Chris Griffin: Every Weird Fact You Need To Know

Chris Griffin

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Chris Griffin whose full name is Christopher Cross “Chris” Griffin, is the first son of the pair of Peter Griffin and his wife Lois Griffin. He has two siblings; Meg Griffin his older sister and Stewie Griffin his baby brother. Chris is a very fat(a fat cartoon character) and very unintelligent teenager who finds it hard doing almost anything, he seems to be less intelligent than his dad Peter who is very well known to be unintelligent himself. Chris is so unintelligent he can neither self-checkout at the mall/supermarket nor can he memories short strings of numbers. In this article we would discuss some of the most interesting facts about Chris Griffin that makes him an important character in the Family Guy cartoon.

Due to Chris Griffin’s lack of intelligence as well as terrible lack of good looks especially when he is vaping(looking like a douchebag), he gets picked on a lot by teenage bullies in his school. He is ugly and a very socially awkward teenager, this affects every aspect of his life and has him relegated back to himself where he is always doing his handy-business on his laptop.

Chris being a Griffin is not so much different from every member of the Griffins family, he was once called a pervert when he and his father were playing a weird game called Unga Bunga. At one time, he was also stalking his sister Meg Griffin, whom also liked the attention she was getting from Chris stalking her since nobody gives her attention.

Despite being a weird, awkward, ugly(an ugly cartoon character) and very unintelligent teenager, there are still some interesting things to know about the Griffin’s first son Chris Griffin and all these would be shared below:

Chris Griffin Facts

  • His full name is Christopher Cross “Chris” Griffin.
  • His is presently 15 years old.
  • He was 13 years old at the start of the show.
  • ‘He was born on the highway because that’s where accidents are made’.
  • The above is a statement his dad Peter Griffin made highlighting that Chris Griffin was a product of an accident(broken con_dom).
  • Chris attempted becoming a Jew because he was told Jews are smarter and more intelligent.
  • Chris Griffin has a very low IQ probably lower than his father’s.
  • He believed he was being tormented by an evil monkey in his room.
  • This turns out to be true and he proved it to his family who initially did not believe.
  • The evil monkey eventually left his closet.
  • He is good at drawing.
  • Chris once helped the police to catch a very dangerous criminal who was on the run.
  • Chris worked as a paper boy for a while.
  • His sexuality is split between being attracted to girls and boys.
  • Chris is the only human member of the family that respects his sister Meg, the only other person that does is the family dog Brian Griffin.
  • Chris is considered the nicest member of the family.
  • Chris is sympathetic unlike other members of the family.
  • But sometimes he gets rude and talks rudely to people particularly when he is angry.
  • When Chris was born he was called An Elephant Child.
  • He was punctured a lobe in his brain after sticking a knife into his nostrils.
  • Chris believed this punctured lobe is the cause of his unintelligence and poor performance in school.
  • Chris was saved his sister Meg Griffin and in the process getting himself injured.
  • Chris always wears a blue shirt that would have qualified him to be one of the blue cartoon characters.
  • Chris is presently being voiced by Seth Green. He was once voiced by Seth MacFarlane the creator of the show.

In the following section we would answer all the frequently asked questions about Chris Griffin, the answers to these questions would obviously include some facts about Chris Griffin not included in the above list.

FAQs About Chris Griffin

  • Who voices Chris Griffin?

Seth Green voices Chris Griffin. Seth MacFarlane used to voice Chris Griffin in the earlier episodes before Seth Green was hired.

  • Who is Chris Griffin’s real dad?

Peter Griffin is Chris Griffin’s real dad because Chris Griffin was born by an accident when the condom used by Peter got broken in the process. Peter and Lois eventually sued the company.

  • How tall is Chris Griffin?

Chris Griffin is 5’7” tall. He is still a teenager as such could grow taller than this in the future.

  • What disability does Chris Griffin have?

Chris Griffin suffers very low IQ and this affects his ability to related with people as well as his performance in school. He also has a disease called Crohn’s Disease.

  • Is Chris Griffin older than Meg?

No, Meg is older than. Chris Griffin. Meg is 17 years old while Chris Griffin is 15 years old. Chris often refers to Meg as his older sister.

  • What age is Chris Griffin?

Chris Griffin is presently 15 years old, he started the show at the age of 13 but has aged to 15 right now.

  • Are Chris and Meg related?

Yes, Chris and Meg are related. They are brothers and sisters, Meg is Chris’ older older sister.

  • Who is Chris Griffin real father?

Chris Griffin’s real father is Peter Griffin, it is the reason Chris is equally unintelligent just like his father Peter.