Fun Facts About Sunday

Mind Blowing Facts About Sunday.

fun facts about Sunday

You’re about to read some of the most mind blowing and unknown fun facts about the day Sunday. Sunday means different things to different people, these differences in what and how people see, consider and make use of the day Sunday influences and pretty much make up the facts you’re going to read about this wonderful day of the week called Sunday. Because different people use different days o of the week differently, Sundays are not left out.

And since you’re reading these fun facts about Sunday it’s probably Sunday where you live right now(Happy Sunday if am correct). Which makes it more interesting to get familiar with these interesting unknown facts about Sunday. Some of these facts about Sunday might be shocking and others mind blowing but at the end of the day they’re all interesting fun facts about Sunday and that is why we have it here for your reading pleasure. Prepare to get your little mind blown!

  1. Not the first day of the week

Yes, in most parts of the world Sunday is considered the last day of the week while Monday is the first day of the week, but some countries like the USA considers Sunday as the first day of the week, but everyone else thinks differently so I think we give it to the majority who believes and considers Sunday to be the last day of the week on their calendars.


facts about sunday

2. Sunday is actually a ‘Sun day’ or ‘Day of the sun’. You can’t remove the word ‘sun’ from the name of the day Sunday because most other languages of the world derives their name for the day from the word ‘sun’. Strange that we all think the day Sunday will always be a sunny day.


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3. In astrology(study of celestial bodies interpreted as having influence on humans), the day Sunday is associated with the Sun. Apparently you can’t unlink the sun from the day.

4. Well, unlike most other languages above, Slavic languages spoken in parts of Europe(Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine and Croatia), have a different name with a different meaning for the word Sunday. The word for Sunday over there means ‘no work’

5. In the Thailand they use a different Solar calendar. In their solar calendar every day is associated with a color meaning there’s a color for everyday(and maybe everyone too). The color for Sunday is red.

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6. In the middle east most countries start their work week on Sundays. If you’re one of those whom Sundays are their holidays you better don’t relocate to the middle east because you’d find yourself in the office very early Sunday morning.

7. Many countries hold their elections on Sundays. Some of such countries are Peru, Germany, Belgium, France and Sweden.

8. Constatine I(a Roman emperor) decreed that Sunday is a day for everyone to have rest away from work. Well, everyone includes everyone except those who do agricultural work. I guess that’s how we all felt Sunday is a form of short holiday.

banks go on break on sundays

9. Almost everywhere in the world your money in the bank goes on break on Sundays. I mean, nearly all banks are closed on Sundays all over the world. Just as you were working through out the week, your money was also working, the best day for your money to have peace of mind away from work is on Sunday.

10. Every month that begins on Sundays always have their 13th day being Fridays. Another way to say it, if your birthday is on the 13th day of a month and you want it celebrated on a Friday, just wish the month begins on a Sunday and you’ll have what you want.

11. All over the world there are strange respect for the day Sunday, you might get hit with a hefty fine if you disrespect the day Sunday in any of such places of the world. Example is in Salt Lake City of Utah, United States, it is illegal to whistle on Sunday. Whistle on Sunday in the city and you’ll get hit with a $1,000 fine.

12. In the United States and the United Kingdom most daily newspapers and magazines publish editions on Sundays, they do these by publishing more content on more sections of the newspapers and sometimes introduce new sections to their publications. They do this because they believe Sunday is the day people very very less busy and are more likely to read something.

13. Sunday has a suicide song. There’s a song named Gloomy Sunday compose by Rezső Seress a pianist from Hungary. The song has been linked to several cases of suicides by people who listened to the Sunday suicide song. The cases of suicide earned the song another gloomy name ‘The Hungarian suicide song’ for obvious reasons.

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14. Sunday is the official(actually, unofficial) day on which Golf tournaments end. It’s become a tradition for professional gold tournaments to end on Sundays, this has happened so often that it earned the day the unofficial end of the tournament.

motogp holds on sunday

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15. Popular and well known motor sports events have always taken place on Sundays. Just a little similar as seen in Golf, motor sport events such as MotoGP, Formula One and NASCAR Sprint Cup races have always been a Sunday event, strange that the qualifiers of these events have always taken place on Saturdays, seems well planned and arranged.


16.  Apparently, Sunday is a day of sports and for the love of sporting event goers. If you’re intending on starting a sporting event, for a much more success you might want to fix it on a Sunday.

17. Historically, there’s a Sunday called Cold Sunday.  Cold Sunday is the 17th day of January 1982 which happened to be a Sunday. It was called Cold Sunday because on this day, extremely cold air swept into the U.S. from it’s neighbor Canada, this very cold air resulted in the temperatures across most states of the U.S to go far below their existing all-time lows known at that time in history. Till this day, that very Sunday is known as Cold Sunday.

18. In modern day Greece, the modern Greek word for the day Sunday means ‘Lord’s Day’.

fun facts about easter sunday

19. Jesus is believed to have resurrected from the dead on a day called Easter Sunday. See some facts about the Bible.

20. In Russia, the Russian word for Sunday means Resurrection. The Russians probably named it after the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

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