Fun Food Trivia Questions

Fun Food Trivia Questions.

food trivia questions

Food trivia questions is a way to spike the curious part of our food loving brains with questions regarding foods and their respective answers. I mean, we on this site love food(heck we have a section dedicated to foods only) and that is why am able to write this food trivia questions and their answers for you to read and certainly you also love food at least, you love delicious foods, what else do we both have in common asides our love for food? It is fun food trivia.

If there’s one thing am 100% sure we all on this planet have in common is our desire for food, especially good food, it doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, these fun and interesting food trivia questions alongside their answers would definitely blow your mind while teaching you some of the most fun things you never knew about food.

Just as we never stop learning new things, these trivia questions about food are an easy way to learn and discover something new about different foods you have been eating as well as the ones you have no idea actually exists.

Interestingly, the food trivia questions below are the most tasty and delicious food trivia questions I ever had the opportunity to read, so I wouldn’t waste more time than to let you into my kitchen of fun and interesting food trivia questions. Some food quiz questions you might want to read.

The food trivia is arranged in the is manner; food trivia question first, then food trivia answer below it.

Food Trivia

  • On what day is the National Sandwich Day celebrated in the US?

3rd of November.

  • What is the most ordered food in the US?

Fried chicken.

  • What is the most popular Pizza topping in the US?


  • What is the most popular pizza topping in the UK?


  • What is the national spirit of the US?


  • Who invented condensed milk?

Gail Borden Jr, an American.

You might want to learn some substitutes for milk in pumpkin pie if you love milk.

  • In which state was Coca-Cola first sold?


  • Which state in the US first sold fried dill pikkle?


  • What food item is illegal to be sold in Newark, New Jersey after 6 PM?

Ice cream.

  • Where is the birthplace of cheeseburger?

Colorado, United States.

  • What is the national dish of Germany?

Sauerbraten, also called Pot Roast.

  • What is the national dish of England?

Chicken Tikka Masala.

  • What is the national dish of Italy?

Ragu Alla Bolognese.

  • What is the national drink of Turkey?

Lion’s Milk or Raki for short.

  • What drink originated in North Carolina?


  • Scotland has two national drinks, what are they?

Whiskey and Irn Bru.

  • Oklahoma has a state vegetable, what is it?


  • What is Oklahoma state dessert?

Pecan pie.

  • What is the primary ingredient of mince-pie?

Dried fruit.

  • What is the only state in the US that grows coffee beans?


  • Delaware declared its state food in 2009, what food is that?

Peach pie.

  • What is the state dish of Texas?

Chili corn carne.

  • What is the state appetizer of Rhode Island?

Rhode Island Calamari.

  • What is the official state beverage of Rhode Island?

Coffee Milk.

  • What is the state food of South Carolina?

Boiled peanuts.

  • What is the state fruit of New York?


  • What is the state dessert of Massachusetts?

Boston cream pie.

Fried bread.

  • What is the state soft drink of Maine?


  • What is the state pasta of Iowa?

Buttered noodles.

  • What is the state snack of Iowa?


  • What is the state fruit of Utah?


  • What is the state food of Georgia?


  • Who is the Italian is credited with inventing pizza?

Raffaele Esposito from Naples.

  • Which food was not rationed during World War 2?

Bread, interesting to know that it wasn’t rationed during the war.

  • Pie pastry was invented by who?

The Ancient Greeks.

  • What is the topping of cottage pie?

Boiled potatoes.

  • What food item is traditionally eaten in the UK before As Wednesday?


  • In what state was Gumbo stew invented?


  • What is used in measuring the spicy heat of peppers?

Scoville scale.

  • What is the state dish of Connecticut?

Steamed cheeseburger.

  • What country is the origin of Serrano ham?


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  • What is Mcdonalds’ popular slogan?

‘You Deserve A Break Today’.

  • What food is Peru known for?

Fried guinea pig and ceviche.

  • What sweet flan looks like an iceberg?

Baked Alaska.

  • In what country was hotdog invented?


  • What is the traditional material used in wrapping sushi?


  • What country is the origin of Goulash?


  • What country is the origin of the Cassoulet?


  • Who invented chocolate milk and in what year?

Daniel Peter in 1875.

  • What is the first Pizzeria in the US?

Lombardi’s Pizza.

See some facts about lemon.

  • Who invented ice cream sandwich?

Jeri Quizno, an American.

  • Which American food item survived nuclear attack?


  • What was the first food  eaten in the moon?


  • Who invented Coca-Cola?

John Pemberton.

  • What is the full name of Canola?

Canadian Oil.

That’s all the most interesting and fun food trivia we have compiled for your fun and reading pleasure, how delicious were these food trivia? Were they as tasty and aromatic as predicted? I believe they were.