32. Spanish and Greek speaking parts of the world consider Tuesdays a really bad(read unlucky) day if it happens to be the 13th of the month.

33. The planet Mars and the day Tuesday share a lot in common, this is as a result of the association of Tiw with the planet Mars.

That’s it about the most interesting facts and things you need to know about Tuesday, after reading the above facts about Tuesday was your mind changed about the day, do you love Tuesday more or you now love Tuesday less.

Whatever the case is, do share these Tuesday facts with your friends.

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