Amazing Fall Facts To Know

Fall Facts 

Fall facts for you

The fall is the season when leaves start to fall from trees, this is most likely the reason the season is called fall, there are other known and unknown facts about the fall season which are perfectly amazing and quite enlightening, added to the things you already knew of the  fall season, we’ll be sharing with you some of those fall facts in this article.

Fall is the season immediately after summer and it comes before winter in the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere from March to May. It is therefore regarded as the transition between summer and winter.

Autumn is otherwise known as fall and will be used interchangeably in this article. There are several facts about the fall which not everyone knows. Here are some facts about autumn:

  1. From history, autumn ranked as one of the most prominent season of the year. This is because during autumn, daylight begins to fade and the weather becomes cold and dark. 
  2. Americans call it “fall” while the British use the word “autumn” to describe it. These two names have been in existence since the 16th century. Although before this words came into use, this time of the year was formerly regarded as “harvest”.
  3. There are people who do not experience autumn in the year’s season. Examples are those who live on the equator or live on the central area of the planet.
  4. Most women have a tendency of losing their hair during autumn according to some Swedish researchers. They proved it to be as a result of evolution.
  5. Seasonal weight gain has been attributed to autumn. This is because during the spring and summer, majority of people eat more of carbohydrates but switch to more fatty foods during the fall. Weight gain is inevitable. 
  6. It was suggested in a previous research that, low level of vitamin D which is referred to as the sunshine vitamin during fall and winter may lead to weight gain. That is, fat breakdown process in the body, will not take place in the absence of Vitamin D.
  7. During autumn, pumpkin happens to be the most craved-for food according to the Weather Channel.
  8. Children born during the spring were mostly sluggish when it comes to Athletics. It is now otherwise believed that athletic children are more likely to be born during the fall and winter.
  9. Children born during autumn or those born between September and November in the year, have greater chances of living up to 100 years than their other counterparts born in other times of the year.
  10. From previous studies, men get more cozy and erotic with their partners during the fall. This is due to change in weather especially in the cooler months of autumn. They watch romantic movies together and this triggers the yearning for warmth. Hence, they comfort each other.
  11. Historically, superstition has it that, when you catch falling leaves during the fall, brings good luck. The number of falling leaves you catch means the number of lucky months you will have in the coming year.
  12. Men are of a perception that women look more attractive and beautiful during cooler seasons. From the same studies, a theory also says that men experience high level of testosterone during the fall.
  13. Autumn is an “aurora season”. This is because geomagnetic storms are about twice as frequent as the annual average during the fall according to NASA.
  14. After several studies have been conducted, it was deduced that summer-born babies display significantly, lower development than children born during the fall.
  15. From Clinical Observation, sperm concentration and count are often at their lowest from the month of August to October which is a s a result of summer heat. Afterwards, they rebound with vigor during late autumns. This is what is referred to as “overshoot phenomenon”. 

The above is a comprehensive compilation of all the most amazing and interesting facts about the fall season, the next section is the frequently asked questions section of the fall fact sheet, there will be popular questions asked by people who interested in learning more about fall.

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  • What happens in the fall?

A lot of things happen during fall season, trees begin to she their leaves there’s also change of color in leaves, the daylight becomes shorter hence shorter days during fall, temperature becomes cooler.

  • What are the characteristics of fall season?

Some characteristics of fall season are;

  1. The weather gets colder
  2. Trees begin to shed their leaves.
  3. There’s change of colors in the leaves from green to red, orange.
  4. Daylight becomes noticeably shorter.
  • Why Fall is the best season?

Fall is the best season for many reasons, some of the reasons for which fall is the best season are;

  1. Cooler temperature and basically perfect weather.
  2. Halloween and thanksgiving service
  3. You can dress in what you want as the weather won’t determine your clothes much anymore.
  4. Leaves start to change colors creating beautiful scenery.
  • What is autumn known for?

The autumn season is known for a couple of things, and they are:

  1. The weather gets colder
  2. Trees begin to shed their leaves.
  3. There’s change of colors in the leaves from green to red, orange.
  4. Daylight becomes noticeably shorter.
  • Do leaves fall in autumn?

Yes, leaves fall during autumn season, they also change colors before falling during the same season.

  • Why is autumn called Fall?

It is believed that autumn is called fall because it is the season or time of the year when trees begin to lose their leaves as the leaves fall off the branches.

  • Why is autumn so beautiful?

Autumn is beautiful for many reasons like the cooler weather, beautiful colors of tree leaves as, a time to change fashion style and more reasons.

  • What is fall and winter?

Fall is the season of the year that runs from September 1 to the 30th of November while  Winter runs from December 1 to February 28.

  • Does it rain in autumn?

Yes, it rains in Autumn, the rainy season usually begins in Autumn through Winter and Spring.

  • What is the purpose of fall?

It is believed that the purpose of fall is to represent the preservation of life and basic necessities.

  • Which season is known as fall?

The season known as fall is Autumn, it took the other name of fall because it is the time of the year when leaves begin to fall from tree branches.

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