Funny Cartoon Characters

Funny Cartoon Characters

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Cartoons have been one of our earliest depiction of human imagination on screen, especially imagination in things and animals as well as what they could be, that by itself makes cartoons to have a very wide range of theme, genre, storyline, casts(characters) of which many of them turn out to be funny cartoon characters. Unlike regular movies, cartoons are most times made to be humorous or in some form made to induce laughter and amusement. If we must see strangely shaped people/characters at least they should be a little unserious and funny in their ways. The characters from various funny cartoons that bring the spice in their respective roles is what this article about funny cartoon characters would be discussing extensively.

In this article, these funny cartoon characters from different animated cartoons we are all used to and have loved, would be appreciated for their wonderful but funny job of making our time spent in front of the screen watching them full of laughter, smiles and humor.

The list of funny characters from cartoons is huge as we would cover as many of your favorite funny cartoon characters as possible, they would be from different cartoons you know both the ones that are about human life and the ones not anywhere related to human life. The requirements for making it to the list of funny cartoon characters is to be a cartoon character, play your role nicely and most importantly, be funny. If you want to make it to the list you can become a cartoon character.

While the characters would be arranged in a list, it is by no means in a hierarchical order, so the character you see first on the list is not in anyway ranked to be funnier than the character you see next or at the bottom of the list.

Without any further ado let’s dive into the huge list of funny cartoon characters of all time.

Funny Cartoon Characters

  • Stewie Griffin

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The first character on our list of funny cartoon characters is Stewie Griffin the last child of Peter Griffin and his wife Lois Griffin from the animated cartoon Family Guy. According to a lot of online polls by fans of the cartoon, Stewie is the funniest cartoon character from the Family Guy cartoon, this is not just because of his conspicuous weirdly shaped head, this is actually the least reason(though earned him a spot on the list of funny looking cartoon characters), but rather his entire persona. Even though no member of the family(excluding Brian the dog) or even the town understands him owing to the fact he is just a baby(less than two years old). Neither his age, nor his body size has stood in his way of being one of the most active babies ever with a ridiculously high IQ. There’s a lot to be said about Stewie Griffin and why he is on the list of funny cartoon characters.

  • Goofy

Goofy is a character from Mickey Mouse animated cartoon, he is actually a character that actually embodies his name by being goofy(silly and very foolish). He is a friend of the duo of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse himself. Goofy is a very unintelligent character, this lack of intelligence has him exhibiting lots of funny and humorous behaviors that has earned him a position on our list of funny cartoon characters. Something that obviously stands out about Goofy is his signature outfit; a tall hat, pair of white gloves, shoes, pants(trousers), a vest on his turtle neck long sleeved top.

  • Mickey Mouse

The story of Goofy above wouldn’t be complete without the mention of Mickey Mouse who is the reason for the cartoon series of the same name. Mickey Mouse is a fun loving mouse very popular and recognizable by his signature outfit of white gloves, red shorts and a pair of yellow shoes. He is very funny and famous and known all over the world for his role in the classic animated cartoon series in his name. The list of funny cartoon characters would never be complete without Mickey Mouse himself.

  • Angelica Pickles

Angelica Pickles being on the list of funny characters is thanks to her nature of being a spoilt brat from the cartoon Rugrats. She is one of the main characters of the cartoon Rugrats. She is a cousin to both Dil Pickles and Tommy Pickles. Angelica’s character was the main antagonist of the cartoon, though there are other antagonists in the series. Despite being the antagonist, it didn’t stop her from saying or doing funny stuff that earned her the position she holds on this list of characters from funny cartoons.

  • Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is the main character of the cartoon series of cartoons named Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes. He is voted to be one of the funniest cartoon characters ever, even though his character and the cartoon it starred in was created almost 100 years ago, it is still as funny as ever. Due to the long duration which Bugs Bunny and his funny ways of fighting his enemies has been on TV, he is considered to be one of the most popular characters to ever grace the TV screen. Saying Bugs Bunny is a funny cartoon character is an understatement and a disservice to his personality and character. Bugs Bunny is incredibly funny and everyone who has spent at least 2 minutes watching him can attest to that.

  • Squidward

Squidward is the weirdly shaped and weirdly looking octopus from the cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants. He is an octopus  but has some human characteristics which makes him anthropomorphic. Squidward is particularly portrayed as a great or an ideal guy in the cartoon series but he is nonetheless funny and it is the reason we have him on this list. He is known to be a cashier at the Krusty Krab. Even though he hates the job he still does it. He is known to be selfish, pretending and often annoyed by everyone, especially SpongeBob himself.

  • Patrick Star

Patrick Star from his name and body shape can be clearly said to be a star fish, an obese one that is known to be jobless in the series SpongeBob SquarePants. He, just like other funny cartoon characters from SpongeBob SquarePants, is also anthropomorphic. While he is mostly known for his role in SpongeBob Squarepants, Patrick also has his own series The Patrick Star Show which premiered in the year 2021. In The Patrick Star Show, he is the main protagonist. The humorous aspects of his character followed him from SpongeBob down to The Patrick Show and that consistency is the reason we have Patrick on this list of funny animated cartoon characters.

  • SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SpuarePants is the main character of the cartoon series of the same name as his. This cartoon series is purely a comedy cartoon which is the reason the main character, SpongeBob in this case, must be an incredibly funny character. Such is the case for SpongeBob himself. His weirdly shaped body is enough to induce laughter in anyone watching the cartoon. His looks including his behaviors like that of a child endears viewers towards the series. SpongeBob just like other characters in the cartoon are all sea creatures of which he himself is a sea sponge.

  • Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck is a character that starred on several series of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies just like Bugs Bunny up above. He has a unique character and behavior associated with him especially as he is portrayed as a black duck. On the series where he is shown, he either plays the role of an enemy(or rival) to Bugs Bunny or best friend to Bugs Bunny. That is how alternating his role can be on the series. Nevertheless, Daffy Duck is well known to be funny and cool that is why we have him on this list.

  • Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson is a member of The Simpsons family and a popular character of the series. He is the intelligent son of Homer Simpson(below), he has two siblings both are sisters; Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson. His full name is Bartholomew Jojo Simpson. He is an intelligent kid but with certain behaviors that are not so desirable, he is known to be mischievous and disrespectful, but these characters are what made him a funny cartoon character, due to the way he exhibits those traits. His iconic pose is his Bart With His Hands In His Pockets pose, this is because he is often seen with both his hands in his pockets.

  • Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson is the father of the Simpson family in the cartoon series The Simpsons, which he is the main protagonist of. His full name is Homer Jay Simpson, he is married to Marge Simpson his wife, they both have three children; Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson. Homer is a major character of the Simpsons who has been doing and saying lots of funny things that earned him his slot on this list for funny cartoon characters. Despite being a funny character, Homer is portrayed as a very good family man that looks out for and takes care of his family at all times. His character and behavior is a polar opposite to that of the next guy on this list, Peter Griffin.

  • Peter Griffin

The list of funny cartoon characters would not be complete if Peter Griffin isn’t mentioned in the list. Peter Justin Griffin is the main character and main protagonist of the series Family Guy in which he is the husband of Lois Griffin and father to the trio of Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin and Stewie Griffin mentioned earlier on the list. Peter Griffin is an incredibly funny guy which is being propelled by his lack of intellect, Peter is in fact an unbelievably unintelligent character that it is even funny watching him do and say things that would have you laughing and rolling on the ground. Unlike Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin’s The Simpsons counterpart, Peter doesn’t take care of his family or try to protect them at all. His unintelligence does not do him any favor with regards to that as he is constantly unable to reason things properly this oftentimes puts him in difficult conditions even with his wife.

To say Peter Griffin is merely funny is a discredit to his character, Peter is one of the most funniest cartoon characters of all time and that is why we have him on this list. The quirky comments that constantly blurts out of Peter’s mouth is one of the reasons he is so funny.

  • Eric Cartman

Eric Cartman is a notorious cartoon criminal that stars in the animated series South Park, He is known to have committed innumerable crimes and other atrocities. He also has been arrested too many times because of his crimes. Eric Cartman asides being a notorious criminal is known also to be a very vulgar and obscene cartoon character, this obscene nature of his adds to his ability to be a very funny cartoon character. It is even one of the major reasons we have him included in this list of humorous cartoon characters.

  • Tom

Tom the cat from the infamous Tom and Jerry cartoon is an undeniably funny cartoon character, in fact there are people who would swear Tom is the most funny cartoon character ever. His full name being Thomas Jasper ‘Tom’ Cat Sr. He is one of the two main characters of the ever popular and funny Tom And Jerry series, his inability to devise a very efficient method to deal with and handle Jerry the mouse is the foundation for all his humorous activities. Even though they always fight like the literal cat and mouse they are, Tom occasionally makes peace with his lifetime enemy, Jerry. One of Tom’s signature funny moves and posture is the gearing up he does seconds before zooming off in a chase. Anyone whom the Tom and Jerry cartoon series was their favorite could swear either of Tom and Jerry is the funniest cartoon character, that alone is enough to earn Tom a spot on this list.

  • Jerry

Jerry the second half of the duo of Tom and Jerry is actually the cause for most problems Tom faced in his owners house. Jerry with full name Gerald Jinx ‘Jerry’ Mouse, is a mouse that lived in a house where Tom lives with his owner, Jerry terrorised Tom and his owner and from his clever antics and and Tom’s folly comes the funniest scenes ever seen in any cartoon animations. Jerry is a very smart mouse, this smartness he uses to get anything and everything he wants which often lands him in trouble with Tom the resident cat. The duo of Tom and Jerry brought countless laughter and happiness to the faces of millions all over the world while the cartoon series was still being aired. That alone is enough to get Jerry on our list of funny cartoon characters of all time.

  • Pingu

Pingu is the main character and the main protagonist of the cartoon series of the same name, he is a lovely character that lives with his parents and siblings in the South Pole. In the cartoon he is shown as a very resourceful and helpful character to his family. Pingu just like his name suggests is a Penguin that in classical Penguin style lives in the South Pole which is a very cold region of the earth. While Pingu is a cartoon targeted at children, it doesn’t make it any less funny and the main character not qualified for this list.

  • Scooby

Scooby or in full Scoobert ‘Scooby’ Doo is one of the most popular cartoon characters that most people know about, he is a pet dog of Shaggy Rogers. Scooby’s first debut on screen was in the series named after him as Scooby Doo Where Are You? This cartoon series was incredibly popular and funny that lots of pet owners started naming their dogs Scooby. Some of Scooby’s humor comes from his ability to be frightened too easily and his signature expression and posture. In the series he is depicted as an ever hungry pet dog of Shaggy which makes him a lot funnier especially when he sights food. Thanks to the laughter he brought to people’s faces he undoubtedly deserves a spot on this list of humorous cartoon characters.

  • Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez one of the two main characters and protagonists of the ever popular cartoon series Rick And Morty. Rick is one of the most popular characters of all cartoon characters. He is Morty’s grandfather and a very intelligent scientist that experiments with his family and everything around including himself. He is very well known for having no feeling of love and having a pessimistic view of the world in general. Despite all the downsides of Rick he still cares for his family in the way he understands and is also a very funny cartoon personality. By the way, Rick is the only scientist on this list of funny cartoon characters.

  • Johnny Bravo

Starting from his weird look/appearance, it’s no wonder Johnny Bravo makes it to the list of funny cartoon characters. The humor Johnny Bravo gives us starts from his lack of intelligence, his intelligence is so low it is surprising how he graduated from high school. Another funny thing about Johnny are his iconic but extremely funny pick-up lines. Whether those pick-up lines worked for him or not is of little concern to us since they did make us laugh out loud. Whether you like Johnny’s character or not, you can’t help but agree that he deserves to be on this funny list of cartoon characters.

  • Winnie-The-Pooh

Pooh Bear who is one of the main characters of the cartoon series Winnie The Pooh. Just like a few funny cartoon characters on this list, Pooh bear is not an intelligent bear and it affects his ability to perform tasks, he is in fact a very slow bear due to his lack of intelligence. Nevertheless, Pooh bear is still a very funny, thoughtful and nice character in the series which is the reason he is among our list of funny characters. One notable thing he is known for is his undying love for honey in the series.


We have come to the end of our list of funniest cartoon characters, while this list might not include all the funny cartoon characters ever, it contains the funniest of them all in no particular order. Every single one of these cartoon characters have been certified extremely funny by viewers and fans of their respective cartoon series. Is there any funny character you believe should be on this list but wasn’t featured? Do mention his or her name so that we could include them in the list. Also share this list of funny cartoon characters with your family and friends who love comedic cartoons and get enough of them to see if they’ll appreciate the list.