Meg Griffin: Things You Don’t Know About Her

Meg Griffin.



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Meg Griffin whose full name is Megatron “Meg” Harvey Oswald Griffin is the daughter to the duo of Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin. She is has two brothers Chris Griffin and very intelligent Stewie Griffin. She is the boring girl nobody wants to identify with even in her family she is the only person that is grossly mistreated by virtually all members of the family. The popular phrase ‘Shut up Meg!’ is the iconic phrase used by her father Peter Griffin and others in the house when they want to dismiss her opinions and her concerns. In this article we would cover all the important facts about the Griffin’s oldest child Meg Griffin and some of the things you probably didn’t know about her.

Despite being the oldest child of the Griffins, Meg is never treated nicely, she is always disrespected by not just her parents but her younger siblings especially Chris Griffin that uses her as an escape for his lonely friendless life. He hurls all kinds of insults at Meg.

Meg Griffin is the least favorite member of the family and it is not clear why. She clearly hasn’t done anything bad to any member of the Griffin’s family except of course if you count Chris’ dream where Meg killed her younger sister out of jealousy(by the way, this is not yet proven).

There’s a lot facts unknown about Meg and her sorry life in the house of the Griffins. Even though majority of the time she gets treated unfairly in the house, there are times when she was truly a bad person and did some bad things as well. She also occasionally stands up for herself in the face of bullying by family members. One of the few times, she had lashed out at her Dad Peter Griffin calling him a blue collar Irish catholic whose only achievements are his kids, of which the kids themselves are a total disaster.

To learn some information about Meg Griffin let’s continue to the below list of facts about Meg Griffin from family guy.

Meg Griffin Facts

  • Her full name is Megatron “Meg” Harvey Oswald Griffin.
  • She is 17 years old at the moment.
  • She is a senior high school student at Adam West High Schools.
  • Meg is an ugly teenage girl. It’s the reason she is on the list of ugly cartoon characters.
  • Meg was born with a tail.
  • She is the oldest child of the Griffins.
  • Meg does not have the ability to taste salt.
  • Meg is the least favorite member of the family. She is even treated worse than the family dog Brian Griffin.
  • At the start of the show, Meg was 15 years old.
  • Unlike her siblings, Meg is believed to have only one talent and that is Bird Whistling.
  • On one episode, it was alleged that her real dad is Stan Thompson.
  • She lost her virginity to Jimmy Fallon.
  • Meg has held multiple jobs on the show.
  • Meg is known to be desperate for attention.
  • Meg once claimed to be a lesbian so she could get the attention and acceptance she wanted.
  • Meg has a very less desirable look that is often made fun of by Lois Griffin.
  • Meg has a child.
  • Meg always wears a pair of blue pants that would have qualified her to be a blue cartoon character.
  • She hid her child insider her locker.
  • Meg is never invited to Peter’s birthday parties.
  • She has multiple secret talents that are presently unknown, most of which are musical talents.
  • In the future Meg had a sex reassignment surgery to become a man.
  • Following her surgery, she took up the name ‘Ron’.
  • Meg is often known for telling bland jokes that are not anywhere as funny as corn jokes.
  • Meg once dated Mayor Adam West.
  • Meg has been voiced by mutltiple different voice actors; Rachel MacFarlane, Lacey Chabert, Cree Summer, and Mila Kunis.

Meg Griffin Personality

There’s a lot of confusion regarding Meg Griffin’s personality and this has prompted people to ask about her personality so they could understand her and why she does certain things. Being the most disliked and mistreated person in the family, Meg Griffin developed a personality that sees her trying so hard to be accepted and respected. She developed a highly insecure personality and that makes more vulnerable and open to more verbal and physical attacks by not just her family members(mostly her Dad, Peter) but by many other people at school. So, in a nutshell, Meg Griffin’s personality is a very high insecurity caused by years of disdain and ill treatment.


From all indications Meg Griffin is neither the most beautiful, the popular nor the most liked character on the Family Guy show. But there is still more facts to know about Meg Griffin, these extra information would be covered in the following section featuring frequently asked questions about Meg Griffin.

FAQs About Meg Griffin

  • How old is Meg Griffin?

Meg Griffin is 17 years old right now. When the show premiered in 1999 she was 15 years old, but has since celebrated two birthdays afterwards.

  • Who played Meg in family guy?

Meg on Family Guy was played by Mila Kunis, other voice actors who have played or voiced Meg on Family Guy are Cree Summer and Rachel MacFarlane.

  • Who voices Meg Griffin?

Meg Griffin is presently being voiced by Mila Kunis, but prior to Mila Kunis, she has been voiced by upto 3 different voice actors including the creator’s sister Rachel MacFarlane.

  • Who plays Meg Griffin?

Meg is being played or voice by Mila Kunis. Mila Kunis is the current voice actor behind Meg Griffin.

  • Why does everyone hate Meg Griffin?

The reason everybody hates Meg especially in the family is because, from the beginning her parents Peter and Lois never wanted her. They transferred that into disgust and hatred for her which spread to other members of the family.

  • Why did the original voice of Meg quit?

The original voice of Meg quit because the creator of the show Seth MacFarlane didn’t like the idea of an African-American woman voicing Meg. The original voice of Meg was done by Cree Summer.

  • Is Meg Griffin smart?

Yes Meg Griffin is smart. While she doesn’t compare to Stewie in terms of smartness, she is smart enough for herself and smarter than other members of the family.

  • Did Quagmire sleep with Meg?

No Quagmire didn’t sleep with Meg, when he tried sleeping with Meg he wasn’t successful because he was interrupted by Peter and Lois.

  • Is Mila Kunis Meg Griffin?

Yes, Mila Kunis is the present voice of Meg Griffin. She is real life Meg Griffin.

  • Did Meg really train for the Olympics?

Meg took years to train for the olympics which was actually surprising to her family who were actually not aware and didn’t expect anything good from her.