Facts About Cancer Zodiac Sign

Facts About Cancer Zodiac Sign.

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Cancer is the fourth star sign in the zodiac, it spans 90° – 120° of the celestial longitude and originates from the constellation of Cancer. You are considered a Cancer or Cancerian if you are born from June 21 to July 22. There are some keywords associated with being a Cancer. If you want to learn Cancer fun facts, then this article is the right facts list you need to read.


Some of them are protective, collecting, emotional, kind, maternal, sensitive, caretaker, snappy, defensive, insecure, shrewd, hoarding, brooding, manipulative, retentive, moody, and sarcastic.

It is possible that some of these things may not be associated with your behavior as a Cancer.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you important cancer zodiac sign facts you need to know about the zodiac sign Cancer. Without taking much of our time, let’s get right into it.

Cancer Zodiac Facts

  • They love being home.

Despite being known to be quite social and love meeting new people, Cancerians are known to love the comfort that comes with being home. They will prefer to meet new people and socialize through the home or familiar environs.

  • They are forgiving.

People with the Cancer star sign to be quite willing to forgive people and forget about things done to them. They are known to not take revenge or turn their backs on their loved ones no matter what has happened between them.

  • They follow their paths.

Cancers are thought to love doing things according to their own plans and dislike being told what to do and how to do things.

  • Cancers’ Lucky number.

Every star sign has some lucky numbers attached to it, and Cancer isn’t an exception. Their lucky numbers are said to be 2, 4, 6, 7, and 9 so consider them when next you’re playing that lotto.

  • They are big on family values.

Cancers are said to appreciate their family life and will do anything it takes to make it great. They are said to settle down quite early in their life and are known to be good providers. Being big on family values, they are known to make great parents as they are loving, stable, and emotionally available. Like I said earlier, they are forgiving so they never waste time holding a grudge or arguing.

  • They are creative.

People with the Cancer star sign are known to have an innovative and creative mind as they love to make new things. They are said to be quite strong mentally and emotionally when they are faced with tough tasks.

  • Popular Cancerians.

Some famous people with the Cancer star sign are tech genius Elon Musk, music artist Ariana Grande, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hanks, Kevin Hart, and Kristen Bell.

  • Compatibility.

Cancers are known to get along very well with fellow water signs Pisces and Scorpio, and they are known to have few hiccups when paired with Capricorn or Virgo or Taurus. They are also said to be quite incompatible with Aries, Aquarius, and Gemini. You should know that this is not common to all Cancers so don’t let it affect your relationships.

  • They follow their heart.

Cancerians are known to be quite likely to follow their heart and feelings before making decisions and doing things rather than thinking. They tend to look for people who are understanding of their emotional bonds and links.

  • They are ruled by the Moon.

The Moon is said to be the planet ruling Cancer, rather than any other conventional one, and it governs attraction and the demand for personal development.

  • They are calm.

Cancerians are thought to act like shelled creatures sometimes as they are said to close up and become calm when they are vexed. They are known to act calmly as opposed to being fiery when annoyed, and they don’t stay vexed for long.

  • They are reserved.

People with the Cancer star sign are thought to be reserved and have issues displaying themselves to everyone. They are also said to require some support from other people to exhibit their full potential to the world but this doesn’t affect how creative they are.

  • They are energetic and determined.

Cancerians are thought to have quite a lot of drive to achieve their ambitions and set goals. Being creative, you may find to be quite good writers, artists, singers, dancers, and authors in the making.

  • Cancers are compassionate but firm.

Persons with the Cancer star sign are thought to be quite sensitive and compassionate about others but this doesn’t make them that submissive. They are also able to withstand tough situations despite being known to be quite emotional.


We have gotten to the end of the list of facts about Cancer, some of these Cancer facts are actually not known by most Cancers out there, that is why it is important we create and share these Cancer fun facts with you. Next section would be dedicated to answering questions about Cancer.

Popular Frequently Asked Questions About Cancer Zodiac Sign

  • What house is cancer zodiac sign?

The fourth house.

  • What element is cancer zodiac sign?


  • What metal is cancer zodiac sign?


  • What is the modality of cancer zodiac sign?

Modality is cardinal.

  • What season is cancer zodiac sign?

Season is summer.

  • What is the ruling planet of Cancer zodiac sign?

The moon.

  • What color is cancer zodiac sign?

Sea green.

  • What body parts are cancer zodiac sign?

Chest, Stomach.

  • What is the secret wish of Cancer?

To have a happy family.

  • What stones are cancer zodiac sign?

Emerald, pearl, moonstone, ruby.

  • What is the zodiac symbol of cancer?


  • What is the tarot card of cancer zodiac sign?


  • What date is Cancer zodiac sign?

June 21 to July 22.

  • What is special about Cancer zodiac?

The special thing about cancer zodiac sign is that cancers are very fond of their love ones and devoted them. Cancers are also temperamental and very emotional.

  • Who should a Cancer marry?

Scorpios and Pisces are the ones mostly compatible or marriage with Cancer.

  • What are the scary Facts about Cancer zodiac?

The scary facts about Cancer zodiac signs are that cancers to temperamental, hyper-emotional, paranoid, dishonest and manipulative.

  • What are fun Facts about cancers?

The following are some fun facts about cancers:

  1. The name Cancer actually comes from the Latin word for crab. Which is why the symbol for zodiac symbol for Cancer is a crab.
  2. Cancers are typically obsessed with their loved ones, hence why they are clingy.
  • Are cancers smart?

Cancers are smart. They are known to be the most emotionally intelligent of all zodiac signs.

  • Are cancerians beautiful?

Yes Cancerians are beautiful.

  • Who should a Cancer avoid?

Cancers should avoid Sagittarius and Aries.

  • Who is cancers soulmate?

A cancer’s soulmate is usually a Virgo.

  • Are cancers creepy?

Cancers can be considered creepy because they are usually too possessive and clingy.


There you have the complete list of cancer facts most people do not. Don’t hesitate to share this collection of facts about cancers with your friends and all your family and friends who are cancers or have cancer friends around them to learn or know something about their zodiac sign.