Jokes About Will Smith

Jokes About Will Smith

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I know for sure Will Smith needs to introduction but what needs an introduction are the jokes that has been made with his name. These Will Smith jokes have made Will Smith an internet meme as well as the internet’s laughingstock. A lot of things are the reason a lot of jokes about Will Smith were created and written, from his popularity to his musical and acting talent and ultimately to his very controversial relation, particularly with his wife.

A lot has happened to the man that has made him an item for jokes. The most recent being his over reaction at the Oscars. Whether you are fan of the actor or you feel for the man, one thing that is sure is that you would enjoy these jokes that have been made with his name. Some of the jokes about Will Smith contains some truths while others are just meant for the purpose of sounding humorous. Whichever camp you belong to, by the virtue of being on this page, I believe you to read some Will Smith jokes and I won’t deprive of that.

Without wasting time, let’s enjoy some Will Smith jokes below

Will Smith Jokes

  • Will Smith and Chris Rock are teaming up to do a comedy tour together. Chris Rock sets up the joke and Will Smith delivers the punchline
  • There can be one hundred people in a room and 99 of them won’t slap you, but one Will.
  • Will Smith and Chris Rock are teaming up to do a comedy tour together. Chris Rock sets up the joke and Will Smith delivers the punchline.
  • I got in one little fight and my mom got scared. She said you can’t slap Chris Rock just cause your wife got no hair.
  • Why did Will Smith use an open hand? Because paper beats Rock.
  • What is Will Smith’s favourite type of comedy? Slapstick
  • Apparently Will Smith didn’t get the joke, so he headed to the stage searching for the punchline.
  • If Will Smith doesn’t win best actor. He really will have hit Rock bottom.
  • If Will Smith is this angry in march, just wait until August comes around.
  • What is the difference between Chris Rock and Will Smith? Chris Rock can take a hit.
  • Will Smith and Chris Rock go to a Queen concert. Will will, will will rock you.
  • What is Will Smith’s favourite thing about ice hockey? The slapshot.
  • Why did Will Smith’s hand hurt after slapping Chris? It really hurts when you hit a rock.
  • What is Will Smith’s favourite T.V show? Everybody Hates Chris.
  • How can you tell that Will Smith’s slap was not staged? His son wasn’t cast in it.
  • Enough with the Will Smith jokes already. he is getting shitty wit it.
  • At the Oscars Will Smith’s phone died. So they charged him a battery.
  • Have you heard Will Smith’s latest album? Apparently it is a hard rock hit which really slaps.
  • Will Smith has received an Oscar for his performance in his latest movie. The Pursuit of Slappiness.
  • How do you know Will Smith’s slap wasn’t staged? His son wasn’t cast in it
  • How come you never read about Will Smith anymore? Because paper covers Rock.
  • What do Putin, Batman and Will Smith have in common? They all attacked a comedian
  • Why don’t comedians like hanging out with Will Smith? Because he’s always improving their punchlines.
  • Will Smith defended his wife so well. She’s definitely going to let him watch tonight.
  • Why did Will Smith slap Chris instead of punching him? Everybody knows paper beats rock
  • For my decade on Reddit here is my favorite Will Smith joke It appears Will Smith’s marriage is open to everything except jokes.
  • Will Smith’s next movie One flew over the cuckold’s nest
  • So according to Will Smith’s actions. You can ask Jada for head, but you can’t talk about her head.
  • Will Will Smith smith ? Yes, Will Smith will smith.
  • How does Will Smith make his coffee? The French Press of Bel Air.
  • Will Smith tied to recent murders to stand trial after damning evidence. He left fresh prints everywhere
  • What do Will Byers and Will Smith have in common? Both of their lives got turned upside-down.
  • I told my wife that Will Smith is the best actor/rapper of all time. She said that’s Ludacris
  • Will Smith was born in September. He should be used to coming after August
  • What is Will Smith’s favorite mobile video game? Slap Kings
  • People keep saying Will Smith hit rock bottom at the Oscars But I’m pretty sure he slapped him in the face.
  • Do you know how the residents of Jackson Hole know when Will Smith comes to visit? Fresh prints.
  • How did Will Smith find out Jada was cheating on him? She kept telling him she was going to the hair salon
  • Hopefully Will Smith’s mom didn’t watch the Oscars. He might have to move back in with his auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.
  • What happens when Chuck Norris tells a joke about Will Smith’s wife? Will Smith smacks himself.
  • Did you get a chance to listen to Will Smith’s latest album? Absolutely slaps
  • If Will Smith doesn’t win for Best Actor. He really will have hit rock bottom.
  • What is Will Smith’s favourite Disney role to play? A’slappin
  • Why don’t comedians tell jokes when Will Smith is around? He always delivers the punchline.
  • It appears Will Smith’s marriage is open to everything, except jokes.
  • The Will Smith slap was staged. Everyone in the audience was a paid actor.
  • If Jada Pinkett Smith doesn’t appreciate jokes about alopecia, then that is hair loss.
  • Chris Rock couldn’t figure out why Will Smith was on stage approaching him. Then it hit him.
  • What is Will Smith’s favourite song? Smack That by Akon
  • What is Will Smith’s favourite band? Smash Mouth
  • Apparently the headline for next years Wrestlemania is Chris Rock versus Will Smith.

We have gotten to the end of the list of jokes about Will Smith that are so funny, the Will Smith jokes keep getting created, and we may never run out of more Will Smith jokes. If you have any new and funny Will Smith jokes, don’t hesitate to send them over.