Fun Facts About Mushroom

Fun Facts About Mushrooms.

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Are mushrooms plants or animals or what exactly? Whether you know the answer to this question or not, there are much more facts about mushrooms you probably do not know, you don’t have to be worried as we’ve compiled all the mushrooms facts into a single list of facts.

Did you know that giant mushrooms covered the earth long before trees took over? Did you also know about the Stoned Ape Theory, which suggests that mushrooms played a vital part in the separation of Homo erectus from the less evolved ape? 

There’s obviously so much more you can learn about this fascinating stuff called mushrooms. You won’t know unless you read on.

Mushroom Facts

  1. In the small island, Gili Trawangan, in Bali, mostly occupied by a Muslim population, people do not consume alcohol. However, islanders consume and sell magic mushrooms in milkshakes, openly and legally, on a regular basis. They also eat it like chips.
  2. One Step Beyond, a TV show, introduced magic mushrooms- psilocybin mushrooms, to the western world. The host of the show was filmed after taking some of the mushrooms.
  3. Tampanensis mushroom, which is circulating widely today, are descendants of a psychedelic mushroom species, psilocybe tampanensis, which was found once in 1977, in Tampa, Florida, and never again.
  4. According to a research that provides a strong scientific basis for Japanese farming lore, lightening makes mushrooms more abundant. 
  5. Laetiporus is the name of the edible mushroom, which grows in the wild and tastes so much like chicken or fried chicken.
  6. The “honey mushroom” is the largest living organism on earth. It is a 2400-year-old giant mushroom in Oregon, which covers 2200 acres, gradually wiping off the trees in the forest. 
  7. The Stoned Ape Theory is a theory of evolution that implies that mushrooms played a vital role in the separation of the Homo erectus from the less evolved ape.
  8. The myth about the flying reindeer may have originated from the fact that reindeers love eating psychedelic and may have gotten high off them.
  9. In Saudi Arabia, 350 million years ago, there was a 20-foot tall mushroom. At that time, it probably was the largest living thing on dry land.
  10. A mushroom formation occurring naturally that makes the mushrooms form a perfect circle outline is a “fairy ring.”
  11. Mushrooms have more connections with humans than they have with plants.
  12. There’s a certain mushroom that appears like a brain. It is so dangerous to consume that Germany and Switzerland prohibit it from being sold. However, some others consider it a delicacy.
  13. The Death Cap Mushroom resembles the edible mushrooms and looks safe. In terms of taste, it is perfectly nice. It gives no sign of poisoning until it has succeeded in ruining your kidneys and liver.
  14. A study in 2004 reported that Chinese women who drank green tea and east mushrooms reduced their breast cancer risks by almost 90%.
  15. A subterranean mushroom was sold for $330,000. It is the most expensive single food ingredient ever sold.
  16. In most countries, buying the spore of magic mushrooms is completely legal since they do not have any psychoactive compounds.
  17. In Siberia, the reindeer of the Chuckchee people take hallucinogenic mushrooms. Also, the urine patches containing the drugs get them high, and they fight over access to hallucinogenic yellow snow.
  18. A University of Manchester scholar in Semitic languages published a book in 1976, making claims that the biblical word “Jesus” has been misinterpreted. He claimed that the name is a code for a particular species of hallucinogenic mushroom.
  19. There is a certain edible mushroom that dissolves itself, so it must be cooked or consumed within hours after it is picked.
  20. Hallucinogenic mushrooms were thought to induce battle rage for the Viking “Berserkers.”
  21. The first research on the effects of magic mushrooms that was documented happened in 1799. The study was carried out after a family in London misidentified and ate the fungi for dinner.
  22. White mushrooms, button mushrooms, and Portabello mushrooms are the same mushrooms; however, their levels of maturity differ.

It’s safe to say that mushrooms are one of the most interesting edible things on earth. They are neither plants nor animals, and that makes them all the more fascinating.  However, these mushroom facts must have done a good job of telling you more about them than you previously knew. 

We’re done with all of the most amazing facts about mushroom you need to know, next we’ll answer some of the frequently asked questions about mushrooms that’ll go a long way to answer some of your questions about mushrooms.

Mushroom FAQs

  • What are mushrooms made of?

Mushrooms are not made of anything. Mushrooms are not man made, they occur naturally like most plants and animals, so they’re classified as Fungi.

  • How does a mushroom grow?

Mushrooms grow from spores, unlike most plants that grow from seeds.

  • Is mushroom a plant?

No, mushroom is not a plant, but rather mushroom is a fungi.

  • Which part of mushroom do we eat?

All parts of edible mushrooms can be eaten. Not all mushrooms edible, some mushrooms are poisonous while others are not, those that are not poisonous are called edible mushrooms. Edible mushrooms are the fleshy and edible fruit bodies of several species of macrofungi(fungi which bear fruiting structures that are large enough to be seen with the naked eye).

  • What do you call a mushroom farmer?

The practice of cultivating mushroom is called fungiculture. So, we can say a fungi culturist?

  • Where does a mushroom live?

Mushrooms grow in different habitats, most grow on dead log of wood or from the soil.

  • How many types of mushrooms are there?

There are 10,000 known types of mushrooms.

  • How many days mushroom grow?

It takes between 1 to 6 days for mushrooms to grow to full edible size, these number of days varies depending on the type and size of the mushroom. Smaller mushrooms take 1 day to grow, medium sized mushrooms take between 3 to 4 days while large sized mushrooms take maximum of 6 days.

  • Is a mushroom a vegetable?

No, mushrooms are not vegetables. All vegetables are plants, since mushrooms are not plants but fungi, they cannot be considered vegetables.

  • Is a mushroom living?

Yes, mushrooms are living things(organism) belonging to the kingdom fungi.

  • Should I remove mushroom stems?

Mushroom stems are as edible as every part of the mushroom, removal of the stem is dependent on your preference.