Facts About Thursday

Facts About Thursday

facts about thursday

Most amazing fun facts about Thursday is what we have compiled here for your fun and reading consumption, to spice up your Thursday is our priority today.

There’s a lot to talk about Thursday, all these range from even the most unknown facts about Thursday to some of the popular facts. Just like other days of the week, Thursday is accompanied by many beliefs, information, events and rituals. While some of those beliefs are myths, some are too real to be waved off, as a result, irrespective of where you stand regarding the naming of the days of the week, we all do agree the history that gave birth to such naming practices are quite interesting and somehow have found a way to creep into our modern lifestyles. Are you a fan of Marvel’s super hero called Thor? If yes, maybe Thursday should be your day too because Thursday was named after the Norse god of thunder.

There are much more facts to learn about Thor’s day, and we’ve taken our time to compile these Thursday facts into one easy to digest article for your reading pleasure.

Interesting Facts About Thursday

1. Thursday is the fifth day of the week for countries that have Sunday as the first.

2. It is the fourth day of the week for countries that have Monday as the first day of the week.

3. It is named after Thor, the Norse god of thunder and storm.

4. The Chinese name for Thursday translates to ‘Fourth Solar Day’.

5. In many languages and countries around the world, the name for Thursday has ‘fourth’ or words denoting fourth in it.

6. Thursday is also referred to as Thirsty Thursday.

7. The planet Jupiter and Thursday are both represented by the same astrological sign.

8. Thursday is known as ‘Lovis Dies’ in Latin, this translates to ‘Jupiter’s Day’.

9. The Norse god Thor was also likened to the Roman god Jupiter because both gods have a lot in common and basically gods of thunder.

10. In most Roman languages Thursday is called Jupiter’s Day because of the reason above.

11. There’s an American music band called Thursday.

12. Statistics show that most workers in Australia are paid on Thursdays.

13. The USA emblem, a bald eagle was selected as the country’s national bird as well as it’s official emblem on a Thursday. Specifically on the 20th of June 1782.

14. The last supper took place on a Thursday, a day before good Friday. This Thursday according to Christians is known as Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday.

15. In the UK Maundy Thursday is known as Sheer Thursday and the Queen gives out Maundy money.

16. According to the Christian calendar, Jesus Christ ascended into heaven on a Thursday, this Thursday is called Ascension Thursday.

17. The Eastern Orthodox Church has Thursdays dedicated to the Apostles and Saints.

18. For unknown reasons, cinema movies in Australia mostly premiere on Thursdays

19. In parts of Thailand, it is believed that you should start your education on a Thursday.

20. In Thailand, Thursday is also known as Teacher’s Day.

21. In Norway and some other countries, malls, shops and other type of retail outlets open later than on other days of the week.

22. During the 1970s and 1980s, in the Fish Day was the name given to to Thursdays in the USSR.

23. Fish dishes were served by the national food services on the same day(Fish Day).

24. The name and number used to describe Thursday in Greek translates to Fifth.

25. People do not go to work on Thursdays in the small European country called Estonia.

26. Arabic and Hebrew speakers also have a name denoting fifth for the day Thursday.

27. For no particular reason UK elections are always held on Thursday, for centuries up until this time this tradition has remained the same even without any law backing or mandating it.

28. Orange is the color associated with Thursday.

29. In Australia, shopping malls open for much longer period on Thursdays than on other days of the week.

30. In the US between in the 1950s going to school while wearing a green outfit, would have people think you’re gay.


The above and many more facts about Thursdays were carefully compiled together for those who want to learn something new about Thursday. What other facts about Thursday do you think we missed and ought to be in the list of facts about the day? Don’t hesitate to share such information with us.

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