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Collection of the most fun movie trivia of all time, for the movie lovers ad movie goers. Let’s be clear, we all love movies, though our taste in movies vary differently according to our interest, but one thing is sure that we love movies and the best way to test our love and knowledge of movies is by reading these interesting movie trivia. These movie trivia questions were compiled having movie lovers and movie goers in mind and also people who find trivia questions interesting.

The compiled movie trivia covers virtually all genres of movie just so as to be as inclusive of everyone as possible. Whether you’re fan of horror movie, drama, action, adventure, comedy, romance and love, true life stories or whatever at all, we’ve got you covered in our huge list of movie(check out TV trivia questions) trivia that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Let’s dive straight into the list of thrilling movie trivia questions and answers below.

The following movie trivia are arranged in the manner; movie trivia question comes first, then answer to the specific movie trivia question follows beneath it.

Movie trivia questions and answers

  • What was the name of the villains of the 2007 version of the Transformers?


  • Who were called ‘Autobots’ in the 2007 version of the Transformer?

The heroes or the good guys.

  • When was the movie¬†Home Alone released?

16th of November 1990.

  • The movie¬†Stand By Me took place around what holiday?

Labor Day.

  • The movie¬†Ghostbusters was set in which city?

New York City.

  • In which city was the 2007 movie¬†My Brother set in?

New York City.

  • When was Zam Wessel killed in the Star Wars movie?

She was killed at the start of Star Wars: Episode II- Attack of The Clones.

  • In¬†Green Lantern what color was the weakness of the titular character?


  • What is the full meaning of ‘PG’ in movies?

Parental Guidance.

  • Who’s Han Solo’s most loyal friend?


  • Where was Boba Fett taking Han Solo to?

To Jaba the Hutt.

  • Robert Redford played which character in the movie¬†The Natural?

Roy Hobbs.

  • What was the battle armor used by Boba Fett?


  • What is the name of the Geonosian leader in the Arena?

Poggle, the lesser.

  • In the movie¬†Goodfellas how was Tommy lured to his death?

Tommy was told he was getting Made.

  • What weapon did the Geonosians planned to create?

The death star.

  • In the movie¬†The Wolf of Wall Street what was the name of Jordan Belfort’s second wife’s name?


  • Which sport was the movie ‘Hoosiers’ about?


  • The lead role in animation Puss In Boots was voice by which popular actor?

Antonio Banderas.

  • Who said ‘Neo, no one has ever done anything like this‘ in the movie ‘The Matrix’?


  • How did Princess Fiona of ‘Shrek’ change from an ogre to a princess?

A spell was cast on her.

  • In the movie¬†Marley & Me,¬† what type of dog was Marley?

A Yellow labrador.

  • Jessica Tandy won an Oscar in the year 1989 for what movie?

Driving Miss Daisy.

  • At the start of the movie The Bourne Ultimatum Jason Bourne had already lost something, what was that?

His memory.

  • When did James Bond say ‘He got the point’ in¬†Thunderball?

After killing Vargas.

  • Which 1998 movie featured a woman being decapitated in a car?

Urban Legend.

  • Carolco Pictures was bankrupted by what movie?

Cutthroat Island.

  • Bonnie Hunt and Steve Martin co-starred in what movie?

Cheaper By The Dozen.

  • Who was the first person to say ‘Have you ever had a secret you couldn’t tell anyone?‘ in the movie ‘New Moon’


  • In the Disney’s 2013 Planes movie who was Dusty’s main opponent?


  • What movie had a nation called¬†Wakanda?

Black Panther.

  • Meryl Streep won her first Oscar for her role in which movie?

Kramer vs Kramer.

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  • In which country was¬†The Wind Rises set in?

It was set in Japan.

  • What movie had the tagline:¬†Justice has its price?

A Civil Action.

  • The movie¬†Ready Player One had a virtual reality world called?


  • What animals crawled over Indy in a cave in the movie¬†Raiders of The Lost Ark?


  • What was Dunbar’s diary used for in the movie Dances With The Wolves?

The diary was used as toilet paper.

  • In¬†Skyfall whose former house was M’s house?

John Barry.

  • What is the length of the movie¬†The Irishman?

3 hours 30 minutes.

  • Who created the musical score for the movie¬†Dawn of The Dead?

Dario Argento.

  • What Ryan Gosling film was set in Bangkok?

Only God Forgives.

  • Who directed the movie¬†Gravity?

Alfonso Cuaron.

  • Who directed the movie ‘Edge Of Tomorrow‘?

Doug Liman.

  • In the movie¬†The Deathly Hallows which of the Arc-Villains was finally destroyed at the end?

Lord Voldermort.

  • The movie¬†Juno took place in which US state?


  • In which US state was the movie ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ set in?

Idaho. Seem some fun facts about Idaho.

  • Who played¬†Alice in the 2008 movie ‘Twilight’?

Ashley Greene.

  • In the movie ‘Twilight‘ what was the color of Bella’s pick-up truck?

Red color.

  • Which movie was based on the life of William Willberforce a British anti-slavery pioneer?

Amazing Grace.

  • What was the tagline of the 1988 movie ‘Action Jackson‘?

‘Stormy weathers blows through Motown’

  • What was the movie¬†‘G.I: Jane‘ about?

It was about a woman in Navy SEALS training.

  • Drago was the name of a Russian boxer faced by Rocky Balboa in which movie?

Rocky IV.

  • What was the name of Rose’s maid in the movie ‘Titanic‘?


  • In ‘Harry Potter’¬† what was Hagrid’s job?

He was the gamekeeper at Hogwarts.

  • What was the movie ‘Born On The Fourth Of July‘ about?

The story of Ron Kovic who was paralyzed in the Vietnam war.

  • In the movie ‘Caddyshack‘ what was the name of the featured golf course?

Bushwood Country Club.

  • Rockford Peaches was the name of a baseball team in which movie?

‘A League Of Their Own’.

  • Josh Hutcherson played ‘Peeta’ in which movie?

Hunger Games.

  • Who played ‘Fat Sam’ in the 1985 movie Fletch?

George Wendt.

  • In what movie did Angus Macfadyen play Robert the Bruce?


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