Corn Jokes And Corn Puns That Are So Funny

Corn Jokes

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Generally, jokes are made about anything and everything. In fact there’s nothing we’ve not been able to make a joke out of and our foods or things we eat are no exceptions. If you look hard enough, you’d realize from ourselves, the other thing we make more jokes about is our foods. We make jokes about our foods for various reasons which cannot be listed right now. One of the most popular foods we make jokes about happens to be corn, corn is the reason we have corn jokes and corn puns. Funny thing is, despite the corn jokes and pun we make about corn, corn is one of the most important food item and we can’t really do without it.

So, while you smile and laugh out loud to these corn jokes and corn puns in this article, remember that corn plays a huge role in your diet.

The following corn jokes are not meant to make you despise corn or see it as bad food but rather make you appreciate it’s usefulness across different aspect of your life, from your plate down to your entertainment needs as seen in these collection of corn jokes and corn puns.

If you’re a fan of jokes and are lover of corn, then you’ve met the perfect match made in heaven for you as we have the best list of corn jokes and corn puns for you.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the list of jokes and puns about corn.

Corn Pun

  • The corn police receive many complaints from local people that somebody is trying to stalk them.
  • My dad is a corn magician. His act is a-maize-ing. It really pops.
  • I have ears, but I am unable to hear. Who am I? I am a field of corn.
  • It’s no surprise that the corncob gets lost; she lives in a large maze.
  • The corncob stops talking because he is tired of field-ing too many questions.
  • What is the favorite game of the corncob? It’s b-husk-etball.
  • Did you hear about that corn stalk that changed careers? He went into a different field.
  • Just plain popcorn? I think you can do butter than that.
  • What do we call two cornstalks which are best friends? They are earbuds!
  • We peel and dispose of the outside, boil the inside, devour the outside, then dispose of the inside. Do you know what it is? It is corn on the corncob.
  • You should not take corn on a plane because it will make your ears pop.
  • If you caught a criminal in a field of corn, does this means that they have been cornered?
  • The best student at the corn college is called the a-corn.
  • A person who is crazy about corn is called a corn-ivore.
  • Do you know who is considered the corniest professional baseballer of all time? Ty Cobb!
  • What do you call a solitary and single kernel of corn? A unicorn!
  • The quickest way for corn farmers to be successful is to corn-er the market.
  • Corn farmers are not good comedians because their jokes are always corny.
  • Learning a new language requires a lot of corn-centration.
  • Do you know where the most expensive corn in the country is from? From Tampa, it’s a buccaneer.
  • Why was the farmer scared to go in his corn field? He was afraid of being stalked. The potato and corn conglomerate have eyes and ears everywhere.
  • What did the baby corn, say to the momma corn? Where’s pop corn?
  • Went out and took pictures of wheat, oats, rice, and corn. Unfortunately, they all came out pretty grainy. One of them you could barley make out.
  • What’s the best food to talk to? Corn. They’re all ears.
  • What do you call a single kernel on a corn cob? A unicorn.
  • Dad fertilized the garden with corn starch. The plot thickens.
  • How much does a corn flake weigh? 1 Kelloggram
  • Two high school graduates are discussing their future college plans. The first says, “I’m planning on going into farming, it’s what my father did and it makes good money.” The second asks, “What type of farming? Wheat, corn, livestock?”, “I don’t know man, there are so many fields to choose from.”
  • Did you hear about the corn cob that joined the army? It was promoted to kernel.
  • How much does pirate corn cost? A buck an ear.
  • Two corns in a field were telling each other corny jokes. They were the laughing stalk of the field.
  • What the corniest part of a corn field? The corner.
  • Sitting with my shoes off next to a warm campfire eating corn chips. Tostitos.
  • Why is it risky to tell secrets on a farm? The corn have ears, the potatoes have eyes and the beanstalk.
  • What happens if you castrate a corn cob? It becomes a eunuchcorn.
  • I ordered some corn online to be delivered to my house. It never showed up. So I guess it’s true… Corn flakes.
  • My dad’s horse grew a horn out of its forehead after it ate this strange mutant maize. It was a real unique corn.
  • Why didn’t the corn chip advocate wear shoes? They believed in Fritos.
  • I asked my son today, “Why do you always sing to your corn on the cob before eating it?” His explanation was music to my ears.
  • What is a spider’s favorite food? Corn on the cob-web.
  • What did Mike Tyson say about why he hates corn starch? “It thickens me.”
  • Who is the master of corn religion? The pope corn.
  • What do we call the state fair organized in Iowa? It’s called corn-ival.
  • I once had a traumatic incident with mince beef and a corn tortilla. To this day, I still can’t taco ’bout it.
  • The person was arrested for being a cereal killer.
  • I saw someone at the grocery store who angrily stabbed a box of corn flakes, and the flakes went everywhere.
  • You should never tell your secrets in a corn field because it’s full of ears.
  • What dog breed likes to eat corn? A Husky.
  • What do you call corn that is crazy? A corn-nut.
  • Why doesn’t the corn trust the cornflake? It has a reputation for flaking last minute.
  • What is sweeter than sweet corn? Candy corn, of course!
  • Did you know corn has a favorite food? It loves cobb salad.
  • What do you call corn studying at the university? A Uni-corn.
  • The baby corn liked his mom, but he preferred his pop corn.
  • It was a nasty shock for the football team that practiced in the cornfield. They got totally creamed.
  • Someone told me they had a good corn pun. I live in a hut made from corn husks, so needless to say, I was all ears.
  • If you’re ever left alone in a corn salesman’s office, whatever you do, don’t start snooping through his files. They are cornfidential.
  • The baby corn wanted a pet, so his mama decided to buy the baby a corn dog.
  • Corn is a seriously good listener. It’s all ears.
  • I don’t really like corn jokes. I find them a bit too difficult to digest.
  • Some corn, a carrot, and a cucumber all fell into the ocean. Now they are all C foods.
  • The corn was worried he had a cough, his voice was getting a little bit husky.


That’s all the awesome corn jokes and corn puns that we have been able to compiled for your reading and of course, laughing pleasures. Do share the jokes with your friends whom you know love corns and puns equally