Pokemon Facts

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Pokemon Facts You Didn’t Know.   I don’t know if there’s anyone that doesn’t know what Pokemon is, if you’re one of those you’ll not only learn what Pokemon is but you’ll learn some facts about Pokemon. Pokemon is otherwise known as Pocket Monsters in Japan. It is a series of video games developed by …

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Pinocchio Paradox

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Pinocchio’s Paradox.  Chances are you know whom Pinocchio is, at least you’ve read books about him. At the same time you possibly do not know what a paradox is(well, not everyone knows what a paradox is, so no issue here), but we’ll be talking about Pinocchio’s Paradox, so having a knowledge of whom Pinocchio is …

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Hottest Female Cartoon Characters

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Animated Hot Chicks Cartoon characters come in different shape, form, personality and looks. While some cartoon characters were created to be just uninspiring and looking normal and regular, others are created to be hot and attractive, particularly some female cartoon characters. In this article, I have compiled a list of the hottest female cartoon characters …

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12 Scary Evil Cartoon Characters

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Evil Cartoon Characters Cartoon villains have been a staple of animated entertainment since the early days of animation. While cartoon movies are meant to be funny and comedic, a good portion of the time, they are not all about the fun, jokes, puns and comedic moments. Sometimes there are actual evil characters in cartoons, these …

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The Best 90s Cartoon Characters

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Cartoon Characters From The 90s If you grew up in the 90s, just like I did, then you probably spent countless hours watching cartoons on Saturday mornings or after school. At least for me, 90s cartoons and cartoon characters from the 90s were my favorite. They were the only thing I wanted to see on …

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