Peter Griffin: Facts You Need To Know

Peter Griffin Facts.

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Peter Griffin is the guy from Family Guy an American animated sitcom. He’s well known for a lot of things and characters that made him an interesting character in the Family guy series. This post is entirely dedicated to Peter Griffin, covering everything you probably do not know about Peter Griffin. So, we’ll touch every facts about Peter Griffin, from his personal life to his origin and pretty much everything you need to know about Peter Griffin.

He is a family guy with kids and a pet which happens to be his best friend, despite being extremely unintelligent Peter has had a lot going in his life that could suggest otherwise, he has held many jobs, he can play the Piano, he owns his own TV station and many more that could suggest Peter Griffin has a little amount of intelligence in him. At the rip age of 42(or 43 according to Lois Griffin his wife or) Peter has achieved a couple of things including out-farting Michael Moore a popular political commentator. He loves watching TV, that is exactly his favorite way of passing time.

Some facts about Peter Griffin, these peter griffin facts are specifically for those who probably do not know who he is or those who did not watch the popular American sitcom Family Guy, Peter Griffin is that guy. Let’s get to know him with the facts sheet about him and his ways of life below.

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Peter Griffin Facts

  1. Peter Griffin is a fictional character.
  2. He is voiced by Seth Macfarlane who is the creator of the series.
  3. He is of Irish and Mexican descent.
  4. He was born in Mexico.
  5. His full name is Justin Peter LöwenbrÀu Griffin.
  6. He was born Justin Peter Griffin.
  7. He is unintelligent and obese.
  8. Peter weighs 270 lbs.
  9. He has a very low IQ that made him mentally retarded.
  10. His biological father is Mickey McFinnigan.
  11. His adopted-father father is Francis Griffin.
  12. He’s married to Lois Griffin.
  13. He has three children Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin and Stewie Griffin.
  14. He once had a son who died after he shook him much.
  15. His dead son’s name is Peter Griffin Jr.
  16. His best friends are Glen Quagmire, Joe Swanson and Cleveland Brown(A black cartoon character),
  17. He is best buddy with Brian Griffin, his adopted dog.
  18. He is the biological father of Betram.
  19. He fights a lot with Ernie the Giant Chicken.
  20. He lives with his family on Spooner Street, in Quahog, Rhode Island.
  21. He’s a writer that has written a couple of erotic novels.
  22. He is a big fan of the ban KISS.
  23. He is also a Star Wars fan.

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  1. Peter Griffin broadcasts his own television station show which he calls PTV.
  2. He once defrauded a TV station.
  3. He has a favorite song which is the Trashmen’s “Surfin’ Bird”.
  4. He has held many jobs through out his life some of which are; fisherman, towel boy, toy maker etc.
  5. In “Dammit Janet!”, He encouraged and convinced his wife Lois to become a flight attendant.
  6. He claims he can play the piano perfectly provided he is drunk in “Wasted Talent”.
  7. He won the “Most Ticks” award in 1965.
  8. He is a twitter user with the username “PumpkinEater69”.
  9. He took trombone lessons while in junior college.
  10. He coined a phrase “Shut up Meg“ due to his lack of respect for his daughter; Meg Griffin.
  11. His farts are very very powerful that he out-farted Michael Moore the filmmaker.
  12. He was once wanted by the Italian Police for “Plagiarismo” which means copying someone’s work.
  13. He has a small peni s according to rumor.
  14. His last reported age is 58.
  15. The first time Peter Griffin was reported to appear was in the episode titled ‘Death Has A Shadow’, which was aired in the year 1999.
  16. Peter is the tallest member of his family, he is 6 foot and 1 inch tall.
  17. The name of his hometown Quahog is actually the name of a clam.
  18. He is often referred to as fat man by his son Stewie, it’s the reason he is on the list of fat cartoon characters.

Those are the most interesting and huge collection of facts about the man Peter Griffin. The Family Guy being an old show has millions of fans, but it also has lots of episodes of its characters being dropped random on different episodes such that if you didn’t watch all or carefully pay attention you won’t be able to pick up these interesting Peter Griffin facts. If you know any other fan of Peter Griffin or the show itself, do share this article with them to learn some new facts about Peter Griffin and his family and friends.

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Below are some frequently asked questions about Peter Griffin that would shed more light on some questions you probably have about him, go through them and you would probably find some questions you have alongside their answers. you should learn something new from the questions.

FAQs About Peter Griffin

  • Is Peter Griffin mentally challenged?

Yes, Peter is mentally retarded.

  • What is Peter Griffin’s IQ?

76 or below, which is why he is mentally retarded.

  • Is Peter Griffin a good father?

Yes, he is a good father because it was recorded he has his children’s interest at heart.

  • Does Peter Griffin have ADHD?

Yes, he suffers from ADHD.

  • Who is Peter Griffin’s best friend?

Brian, is his best friend.

  • What does Peter Griffin do for a living?

Peter worked as a safety inspector at Happy-Go-Lucky Toy factory.

  • When did Peter and Lois meet?

They met in ‘Meet the Quagmires’

  • What is Peter Griffin’s height?

Peter Griffin’s height is 6″1 in.

  • Who voices peter griffin?

Seth Macfarlane voices Peter Griffin.

  • How old is Peter Griffin?

Peter Griffin is 58 years old.

  • How tall is Peter Griffin?

Peter Griffin is 6″1 tall.

  • Who played Peter Griffin?

Seth Macfarlane voices Peter Griffin.

  • How many people has Peter Griffin killed?

Peter Griffin has killed 37 people.

  • Where does Peter Griffin live?

Peter Griffin lives in Quahog, his home town.

  • Is Peter Griffin black?

No, Peter Griffin is not black. He is of Irish and Mexican descent.

  • Is Peter Griffin left handed?

No, Peter Griffin is not left handed. He has been shown several times as being right handed because he does most things including holding beers with his right hand.