Fun Facts About Colombia

Fun Facts About Colombia.

Colombia facts

Interesting Colombia facts are some of the most interesting pieces of information about the beautiful country of Colombia that anyone who’s in search of knowledge would love to read about.

Tourism is probably one of the most favorite thing people like to do for recreation. However, one of the bases for tourist attraction is the ability to magnetize global attention, which transcends just setting up physical edifices but also includes the projection of the rich and unique heritage of a country or people. Therefore, one can literally travel the world with one’s imagination if there is access to the information that adequately portrays a country’s culture. This is why we are giving you all Colombia facts that would give you a book tour and a rich knowledge base of Colombia. 

Colombia Facts

  • Colombia is a South American country has its territories located in Central America. 
  • The country is formally addressed as the Republic of Colombia. 
  • The country has an estimated population of over 49 million people, making it the 28th largest country in the world based on population.
  • Colombia is the most avian diverse country on the planet with about 20% of the world’s bird species.
  • Colombia is globally the 25th largest country by area in the world with a total area of 44-, 831 square miles.
  • Columbia consists of several ethnic groups; however, the largest ethnic groups in the country are Mestizo and White. 
  • The people of Colombia speak a number of languages but the official language is Spanish. Although, some regions adopted English as their official language while a variant of other ethnic languages and dialects are spoken as secondary languages throughout the country.

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  • The capital of the Republic of Columbia is Bogota, which is also the largest city in the country. 
  • The country spends peso as its official currency. 
  • The country has a unitary presidential constitutional republic government. 
  • The flag made up of horizontal stripes of yellow, blue, and red.
  • The nominal GDP per capita is $14,100. 
  • Colombia is the only country in South America to have coastlines on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Colombia has over 2,000 miles of coastline that stretches along the Pacific.
  • There are over 300 beaches that locals and tourists can take advantage of to see all of the natural beauty of the country. 
  • Colombia’s jungles located in the east take up over 50% of the country’s total area, yet houses just 3% of its total population. The inhabitants are primarily Native Indians.
  • One-third of Colombia is made up of the Amazon rainforest.
  • Colombia’s government is a Democratic Constitutional Republic.
  • Colombia is the oldest democracy in South America.
  • Colombia gained Full independence from Spain in 1813.
  • Colombia is made up of 32 provinces, also known as departments. These are spread across the country’s five geographic regions.
  • Colombia is home to over 1,950 species of birds.
  • Colombia is arguably one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, boasting over 300 different ecosystems.
  • Bogota, Colombia, is 8,360 feet above sea level and is one of the highest cities in the world. Its tech advances have also made it known as one of the smartest cities in the world.
  • Caño Cristales is a stunning river that boasts of many colors because of the flowers, fish, and beautiful rock formations. It is no wonder it’s known as The Liquid Rainbow.
  • Colombia has 58 national parks that cover about 11% of the country.
  • It is a popular tradition for Colombian children to drink coffee after dinner. This coffee is call coffee con leche. Adults typically drink stronger black coffee. 
  • Colombians celebrate 18 public holidays each year.
  • According to the Colombian law, the nation’s National Anthem has to play on TV and the radio each day at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

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  • One of the unique animals synonymous to Colombia is the Amazon River dolphin.  
  • The largest bike route in South America is located in Colombia; it stretches over 300        kilometers.
  • The popular singer and “The Voice” judge Shakira hails from Colombia.
  • By approximation, 90% of the population is Catholic.
  • Changua is the cherished breakfast food in Colombia. It is milk soup served with an undercooked egg.
  • A Spanish shipwreck worth billions of dollars was found off the coast of Colombia by the government.
  • Over 150 Colombian mines produce some of the world’s finest emeralds.
  • In a similar tradition to the US sweet sixteen celebration, Colombian girls celebrate a “La Quinceañera” when they turn 15; a lavish celebration celebrates the journey into womanhood. 
  • It is an abomination in Colombia to send Marigolds sent as a gift. Instead, these flowers are traditionally reserved for funerals.
  • One of the most popular and enjoyable drink in Colombia is Aguardiente.  It is very sweet because it is made from sugarcane.
  • Colombia has a national sport known as tejo, which features throwing of metal discs at a sack of gunpowder.
  • Approximately half of Colombia’s population is of mixed race.

Enough of these fun facts about Colombia will sure make you one of the knowledgeable among your friends when the topic is about the Colombia facts. The next section is to discuss some frequently asked questions related to these interesting facts about Colombia above.

Colombia FAQs

  • What are 3 interesting facts about Colombia?

The following are 3 interesting facts about Colombia:

  1. Columbia was named after Christopher Columbus.
  2. Colombia shares land border with as many as 5 countries.
  3. 11% of the country is covered by it’s 58 national parks.
  • What is Colombia’s most famous for?

The beautiful country of Colombia is famous for its beautiful emeralds, it’s numerous national parks as well as some famous drug dealers like Pablo Escobar.

  • What is an interesting fact about Columbia?

An interesting fact about Colombia is that 11% of the country’s landmass is covered by national parks.

  • Does it snow in Colombia?

Yes it snows in Colombia.

  • What is Colombia’s nickname?

Colombia’s nickname is Gateway to South America.

  • How do Colombians say hello?

Colombians say hello by saying Hola!