Famous Female Engineers Of All Time

famous female engineers

Famous Female Engineers  Most famous female engineers that you’ll likely hear of or have read of in books due to their contribution to the world of engineering and and science generally which has in turn made the world a better place, are listed here with their contribution and field of engineering these female engineers were …

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Cool Cell Phone Facts

cell phone facts for you

Knowledgeable Cell Phone Facts  Cell phones since their invention on the 3rd of April 1973 have become one of the most important part of our modern life. Chances are you’re reading this article on cell phone facts right on your cell phone, which goes a long way to prove our points on the importance of cell …

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Unknown Technology Facts

technology facts

Unknown Technology Facts You Should Know. Technology is ever-growing and ever-changing. You probably know a lot about technology already, but there may be some facts that you might have missed. You may have also had misconceptions about some computer and internet stuff, and you are yet to get your facts right.  There are also chances …

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