Dog Facts You May Not Know

Cool facts about dogs

Dog facts you probably do no know that’ll definitely blow your mind. One of the most popular pets known to mankind is dog, heck they’re called man’s best friend, chances are you own a dog or knows some that does. Dogs have been our friends since time immemorial but despite our closeness and fondness of …

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Steak And Blow Job Day Facts

steak and blow job day

Facts about steak and bj day.  March 14 of every year is the official steak and blow job day a valentine’s day equivalent for men all over the world. The steak and bj day is one of the few sepcial days that comes with lots of controversies and different opinions. Whatever the case is, we’re …

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Fun Facts About Monday

Facts about monday

Most amazing fun facts about Mondays is what we have compiled here for your fun and reading consumption, to spice up your Monday is our job today. It’s Monday again you say? Monday is the one single day that is universally despised by people who work in offices, I mean irrespective of where you live(at …

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Fun Facts About Sunday

fun facts about Sunday

You’re about to read some of the most mind blowing and unknown fun facts about the day Sunday. Sunday means different things to different people, these differences in what and how people see, consider and make use of the day Sunday influences and pretty much make up the facts you’re going to read about this …

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Amazing Facts You Never Knew

Amazing Facts You Never Knew Amazing facts are facts that will totally blow your mind away anytime you read them. We’re surrounded by amazing things and amazing activities taking place, all of these when compiled make for the most amazing facts list that you’re about to read. Get ready for  a bunch of random amazing …

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