31 Fun Facts About Friday That’ll Startle You

Fun Fact Friday That Are Interesting

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Most amazing fun facts about Fridays is what we have compiled here for your fun and reading consumption, to spice up your Friday is our priority today.

Just like other days of the week, Friday has a lot of history associated with it, these history, facts and information about Friday are the reasons why Friday is a very interesting day, It is a day that is strategically positioned at the end of the (work)week marking the beginning of the weekend, especially for those who love to party on weekends. This of course has made lots of weekend activities and events from all over the world to be linked to the day or at least start on a Friday. It is from Friday that you begin to get ready to enjoy your weekend, hence the popular hash tag #TGIF meaning Thank God It’s Friday.

In this fun fact Friday list, we’re going to consider the origin of Friday, particularly the origin of its name. Similar to other days of the week that we have written about, the origin of the name Friday is likely going to be linked to either an ancient god or the solar system irrespective of where the name of Friday originate from, prepare to be mind blown by the many unknown Friday fun facts that you’re yet to discover. These fun facts are the true spice of this article.

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Fun Fact Friday

  1. Friday is named after the Norse god Freya.
  2. In Old English it was initially called ‘Day Of Frigg’, Frigg being the Old English version of the Norse god Freya.
  3. Over time the name has had to metamorphized into what we have today; a single word known as Friday.
  4. There is a Friday that every shopper in the US(and now many parts of the world) loves and that Friday is called Black Friday. Black Friday is a day that shops, malls, stores and other retail outlets set up massive discount in prices of most of their products. This day also marks the day most shops record the highest sales ever made in a day, all thanks to the discounts. Black Fridays always occur a day after Thanksgiving has been celebrated in the US.
  5. Black Friday shopping has always had accidents or deaths or one other incidents happening every other year, this is due to the large crowd rushing in to retail shops all at once.
  6. Friday is associated with the planet Venus.
  7. Friday and Venus are both represented by the astrological signs Taurus and/or Libra.
  8. Friday the 13th is the only day with the most repeated occurrence in a year.
  9. Friday the 13th is also regarded as the most feared day of the year as well as the most unlucky day of the year.
  10. In the Christian calendar, the Friday before Easter is called Good Friday. Because it is the day Jesus Christ was crucified on across.
  11. Statistically, you’re more likely to get a new employment if you apply on a Friday, because it has proven to be the most successful day for job seekers.
  12. Casual Friday is a day you’re not expected to come to work in your usual smart office wears but rather in casual outfits, hence the name Casual Friday.
  13. POETS Day in the UK is an occasional name for Friday, this day has nothing to do with people who write poems(poets), but rather ‘POETS’ in that day is an acronym for ‘Piss Of Tomorrow’s Saturday‘.
  14. The color associated with Friday is color Blue.
  15. There is a term known as Friday Feeling, which highlights Friday being the last day of the work week as a result people are happier and more excited than on other days.
  16. Statistics show that Friday is the day on which most cyberattacks occur on the internet.
  17. Statistics also show that most wars all over the world were declared/started on Fridays. Nobody knowns why, probably because the leaders want to keep people(soldiers?) busy during the weekend.
  18. It is believed to be very unlucky to begin a trip on the sea on a Friday.
  19. It is believed that the day Friday was actually ‘created’ by the ancient Babylonians, primarily because they were obsessed with the number seven.

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  1. Statistically, there are more accidents on Fridays than on any other day of the week, this is probably connected with people rushing to get home to start the weekend early or the excitement that comes with TGIF. Certainly, this contributes to why Friday is one of the most unlucky day of the week.
  2. Paraskavedekatriaphobia‘ is the phobia for Friday the 13th. So, if you’re scared of the most unlucky day of the year, then you’re having Paraskavedekatriaphobia.
  3. In many parts of the world, the name for Friday has references to the planet Venus.
  4. Portuguese speaking countries have the meaning of the name of Friday translated to Sixth Day, this is the same for many other languages too.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and frequently asked questions about Friday. These frequently asked questions are another way to learn new Friday facts you never knew.

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FAQs About Friday Facts

  • What are some fun facts about Friday?

Some facts about Friday are the following:

  1. Friday is named after Norse goddess Freya(Odin’s wife)
  2. Good Friday is the day Jesus was crucified
  3. Friday is associated with the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra
  • What is Friday known for?

Friday is know for being the start of the weekend. Friday is also known as a day of love because its Latin name refers to Venus which is the planet of love. The Latin name for Friday is dies veneris.

  • Where did the day Friday come from?

The day Friday was named after the Norse god Freya who happens to be Odin’s wife. Depending on culture, Friday also refers to Venus the planet of love.

  • How was Friday named?

It is believed that Freya(Odin’s wife) gave Friday its name which is named after her, loosely translating to Freya’s day.

  • What does Friday symbolize?

Friday symbolizes love and also the beginning or start of the weekend.

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  • What God is Friday?

Freya is the god for Friday, Freya is the wife of Norse god Odin(also known as Wodden).

  • Is Friday a lucky day?

Friday is typically not considered a lucky day because of the incidents of Friday the 13th which is highly regarded as an unlucky day.

  • What planet is Friday named after?

Friday is named after Venus the planet of love. The name dies veneris is actually the day’s Latin name.

  • What is Good Friday festival?

Good Friday festival is the day which Christians remember and celebrate the death of Jesus Christ who died for the sins of mankind.

  • Why is Friday called Friday?

It is called Friday because it was named after Freya the Norse god who is Odin’s wife.

  • What does Friday symbolize?

In Christianity Good Friday symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It symbolizes the day he gave his life for us humans so we could be forgiven.

  • Is Friday a girl’s name?

Friday is a unisex or gender-neutral name in most cultures. But in some cultures specifically some countries in Africa, Friday is typically a male given name.

  • Who created Friday?

Friday was created by Emperor Constantine in 321 CE. He created Friday alongside the other 6 days of the week.

  • What planet is Friday named after?

Friday is named after the planet Venus.


The above are some of the most interesting fun facts about Friday that we were able to compiled in place for your reading pleasure. Do you think there are other cool facts about Friday that we have missed or some new facts you just discovered and want to be included in the list of Friday facts? Do not hesitate to share your favorite Friday fact with us.