Math Trivia Questions

Math Trivia Questions.

math trivia

It’s not everyday that we get rack our brains because of some difficult math trivia question we just stumble on, but when we do, it makes sense to try make effort to answer those. Because math trivia questions help in improving the logical and arithmetic abilities of our brains. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mathematics major in school nor does it matter whether you love or hate math, one way or the other you’ll always find yourself in a position where your ability in these math trivia would help save the day. The best part of this collection of math trivia is that they all come with their respective answers to help train you and improve your knowledge base with respect to math.

No need for any further introduction to the following math trivia questions and answers, let’s dive quickly.

The math trivia are arranged in the following manner; trivia question comes first then answer to the specific math trivia question comes beneath it.

Math Trivia

  • Convert 1/2 to decimal.


  • How many milliliters are in one liter?

1000 milliliters make one liter.

  • If we have 130 boxes of chocolates in a store and there are 30 chocolates in each box, how many chocolates do we have in total?

3900 chocolates.

  • How many 7 do we have in the number 21?


  • How many right angles do we have in a right-angled triangle?

One right angle.

  • What shape is formed by 3 straight lines?

A triangle.

  • What is the formula for the are of a triangle?

1/2base* height.

  • What is LCM?

Least Common Multiple.

  • What is HCM?

Highest Common Multiple.

  • What is an Acute angle?

An acute angle is an angle less than 90 degrees.

  • What is an obtuse angle?

An obtuse angle is angle higher 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees.

  • What is a right angle?

A right angle is an angle of 90 degrees.

  • What is the next prime number after 7?


  • What is the other name for the circumference of a circle?

The perimeter of a circle.

  • Does a convex shape curve inwards or outwards?

A convex shape curves outward.

  • What is the square of 12?


  • Between a Googol and a  billion which is bigger?

A googol is bigger.

  • Who was the first to use the term Googol(a 1 followed by 100 zeros)?

A 9 year old boy from Milton Sirotta in the year 1938.

  • Is -9 an integer?

Yes, -9 is an integer. All whole numbers are integers.

  • 7*7 =?


  • How many types of triangle do we have?

Three types.

  • How many equal sides does an isosceles triangle have?

Two equal sides.

  • What is 100 to the power of 0?


  • What is zero to the power of zero?

Nobody knows, it remains an unsolved question, if you have the answer do send it to us and we’ll give credit to you.

  • When was the Pi symbol determined?


  • What is a quadrilateral?

It is a polygon with four unequal sides.

  • What number does Giga represent?

A billion.

  • What is the first number to contain the letter ‘A’ in its name?

One thousand(1000).

  • What is the only number to have its letters arranged in alphabetical order?


  • If all numbers are arranged alphabetically what number would come first?

Number 8(eight).

  • If all numbers are arranged alphabetically what number would come last?


  • What number has the most names and synonyms?

Zero(0), it is also known as zilch, naught, nil, zip, ow, nought and a lot more synonyms.

  • What was the original name of the number zero(0)?


  • What is the origin of number zero?

3 B.C.

  • What are base 2 number system called?

Binary numbers.

  • What is an icosahedron?

It is a polyhedron with 20 equal sides.

  • What is an Octagon?

It is a polygon with 8 sides.

  • What is a proper fraction?

It is a fraction where the numerator is less than the denominator, Or a fraction that is less than 1.

  • What is a century?

A period of 100 years.

  • What are the two trigonometrical ratios who’s values cannot be greater than 1?

Sine and Cosine.

  • What are the absolute values of |-5| and|2| ?

5 and 2.

  • What are the absolute values of -10 and -15?

10 and 15.

  • What number has the same number of letters as its name?

Number 4, it has four letters in its name.

  • What is the only number without it’s own Roman Numeral?

Number zero(0).

  • What is the only prime number that does not contain letter ‘e’ in its name?

Number 2(two).

  • When was the equals sign(=) invented?

In 1557 by Robert Recorde a Welsh mathematician.

  • What is the name of the division symbol(÷)?


  • What is the name of the division bar in a fraction?


  • How many points does the word ‘Twelve’ worth in the game of scrabble?

12 points.

The above are our complete list of math trivia questions and their answers as compiled, there are more of course as the field of math is very huge and many more math trivia to try, these are the ones we could put together for your reading consumption and to help exercise your brains, do share these math trivia with your friends who love math and would love to participate in the math trivia questions.