25 Interesting Summer Facts and Trivia

25 Interesting Summer Facts and Trivia. 

summer facts and trivia

Summer is the single season almost everyone loves, the beaches are more beautiful to be at there are always events ready to spice up the summer season. Despite all of these, there are still lots of facts about summer you don’t know, these summer facts are sure interesting and would make you appreciate every summer season that comes by by.

After Spring comes Summer, the hottest of the four temperate seasons, after which autumn follows. You probably know all that already.

Do you also know that there are certain characteristics prevalent amongst summer babies? Or the root word for summer? Or how the popsicles summer treat came about?

There’s obviously so much more facts about summer you need to know than you already do. Read on to find 25 interesting summer facts and trivia.

Mind Blowing Summer Facts And Trivia.

  • Some Christians Also Observe St. John’s Eve

To mark the birth of John the Baptist, who was supposedly born six months before the birth of Christ, some Christian mark St. John’s Eve around the summer solstice.

  • The Root of the Word Solstice

Solstice comes from “solstitium,” a Latin word made up of “sol,” meaning “sun” and “stitium,” which means “to stop.” This is because it seems as though the sun stops at the solstice.

  • Most Summer Vacations are at the Beach or Ocean.

The top five summer vacations in the United States are: a resort (14%), a lake (17) national parks (21%) a famous city (42%), and the beach or ocean top the list with 45%.

  • Solstice and Equinox Refer to the Path of The Sun All Year Round.

In a solstice, the sun can either be at the Tropic of Cancer, which is its northernmost point or Tropic of Capricorn, which is its southernmost point. Equinox refers to the two days when the sun makes it across the equator each year, day and night during an equinox are equally long.

  • “Summer” Has a Proto-Indo-European Root

The Proto-Indo-European root word for summer is “sam,” which means summer. This root “sam” is not the same as the Proto-Indo-European root “sem,” which means “one or together.”

  • Shopping is the Most Popular Activity for Summer Vacations

In the United States, 46% of the people go on sight-seeing tours, 46% again go to the parks, 49% go for swimming or water sports, 49% again visit historical sites while 54% go shopping.

  • The Early Pagans Used Bonfires to Celebrate Midsummer

They believed the bonfire would create magic by boosting the powers of the sun. During the celebration, a couple would jump over the fire, and they believed their crops would grow as high as they jumped. 

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  • Eiffel Tower Summer Fact

The Eiffel tower in France grows 6 inches more in the summer heat when the iron in the tower expands.

  • The Busiest Time at Movie Theaters is Summer

By far, summer is the busiest period at movie theaters. Hollywood expects to earn a reasonably large portion of its total ticket sales every year through summer blockbuster months. Jaws, The Dark Knight, Star Wars, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Forest Gump, Animal House, Ghostbusters, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial are the top 10 popular blockbusters movie.

  • Summer Babies Have More Mood Swings

Scientists believe that summer babies have higher chances of suffering from mood swings more than other seasons’ babies.

  • Suicide Rates Rise in The Summer Months

The rates of suicides actually go up in the summer months. The reasons for this, as research suggests, are seasonal hormonal changes and the rise in interaction with other people.

  • You Can Readily Contract Leprosy in the Summer.

About 150 persons in America contract leprosy each year. The source of leprosy, especially in the Southern US, is usually infected armadillos.

  • People Gather to Watch The Summer Solstice at The Stonehenge

More than 37,000 people in Southern England gather to watch the summer solstice at Stonehenge. It is also a notable place to celebrate the longest day of the year for the pagans and druids. 

  • The Root of the Word “Season”

The old French “season,” which means “sowing or planting or seed time,” brought about the word “season.”

  • Certain Diseases Peak in Summer

Diseases such as West Nile Lyme disease, valley fever, and food poisoning peak in summer as a result of the warmer weather.   

  • The Popular Summer Treat, Popsicle, Was Accidentally Invented.

In San Francisco, 1905, an 11-year old boy left a glass of soda outside. The soda had frozen by the next morning. He then started selling them at a park in New Jersey.

  • Men Cheat More in Summer

Research shows that men are more likely to cheat in the Summer months than in other months. 

  • Summer Babies Have Fewer Chances of Becoming CEOs

You didn’t read it wrong. Typically, the youngest people in every school class are summer babies. Because they are relatively immature, the quality of their education suffers. They are also more likely to have ADHD (Attention-deficit/hypersensitivity disorder).

  • Americans Make Lots of Long-Distance Summer Trips

People make long-distance summer trips of more than 650 million in the United States each year/

  • The Longest Summer Bikini Parade Had 1,085 People Participating.

This bikini parade happened in China on August 19, 2012.

  • Kids Have Higher Chances Of Gaining Weight Over The Summer

Since children are less active, eat more junk foods, and tend to have an inconsistent sleep schedule, the CDC says they could gain more weight.

  • Summer Solstice Occur at Different Times in The Southern And Northern Hemisphere

The summer solstice happens anytime from June 20 to June 22 in the Northern Hemisphere, while it occurs in the Southern hemisphere between December 20 and 23.

  1. Every year, Americans eat up 15 pounds of watermelon on the average. The watermelon is a general summer treat from the pumpkin, squash, and cucumber family, which is made up of 92% water.
  2. As shown by research, more American babies are delivered during the late summer, while major holidays record the least deliveries.
  3. For drivers between the ages of 15 to 20, the deadliest time is in the summertime, particularly between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Also, Americans consume more than 7 billion hot dogs within this period. 

That is all for the summer facts and trivia. I’m sure you picked up something new. Let’s answer some of the most popular frequently asked questions about summer facts that are interesting;


FAQ About Summer Facts and Trivia

  • What are some fun facts about summer?

Here are some fun facts about summer that you want to know;

  1. Modern Olympics was first held in the summer of 1896 in Athens, Greece.
  • What is summer known for?

There are couple of things which the summer season is known for, one of such things which summer is known for is heat, because it is the hottest of the four seasons we have.

  • Why summer is the best season?
  • Why is summer called summer?

Summer season is called summer from the Old English name for the same period of the year, it was called ‘sumor’. From  Around the 16th century the name Summer gradually became popular replaced sumor.

  • What should I do during summer?

There are lots of things you could do during the summer season, whether you’re on a summer vacation or not, below are some of things you could do during summer;

  1. Go for a family bike ride.
  2. Have a water gun or water balloon battle.
  3. Play shaving cream twister.
  4. Camp out in your backyard.
  5. Host a cookout.
  6. Have a picnic at the playground.
  7. Kick off your day with donuts and smoothies at the park.
  8. Roast marshmallows over a campfire and make s’mores.
  • How many days are in the summer?

There are 92 days in the summer season. The summer seasons starts on the 1st of June and runs through 31st of August. This brings it to a total of 3 months and when counting the days of these three months it is 92 days.

  • Why is summer better than winter?

Summer is better than winter for a variety of reasons, one of such reason is that summer has the availability of fresh fruits than winter, this is because the trees start producing these fruits during Spring season, of which they end up maturing into Summer.

  • What is the best thing in summer?

The best thing in summer is dependent on what you’d like to do or activities you enjoy to do. For some it is the heat for others it is the beaches , it could also be any of the folllwing;

  1. Have a picnic at the playground.
  2. Kick off your day with donuts and smoothies at the park.
  3. Host a cookout.
  4. Roast marshmallows over a campfire and make s’mores.
  5. Camp out in your backyard.
  6. Go for a family bike ride.
  7. Have a water gun or water balloon battle.
  8. Play shaving cream twister.
  • Which country has the longest summer?

These are some of the countries with the longest summer each year;

  1. Malaysia
  2. Singapore
  3. Thailand
  4. Indonesia
  5. Brunei
  6. India
  7. Vietnam
  8. Laos
  9. Cambodia
  10. Burma
  • What is a summer love?

Summer love is the idea of casual, carefree relationship full of killer sex, easy road trips and late nights out, one that will end without any issues and promoted by Hollywood movie writers. While Summer love is not really realistic but we can’t say it doesn’t exist, you should find out yourself during the next summer.