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Biggest collection of TV trivia questions and their answers if what we have compiled for your reading pleasure.

Since the invention of the TV set in 1927, there has been thousands of movies and TV shows aired to viewers in the US and all over the world and those are not stopping anytime soon. These TV shows and movies as well as news content are what viewers use in keeping themselves entertain and informed. Today we’ll be talking about TV trivia questions which is centered on the various TV shows that have been popular, entertaining and fun to watch. These TV trivia questions would cover TV shows from decades ago up until the present times to cover as much TV trivia questions as possible. No matter what TV show you consider to be your favorite there’s always a TV trivia for you to answer, and it’ll be fun and entertaining as the TV show itself.

Without any further ado, let’s look at some of the most fun and entertaining TV trivia questions of all time below.

The trivia questions are arranged as follows: The trivia question comes first while an answer to the specific TV trivia is beneath it.

TV Trivia Questions

  • The first American TV drama was called..?

The Queen’s Messenger

  • How much did Ken Jennings win in the popular TV show ‘Jeopardy’ in 2004?


  • The first item/product to be advertised on TV was..?

Bulova Watches.

  • What are the names of the Powerpuff Girls?

Buttercup, Bubbles and Blossom.

  • What was Dr. House addicted to?


  • Battlestar Galactica has what as the evil robots?


  • Floyd Lawson played what role in Andy Griffith’s show?

A Barber.

  • What was the first animated series to air on TV?

The Flinstone.

  • The TV series Step By Step had what song as its theme song..?

Second Time Around.

  • The fictional series Aaron Stone was create by…?

Bruce Kalish.

  • Marc Cherry created what popular American  comedy series?

Desperate Housewives.

  • The 24 character Jack Bauer killed 250 people in how many hours?

192 hours.

  • CBS aired what soap opera in 1956?

As The World Turns.

  • What was the name of the first TV comedy sketch show?

Late Night Saturday.

  • Silvers was the name of a horse in what movie?

The Lone Ranger.

  • When did Charlie’s Angel air on TV?

In the 1970s.

  • Between 1971 and 1979 there was a popular and controversial TV series called..?

All In The Family.

  • I Dream Of Jeannie had Jeanie Harem wearing what color of costume?

Pink costume.

  • ‘Welcome to the Blue House…’ is the theme opening theme of which TV show?

Bear In The Big Blue House.

  • Stratford Inn on the TV Show Newhart was owned by who?

Dick Louden.

  • The reality TV show The Real World began with what lines…?

‘This is a true story of seven strangers…’.

  • What was the first TV show to feature events from the 9/11 incidence?

The West Wing.

  • Tim Conway was the starring star of what American TV sitcom?

Ace Crowford, Private Eye.

  • Marcel had a monkey called Katie in what TV series?


  • The crime series Narcos was set in which country?


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  • The Huxtables were a family in what TV show?

The Cosby Show.

  • Which popular 1970s TV series was set in Milwaukee?

Laverne & Shirley.

  • The current music theme of
  • In what year was the first American Television Pictures broadcast made?


  • What TV series had Sabrina and her cat appear in all episodes?

The Teenage Witch.

  • The Camden family of 7th Heaven lived in which city?

Glenoak, California.

  • The statement ‘You come to the King, you best not miss..’ was from what TV show?

The Wire.

  • The TV show Family Guy was set in which state?

Rhode Island.

  • The Wire was set in which US city?


  • What was the name of Martin’s girlfriend in Martin?


  • The TV series Anchorwoman was canceled in what year?


  • S.S Minow was a chartered boat in what TV show?

Gilligan’s Island.

  • What was the address of the homes of the Desperate Housewives?

Wisteria Lane.

  • The Golden Girls TV series ran for how many years?

7 years.

  • The TV series Shit My Dad Says had quotes written by whom?

Sam Halpern.

  • In what Star Trek episode did Captain Kirk kissed Lieutenant Uhura?

In the tenth episode also known as Plato’s Stepchildren.

  • Who and who were best friends in Wayne’s World?

Garth and Wayne.

  • The Simpsons family lived in which city?


  • Hill Street Blues was the lowest rated series in what year?


  • What killed Charlie Harper series Two and a Half Men?

A falling piano.

  • Jamie Farr was the only regular cast member in what TV series?


  • The contestants in the TV show ‘Survivors‘ were sent to..?

Tribal Council.

  • What was the theme song of Friends?

I’ll Be There For You.

  • Sound from the toilet flush was first used in what TV series?

All In The Family.

  • The TV series Seinfeld in all episodes has an image or reference to which super hero?


  • The series Step By Step had how many seasons?

Seven seasons.

  • During what event did the first TV advertisement make appearance?

During a game between Dodgers and Phillies.

  • In 2011 who was the youngest winner of American idol?

Scotty McCreery.

  • Which American teen sitcom starred popular singer Miley Cyrus?

Hannah Montana.

  • Josiah Bartlet was the name of the President in what American series?

The West Wing.

  • The show series Mythbusters centers on what?

Debunking Urban Legends.

  • What is the longest TV script show in the US?


  • Kathleen Turner played what role on Friends?

Chandler’s father.

  • The statement ‘The Purpose of War is Peace..’ is credited to what popular character?

Pablo Escobar in Narcos.

  • The shows Top Chef and America’s Next Great Restaurant are products of what popular production company?

Magical Elves.

  • What popular children show debuted on PBS in 1969?

Sesame Street.

  • How did Pablo Escobar die in the crime series Narcos?

He died in a gun duel with the Colombian police a day after his birthday.

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The above are the complete list list of TV trivia questions and answers that we were able to put compiled and together in one place for you. The TV trivia questions apparently featured questions about TV shows from the very first TV show up to the recent ones we’re enjoying in the recent time, use these TV trivia questions to test your friends by sharing it with them.