Brian Griffin: Everything You Need To Know

Brian Griffin

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Brian Griffin also known as Brian The Dog is the family dog of the Griffins family. Unlike every dog elsewhere and on the show, Brian is a dog that is more human dog, in fact Brian drinks alcohol(martini) and dates humans. He is the only member of the family that try to balance things out especially as every member of the Griffins family seems to be tilting towards the extremes of their very own personality. Brian considers himself Peter’s best friend while Stewie considers Brian his best friend. In this article, we would be sharing with you all the fun facts about Brian Griffin you probably do not know or have not heard about.

Even though Brian is obviously a dog, he is most times treated like a human being by every member of the family and sometimes other characters outside the family. Maybe these human respect and treatment given to Brian by the Griffins is because of his anthropomorphic and possess virtually all kinds of human characteristics except of course the look. Brian talks like a person would, reasons fine to a great extent, eats with the family on the dining table, drinks from a glass like humans, takes alcohol etc. These treatments might be because most members of the house are either unintelligent or not well mentally sound enough to realize Brian is a dog. Because other times when Brian stays other families or people he ends up getting treated like a dog unlike when he’s at the Griffins. Though he possesses┬á human characteristics and behaviors, he is still a dog and exhibits some typical dog characteristics like playing with toys and barking. There are lots of things to learn about Brian Griffin or Brian The Dog and the following facts list would do us a favor in that regards.

Brian Griffin Facts

  • Brian’s dog breed is Labrador.
  • Brian was born in Austin Texas(read fun facts about Texas).
  • His parents are Biscuit and Coco.
  • His full name is Brian Griffin or sometimes Brian The Dog.
  • He is Stewie’s best friend.
  • Unlike other members of the family who are catholics, Brian is an atheist.
  • Brian is also Peter’s bestfriend.
  • Peter Griffin rescued Brian.
  • Brian is a dog that speaks like a human.
  • Brian is a Taekwondo fighter.
  • He holds a Taekwondo green belt.
  • Brian drinks a lot of alcohol.
  • He often gets drunk at the Clam.
  • Brian developed feelings for Lois Griffin.
  • He has multiple times tried sleeping with Lois Griffin.
  • Brian owns and drives a car.
  • Brian schooled at Brown University in Rhode Island.
  • Brian has a child named Dylan.
  • Surprisingly, his child is not a dog but a human.
  • Brian is eight human years old when converted to Dog years, Brian is 56 years old.
  • Brian is voiced by Seth Macfarlane who is the creator of the show.
  • Brian is the only one of four characters whom Seth Macfarlane uses his own natural voice.
  • Brian’s car is a Toyota prius.
  • Only him and Chris Griffins respects Meg Griffin in the entire family.
  • Brian was instrumental to Stewie’s saving of the universe.
  • Brian does multiple time travel with Stewie Griffin across different universes.
  • Due to his closeness to Stewie, he is seen playing the role of father to Stewie.
  • Brian legalized pot in Quahog which saw a drop in crime rate.
  • Brian has been known to defend different members of the family at different times.
  • When Brian died he was replaced in the family by┬áNew Brian whom everybody hated.
  • New Brian eventually got killed by Stewie and thrown away in the garbage.
  • He and Stewie Griffin joined forces to save Meg Griffin from an impending danger.

If you’re tired of Brian’s boring life you might want to check out some corn puns which could help Brian become funnier.

There are so many more unknown information about Brian Griffin that did not make their way to the above facts list, these would be included in the next section that covers frequently asked questions about Brian The Dog.

FAQs About Brian Griffin

  • How old is Brian Griffin?

Brian Griffin is 56 years old in dog years and 8 years old in human years.

  • Who is the voice of Brian Griffin?

The voice of Brian Griffin is done by Seth MacFarlane. Seth MacFarlane uses his own natural voice for Brian because Brian is his favorite character on the show.

  • Who voices Brian Griffin?

Brian is voiced by Seth MacFarlane the creator of the Family Guy show who also personally designed Brian Griffin.

  • What breed is Brian Griffin?

Brian Griffin’s breed is the Labrador Retriever.

  • Who killed Brian Griffin?

Brian was hit and killed with a car by a driver whose name or identity is yet unknown at the moment.

  • Is Brian Griffin dead?

Brian Griffin is not dead, when Brian did from a hit and run driver, Stewie went back to the past to bring him back to life so Brian is alive once again.

  • What type of dog is Brian Griffin?

Brian is a Labrador retriver.

  • Why was Brian removed from Family Guy?

Brian was removed from Family Guy because the creators of the show wanted to show that no one is permanent on the show and any character no matter how important of a role they play, can be killed and removed from the show.

  • Did they replace Brian in Family Guy?

Yes, Brian was replaced on Family Guy but the new Brian was eventually killed by Stewie because the new dog inappropriately humped Rupert for several hours.

  • How old is Brian in dog years?

Brian is 56 years old in dog years. When converted to human years it would be eight.

  • How did Brian lose his teeth?

Brian lost his teeth after being hit hard by Quagmire with a lamp. Though he later got replacement teeth.

  • What happens to new Brian?

New Brian was killed by Stewie and his body thrown in the garbage. He was killed by Stewie for humping Rupert and telling Stewie about it.