25 Fun Facts About Monday You Should Be Aware Of

Fun Facts About Monday

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The most amazing facts about Mondays is what we have compiled here for your fun and reading consumption, to spice up your Monday is our job today.

It’s Monday again you say? Monday is the one single day that is universally despised by people who work in offices, I mean irrespective of where you live(at least in the developed world) you have at one time hated Monday or know someone who loathes Mondays. This dislike for Mondays is not unconnected to the fact that Monday reminds people that they have a job to do and a responsibility due to them, and they must get up and get to work to discharge those responsibilities.

I don’t know if you’re like me, I hate responsibilities so… I hate Mondays too. Our collective dislike for Mondays will not stop us from sharing the most fun and amazing facts about this common enemy that we have, these facts about Mondays will definitely make us see this ‘guy’ from a different perspective by exposing us to interesting things we never knew about Mondays.

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So prepare your little anti-Monday mind ready to be blown away by the fun, interesting and amazing facts about Mondays.

Monday Facts

  1. Monday is the second day of the week for most countries and it is the first day of the week for countries with a Monday-first calendar.
  2. Researchers say the best way to get through Mondays at work is by gossiping while at work. Yea, you don’t like to be there but you can forget that you don’t like it by actually gossiping with your co-workers.
  3. Studies show that Monday is the only day almost 50 percent of employees come late to work. From the unwillingness to go to work to the traffic caused by Monday rush and all other Monday-ish problems all contribute to employees showing up late to work on Mondays.
  4. Over 40 years of age professionals are the group of people who suffer more stress on Monday. Monday is apparently a stress filled day for professionals of over 40 years. You might want spice up the Mondays of your over 40 years colleague.
  5. Because of the stress associated with Mondays, the average person moans for about 34 minutes on Mondays, an increase of 12 minutes more than 22 minutes of moan time on other days.

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  1. Of the entire seven days of the week, Monday is the only day that is an anagram( a word formed by rearranging the letters of another word, using all the original letters once) for a word. I’ll spare you by saying that word is ‘dynamo’
  2. You’re heavier on Mondays. A research shows that Monday is the only day you weigh more, this is not unconnected with the fact you just left the weekend where you were eating and resting almost all day.

monday stress

  1. A research once again shows that to get over the Monday sadness otherwise known as Monday Blues,  all you need to do is buy(and eat) chocolates, online shopping, watching TV.
  2. Most people do their shopping on Mondays, that is because they’re experiencing the Monday Blues and want to get over it with spending money online.
  3. Want to buy a car? Do it on Monday. Study shows that you’re likely going to get a better deal than on any day of the week or over the weekends. This is because the salesperson has all the time in the world to attend to you, your needs and your bargaining power. Whew! what a positive fact about Mondays.

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monday stress facts

  1. Still in the UK, the word ‘monday’ is a slang for a heavy and large sledgehammer, probably why they don’t smile until the sledgehammer is lifted from their faces.
  2. Studies show that Mondays are worst for people in the UK, because according to the study, the average person in the UK does not smile until it’s about 11 AM on Monday. From when they wake up till 11 AM, never expect a smile from them.
  3. Mondays have been proven again to be the least productive days for workers out of the 5 work days of the week. For whatever reason it is, Monday won’t stop being ‘bad’ for people who go to work. Maybe we should include in the weekends.
  4. On Mondays, more workers call in sick, added to the reasons why it is the most unproductive day of the week. Want to know what they do when they call in sick? read the next Monday fact.
  5. More people surf the web more than usual, on Mondays. You have it, if you’re an employer and your employee calls in sick on Monday, chances are they’re busy surfing the web. And this is the same all over the world.
  6. The name for the day Monday from a translation of a Latin phrase ‘dies lunae’ which means ‘day of the moon’. Sunday is for the sun, Monday is for the moon.
  7. The years 2012 and 2018 are the only years in very recent time with a more than normal amount of Mondays, they both had 53 Mondays. This doesn’t happen very often but will happen again 2024.

us stocks rise on Mondays

18. US stocks rise on Mondays. This is a tip if you’re one to invest in stocks. With this generous stock trading tip I just shared with you out of kindness, you might become the next stock trading millionaire.

19. There’s a band named ‘the Happy Mondays’, I can bet everything I own they’re not happy. No, not with Monday being infamous for the most unhappy day for people.

20. Monday is unofficially the world’s suicide day(sad), this is because it is the day most people who take their lives do so. Remember there’s a suicide song ‘Gloomy Sunday’, please stay safe by not listening to it on Mondays.

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21. Heart attacks are another thing Mondays are infamous for. A study shows that there’s a 20% increase in heart attacks on Mondays, hence the the name ‘Heart attack day’.

22. Monday is the world’s ugly day. You’re less attractive on Mondays, at least that is what a study showed. See some ugly cartoon characters.

23. Of the seven days of the week Monday is the only day with the least amount of rain falls.

deprived sleep on Monday

24. You’re more sleep deprived on Mondays than on any day of the week. This is related to the hangover from over the weekend.

Funny Cyber Monday Quotes

Below are some funny cyber Monday quotes you might be interested in especially if Cyber Monday is around the corner and some funny cyber Monday quotes to spice it up for you.

  • Cyber Monday means broke Tuesday.
  • Good Friday is the day Jesus died. Easter Sunday is the day Jesus rose from the dead. And Cyber Monday is the day Jesus ascended into the cloud.
  • Did you hear about the group of restless Cyber Monday TVs? They were ADHD.
  • Cyber Monday – the day you spend more money at work than you made at work that day.
  • Cyber Monday is the day Americans spend billions of dollars shopping online. The day after is the day they celebrate What The Hell Is All This Junk Wednesday.
  • What comes after Cyber Monday? Buyer’s Remorse Tuesday and Hiding From Your Creditors Wednesday.
  • Cyber Monday – the day when you can get a great deal today on something you didn’t want yesterday.
  • I remember when the Monday after Thanksgiving meant back to work. Now it means back to work buying stuff on the internet all day.
  • Cyber Monday – finally a reason to legitimately feel appear focused at work.
  • I hope your Black Friday injuries aren’t so severe you can’t click a mouse on Cyber Monday.

The above are all the funny cyber Monday quotes we have that relates to fun facts about Monday.

The above is the complete list of fun facts about Monday as well as some funny cyber Monday quotes, while the Monday facts list attempted to feature as many facts and information about Monday as possible, there are some things not included due to the nature of such information. Some of those facts are captured in the form of frequently asked questions about Monday, these popularly asked questions would be answered in the following section. The below are a collection of popular frequently asked question about Monday.

FAQ About Monday Facts

  • What is a fun fact about Monday?

Fun thing about Monday is that it is named after the moon. The name comes from an Old English word that means The Moon’s Day.

  • Why Mondays are the best?

Mondays are the best because it is the first day of the work week, hence an opportunity to get productive once again and regain focus at work.

  • What does the phrase Blue Monday mean?

Blue Monday means a Monday that one feels uninspired or lack motivation to go back to work, this is typically caused by the weekend break away from work.

  • Why Monday is called Monday?

The day is called Monday because of the origin of the name Mōnandæg, which meant The Moons Day.

  • What is Monday Motivation?

Monday motivation is a slogan and hashtag shared on the internet with aim to motivate people as they resume work for the week. This is because Monday is the start of the work week so it is important that people are highly motivated as they resume work.

  • Why Mondays are boring?

Mondays are boring because it comes immediately after the weekend when people have been used to resting away from work. Being reminded how they have to go back to work and work routines once again is enough to make anyone feel bored at work.

  • Why is it called Monday blues?

It is Monday Blues because the color blue is occasionally used to represent sadness and depression. So Monday Blues is a Monday when one is a little sad and depressed that they have to go back to work once again.

  • When was Monday invented?

Monday was invented around the year 1000 and 1200. Monday was derived from the Old English word Mōnandæg which meant The Moon’s Day.

  • Who named after Monday?

Monday was named after the Moon. Monday is also considered to be named after a viking mythical person known as Mani.

  • What is the spiritual meaning of Monday?

According to several ancient pagan religions, Monday is the day of the moon a day to celebrate the moon and what it brings.

  • What kind of word is Monday?

Monday is a noun, a proper noun; a name of a day.

  • Are Monday blues real?

Yes, Monday Blues are real according employees. Most employees are typically not happy returning back to work on Monday after having a great time away from work during the weekend. Most employees are more enthusiastic of work on other days of the week than on Mondays.

  • What is Monday sickness?

Monday sickness is the azoturia of horses caused by heavy feeding during a period of inactivity.

  • Who created Monday through Sunday?

Emperor Constantine created Monday Through Sunday in 321 CE. He also made Sunday the first day of the work and Monday follows it.

  • What god is Monday?

The god for Monday is the Viking/Norse god Máni. Mani is the Norse god of personification of the moon. He is essentially the Norse god that represented the moon.

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