26 Facts About Wednesday That Are Startling

Facts About Wednesday

Facts about wednesday

Most amazing fun facts about Wednesdays is what we have compiled here for your fun and reading consumption, to spice up your Wednesday is our priority today. Wednesday is the day after Tuesday and it is the third day of the work week.

Just like other days of the week, Wednesday has a lot of history associated with it, these history, facts and information about Wednesday are the reasons why Wednesday is a very interesting day, It is a day that is strategically positioned at the middle of the week for whatever reason, this of course has made lots of mid-week activities and events from all over the world to be linked to the day. It is from Wednesday that you begin to plan your weekend, if you intend to have a smooth weekend.

In this list of funny Wednesday facts, we’re going to consider the origin of Wednesday, particularly the origin of it’s name, just like other days of the week, it’s likely going to be linked to either an ancient god or the solar system. Irrespective of where the name of Wednesday originates from, prepare to be mind blown by other unknown facts about Wednesday that you’re yet to discover because they are often weird and referred to as weird Wednesday facts. These Unknown facts about Wednesday are the true spice of this article.

Wednesday Fun Facts

  1. The modern name of Wednesday originates from the Old English version of WōdnesdĂŚg. The Old English version of the name is associated with ‘Woden’ the Germanic name of the Norse god Odin. Who is referred to as the All father and the distributor of talents. So the name WōdnesdĂŚg, from Old English means day of Woden/Odin.
  2. Good Wednesday was the day Jesus Christ was betrayed by one of his disciples, this day is also called Spy Wednesday by American Christians.
  3. Koreans and Japanese have a name for Wednesday that translate to water day.
  4. There’s also Ash Wednesday observed by Christians almost two weeks before Easter, it is actually the start of Lent in the Christian calendar. On this day they usually have markings of a cross on their forehead made of Ash.
  5. The color green is the color associated with Wednesday according to the Thai solar calendar. Every other day has it’s own color according to the same Thai solar calendar.
  6. Through out recorded history, the only century to have begun on a Wednesday is the 1800 century.
  7. Wednesday is the only day of the week to be included in the name of any sports team in the world. An English football(soccer) club has ‘Wednesday’ in its name, Sheffield Wednesday founded on the 4th of September 1864, has Wednesday included in its name because the founders took a day off from work on a Wednesday.
  8. There are Christian groups that want Wednesday to be considered the fourth day of the week instead of the third day, this is due to the pagan origin of the name of the day.
  9. Many Christian churches from around the world have weekly activities scheduled for Wednesday, this most likely because it is the middle of the week for most working people as well as students.

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  1. The day Wednesday is associated with the planet Mercury because they both have the same astrological signs.
  2. Wednesday is also associated with the Roman god of Mercury( Latin Mercurius), and for this reason the Roman name for Wednesday; dies mercurri has references to the god.
  3. The first U.S Navy Ship was launched on a Wednesday. May 10 1787 marked the launch of the Navy Ship the United States.
  4. From 1st January of 2001 to 31st December 2100, there are 11 different years starting on a Wednesday. Summarily, the 21st Century has 11 years starting on a Wednesday.
  5. The years 2025 and 2026 are some of the years to starting on a Wednesday.
  6. Buddhists considered Buddha as the god of Mercury and subsequently Wednesday.
  7. In all Slavic languages, the name for Wednesday all translates to the middle apparently due to its strategic position in the week.
  8. Statistically, there’s a 14.43% chance of leap years happening on Wednesdays.
  9. There are 52 Wednesdays in most years.
  10. On the 16th of February 1983, Australia experienced  grim Ash Wednesday, this was as a result a 100 bushfire that swept through the southern part of the country destroying businesses, houses, livestock farms as well as claiming some lives. It is estimated that the lost houses amounted to over $324 million.
  11. There’s a day called Red Wednesday, it is an initiative of the Aid to Church In Need, an association that dedicates the Red Wednesday as day to advocate against religious violence. Red Wednesday is observed in November of every year.
  12. In the U.S Wednesday is also called Hump Day because it is the middle of the week, when workers have gotten though the difficult(hump) day of the week.’
  13. Statistics show that Wednesday is the only day of the week your boss at work, is more likely to accept requests from you or colleagues.
  14. The German name for Wednesday is the only day of the week(in German) not to include the name day(‘tag’) in its name.

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  1. In many languages of the world from Europe to Asia, the name for Wednesday translates to third day.
  2. Up until the year 2008, Wednesday was always the luckiest day of the week for the stock market traders.
  3. The fictional character Wednesday from The Addams Family was named after the nursery rhyme Monday’s Child, where ‘Wednesday’s child’ was mentioned. This is according to the creator, of the story.


They above facts about Wednesday are the ones we could compiled together in one place, for those who have been searching to learn a thing or more about the day. Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Wednesday, these frequently asked questions will shed more light and insight into the Wednesday facts you’ve just read.

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Wednesday FAQs

  • Why Wednesday is called Wednesday?

Wednesday is called Wednesday because of the origin of its name, which is WōdnesdĂŚg, meaning Woden’s day. It is named after the Germanic go Woden. It’s his day hence the named Wednesday.

  • What is special on Wednesday?

The special thing about Wednesday is that through out recorded history, there’s only been one century to have begun on a Wednesday and that century is the 1800. Another special fact about Wednesday is that there typically 52 Wednesdays in a year.

  • Is Wednesday a name?

Yes, Wednesday is a name, it is a name given to girls as seen in The Addams Family.

  • Which God’s day is Wednesday?

Wednesday is Odin or Woden’s day, it is the god whom Wednesday is named after.

  • Is the D silent in Wednesday?

Yes, the D  in Wednesday is silent hence it is pronounce wensday or wenzday.

  • What does the name Wednesday mean?

The name Wednesday means Woden’s Day. Woden is the Old English name of the Norse god Odin. So, Wednesday essentially means Odin’s Day. It is named after the Norse god Odin/Woden.

  • How did Wednesday get its name?

Wednesday got its name from the Norse god Odin/Woden. The name means Woden’s Day.

  • Why is Wednesday special?

Wednesday is special because it is named after the most important Norse god Odin/Woden.

  • What is a nickname for Wednesday?

The nickname for Wednesday is Hump Day.

  • Is the d silent in Wednesday?

Yes, the letter ‘d’ in Wednesday is silent hence is it pronounced wensday.

  • Is Wednesday a unisex name?

Yes, Wednesday is a unisex name because it is a gender-neutral name that could be given to a boy or a girl.

  • Why is Wednesday Odin’s day?

Wednesday is Odin’s day because Odin is the most important god in the Norse mythology, remember Wednesday was named after the most important god.

  • Who invented the word Wednesday?

The word Wednesday was invented by speakers of Old English who coined the name from WōdnesdĂŚg meaning Woden’s Day.

  • What comes after hump day?

Thursday comes after hump day(Wednesday) because it is the next day on the Gregorian calendar.

  • Is Odin a Wednesday?

Odin is the Norse god whom Wednesday was named after, so it’s safe to say Odin is the god for Wednesday.

  • What happened in Holy Wednesday?

Holy Wednesday was the day in the Holy Week Jesus was abandoned by his disciples. The event is known as Into The Darkness.

  • What god is Wednesday?

The god for Wednesday is Odin/Woden whom the day was named after.

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