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NBA trivia is a collection of popular trivia questions about the National Basketball Association, asked by many people who play or watch the game of basketball a lot, we have decided to collate and bring these NBA trivia questions to one place where they can be easily accessible to you and your friends. We already in a previous post wrote down some facts about basketball you might want to check out. Going further, the NBA trivia features questions on different topics relating to the entire basketball league in the country, they could be about basketball teams, basketball players and pretty much every kind of trivia question you should expect from an NBA trivia compilation.

If you’ve been looking for a way to test your friends and their knowledge of the NBA and their favorite stars, then the below list of NBA trivia is exactly what you’re looking for, it is fun and exciting as watching your favorite NBA stars and teams play.

The following NBA trivia is arranged in the manner;  trivia question comes first, then answer to the specific NBA trivia questions follows below it.

NBA Trivia Questions

  • When was the NBA founded?

6th of June 1946.

  • Who founded the NBA and where?

James Naismith in New York.

  • How many teams are in the NBA?

30 teams.

  • How many on-court officials are there in an NBA game?


  • Jeff Green was acquired in February of 2016 by…?

LA Clippers.

  • Who was the primary sponsor of the 2016 NBA All Star 3 point contest?

Foot Locker.

  • Who made the highest 3-pointers in the 2016 All-Star Game?

Paul George.

  • Who won the 2016 NBA Slam Dunk contest?

Zack LaVine.

  • Who won the 2018 NBA Slam Dunk contest?

Donovan Mitchell.

  • Who won the 2010 NBA Slam Dunk contest?

Nate Robinson.

  • Who coached the Cleveland Cavs in the 1994-1995 NBA season?

Mike Fratello.

  • Who won the NBA Coach of The Year in the 1985 to 1986 season?

Mike Fratello for Atlanta.

  • Tim Duncan wore what jersey number on the 2007 San Antonio Spurs?

Jersey number 21.

  • What is the oldest NBA team?

Boston Celtics founded in 1946.

  • The Boston Celtics were knocked out of the 2018 NBA playoffs by?

The Cleveland Cavs.

  • Who won the NBA Defensive Player Of The Year Award in 2016?

Kawhi Leonard.

  • The popular NBA player Yao Ming is originally from which country?


  • The first Turkish-born player is…?

Hedo Turkoglu.

  • Who is the tallest NBA player ever?

Manute Bol.

  • What is the height requirement of an NBA rim?

10 feet tall.

  • What university did Theo Ratliff attend?

University of Wyoming.

  • In 2018-2019 season, what team did DeMarcus Cousins play for?


  • With what pick did the Sacramento Kings select DeMarcus Cousins in 2010?

5th pick.

  • The 2018 Saturday Night Live was hosted by what former NBA star?

Charles Barkley.

  • For what brand Ad did Charlese Barkley proclaim ‘I’m not a role model’?


  • At what age did Derrick Rose win the MVP award?

At the age of 22 in the year 2011.

  • At what age did Kevin Durant become the youngest scoring leader in 2010?

At the age of 21.

  • In what year did Ricky Rubio make his NBA debut?

In 2011.

  • Karl Marlone is known by what nickname?

The Mailman.

  • Who changed their name to Metta World Peace?

Ron Attest in 2011.

  • NBA legend Michael Jordan played for what college?

North Carolina.

  • Where was Michael Jordan born?

Brooklyn, New York.

  • What country does Joakim Noah play for?


  • An NBA team is given how many seconds to take a shot that hits the rim?

24 seconds.

  • Johnny Flynn started how many games in his rookie season?

81 games.

  • For 2018-2019 season, Seth Curry signed for which team?

The Trail Blazers.

  • Why was Kristaps Porzingis allowed to participate in the 2018 All-Star Game?

Because of a torn ACL.

  • The Charlotte Hornet’s mascot has an official name called…?

Hugo The Hornet.

  • In 2010 Derrick Favors was drafted 3rd overall by which team?

New Jersey Nets.

  • Which team did Nikola Vucevic play his rookie season?

Philadelphia 76ers.

  • In the 2007 NBA playoffs which coach was fired by the Houston Rockets following a loss?

Jeff van Gundy.

  • In 2018 Luol Deng was waived by what team?


  • Who took over as the new head coach for the Boston Celtics in 2013

Brad Stevens.

  • What team did George Karl coach in 2005?

Denver Nuggets.

  • Who coached the Phoenix Suns in 2007?

Mike D’Antoni.

  • Jason Kid is also known as…?

The Whiz Kid.

  • During his rookie season, what jersey number did Bismack Biyombo wear?


  • After Michael Jordan who was the NBA rookie of the year?

Patrick Ewing.

  • Arvydas Sabonis is originally from what country?


  • It took Golden State how many days to defeat the Cleveland Cavs in the 2018 NBA finals?

4 games.

  • What team did Mitch Richmond play for from 1991 to 1998?

Sacramento Kings.

  • Which team’s game is rapper Drake always seen present?

Toronto Raptors.

  • The Toronto Raptors sold Chris Bosh to which NBA team in 2010?

The Miami Heat.

  • Derrick Rose went to what team in 2018?


  • The 2017-2018 NBA league was led in blocks per game by…?


  • In the 2018 NBA Draft, who did the Warriors draft?

Jacob Evans.

  • In what year did Lamar Odom win the NBA’s Sixth Man of the year?


  • At the start of the 1997 NBA season, what team did Larry Bird coach?

Indian Pacers.

  • Which NBA players are known as the Splash Brothers?

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry.

  • Tony Parker entered the NBA draft in what year?


  • Dwayne Cassey coached which team at the 2018 NBA All-Star games?

Team LeBron.

  • How many years did LeBron James for with the LA Lakers in the 2018 contract?

Four years.

  • Who was the MVP of the 2018 NBA finals?

Kevin Durant.

  • Who won the three-point contest at the 2018 NBA All Star Game?

Devin Booker.

  • Who won the 2014-2015 NBA Most Improved Player Award?

Jimmy Butler.

  • The Washington Wizard’s 2nd pick for the 2011 NBA Draft was…?

Chris Singleton.

  • Rick Adelman coached which team in 2007?

Houston Rockets.

  • Who won the 2016 NBA All Star 3-point contest?

Klay Thompson.

  • Who won the Skills Challenge at the 2018 NBA All Star Game?

Spencer Dinwiddie.

  • What object did Blake Griffin dunk over to win the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

The hood of a car.

  • In What year did the Warriors suspend Draymond Green?


The above is our complete list of NBA trivia and their respective answers we hope they were fun for you to read and answer. All the NBA trivia questions were carefully researched and their answers too. Feel free to share the NBA trivia with your friends who might be interested.