Unknown Facts About Toucans You Want To Read

Learn These 30 Amazing Toucan Facts.

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The toucan is a fantastic creature we associate with many things, ranging from TV shows to beer. This bird represents exotic creatures for so many people. Its enormous beak makes it more tropical and unique. The Toucan is one of the beautiful birds that are native to the Neotropics, in the Southern Mexico, as well as Central to Southern Americas. Just as they are exceptionally unique to look at due to their beautiful mix of colors, they’re also beautiful to study and know some facts about. If you’re a fan of birds and the wild entirely and also a junky for animal facts then this is the exact article you want to read today about Toucan facts. These facts about the beautifully colored Toucan will cover everything you need to know about Toucan, so get ready to read the wonderful Toucan facts.

Here are thirty amazing facts about toucans.

  1. Toco toucan is the largest toucan of all species, measuring at a whopping 25 inches (63.5cm) with 8 inches (19cm) neon orange beak. 
  2. It’s of a brilliant color that is smartly designed as a camouflage for the rainforest, which allows them to hide amongst South American plants.
  3. Toucan’s shelter in hollowed out trees created by Woodpeckers. The woodpecker’s creak hole in the trees with their beak. These holes are inhabited by the toucan later on. 
  4. Their body temperature is absolutely under their control. It’s managed by adjusting the blood flow to the beak because more blood means more heat release. As a result of this, the creatures conserve heat by sleeping on its beak.
  5. The incubation period for a baby toucan is around 20days. At birth, they don’t have their beak. It develops its beak as they grow.
  6. One may think the beak weighs a lot due to its sheer size. That is a misconception. Because of its little air holes, the nib is quite light.
  7. The Froot Loops is a toucan, also known as Toucan Sam. This bird has been the brand face of Kellogg’s cereal for close to 50years.
  8. These flying wonders of black and orange have a long and narrow tongue of a whopping 6 inch (15cm).
  9. It’s etched into Totem poles, symbolizing showmanship and communication according to Native American tribes.
  10. The toucan’s habitat is the Northern part of South America, the Caribbean, and southern Mexico.
  11. The beak of the toucan is soft, so soft that they are unable to use it for a common purpose as fighting or digging.
  12. The toucan’s life span is expected to be an average of 20 years.
  13. Notwithstanding the destruction of their habitat, they still survive. The biggest threat they encounter in their lifespan is pet trade, and their colorful nature makes them very attractive though this threatens their numbers. 
  14. The bird has a serrated edge to its beak, which is designed to act as a way of handling food very well like a knife. 
  15. The beaks inside is built with bones, whereas the outer beak is made of Keratin, Serving as a fortification.
  16. The toucan’s beak is made of a combination of colours, not the usual conventional orange colour we know. These colours can be red, brown, yellow, green, or even black. This makes it very attractive and appealing to the eye.
  17. Unlike other birds, this bird becomes noisier as the day goes on, the late afternoon being their preferred calling period.
  18. When Europeans first migrated to America, it was recorded that the toucan was the first bed they saw.
  19. The National bird of Belize is the rainbow-billed toucan.
  20. The woodpecker is a close relative of the toucan not then hornbill as often linked mistakenly to it.
  21. A baby toucan is known as a chick.
  22. Toucans mostly feed individual.
  23. Costa Rican teens viciously attacked a toucan, this caused a social media storm in 2015. The bird’s beak was badly damaged, thus causing the Costa Rican government to put the animal law under scrutiny.
  24. Humans, snakes, and Jaguars are the biggest predators of the toucan.
  25. The toucan rarely uses its wings to fly very far. The wing acts more like a glider for short-distance journeys because of its tiny size. They prefer hopping from tree to tree rather than fly till they reach their supposed destination.
  26. The toucan is one of the logos of the Guinness black stout. This was birth after an advertising hunt in 1935 for a logo by S.H Benson. He visited the zoo and found the famous toucan.
  27. There’s a constellation named after the beautiful bird. There are small Magellanic Clouds found inside it.
  28. Dora the explorer often gets advice from her Spanish friend, Senior Toucan.
  29. With a regulating body temperature and air-cooled beak, if you think it’s not impressive enough, then its constellation surely is.
  30. Despite its disproportionate physique, the toucan is a very admirable bird. Thus, no matter your opinion about the humble toucan. The fact that it’s a magnificent bird can’t be doubted.

The facts above about the beautiful long and large beaked  Toucan bird were carefully compiled for your reading pleasure to help improve your knowledge on the bird. Let’s look at some of the frequently questions asked about the Toucan as outlined below.

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FAQ About Toucans

  • What is special about Toucan?

The special features of the Toucan are it’s large colored beak, that also adds to it’s 8 inches total length, the beak is what the bird uses to pluck and peel fruits; which it’s primary food source.

  • Are Toucans friendly?

Yes, Toucans are friendly and have been proven to make very good pets.

  • What is a Toucan diet?

Toucans primarily feed on fruits, but some Toucans are known to also feed on insects as well as eggs of smaller and medium sized birds.

  • How long does a Toucan live?

20 years, the Toucan usually live for as long as 20 years in the wild, but the maximum known life span of some Toucans is 26 years.

  • Do Toucan bites hurt?

No, Toucan bites do not hurt, despite its beak looking big and intimidating, it can’t pull enough pressure to break your skin nor hurt you at all.

  • Can Toucans talk?

No, Toucans do not talk, but they’re known to be very fun and interesting to play with especially ones that have been tamed.

  • How expensive is a Toucan?

Toucan costs as much as $10,000. Of course that’s not the price of all Toucans out there but they’re generally an expensive specie of bird that you can’t get cheap anywhere.

  • What is the average lifespan of a Toucan?

20 years is the average lifespan of a Toucan. Some Toucans are known to live for as long as 26 years which is the maximum number of years we now of any Toucan.

  • Do Toucans eat bananas?

Yes, Toucans eat bananas. Toucan’s primary foods are fruits and berries and we already know bananas are berries. In the wild it is known that Toucans actually really love bananas.

  • Why are Toucan beaks so big?

Toucan beaks are so big because they’re the birds primary body part used for virtually everything as per survival, they use it for feeding and a lot more.