Lois Griffin: Matriarch of The Griffins

Lois Griffin Facts.

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Lois Griffin, the sadomasochist wife of Peter Griffin and mother of Stewie Griffin, is the matriarch of the Griffin’s family from Family Guy cartoon. Herself, Peter Griffin and Stewie happen to be some of the main characters of the popular American television sitcom; Family Guy. She has a total of three children named; Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin and Stewie Griffin. Lois was brought up in an extremely wealthy household with her younger sister, Carol.

Being a very interesting character in Family Guy, there are lots of equally interesting facts and even secrets about Lois. Some of these secrets you may not know. Such kinds of facts and secrets can only be revealed through articles like this discussing Lois Griffin facts. Lois is currently a full-time-mom and spends most of the working day caring for Stewie, cleaning the house and cooking food for her family. However, she is also a piano teacher on the side, to supplement the family income. She is currently 43. She is reportedly two years younger than Peter  Griffin her husband, as claimed in the episode “Let’s Go to the Hop“.


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Lois Griffin Facts

  • Lois Griffin is voiced by Alex Borstein
  • Her full name is Lois Patrice Griffin.
  • Her character’s accent is labeled as a New York accent.
  • Lois Griffin was born June 3, 1958.
  • In a small part of a later episode “Road to the Multiverse” Lois Griffin is voiced by Kei Ogawa.
  • In the pilot for Family Guy, Lois’s character was originally going to be blonde.
  • She is a recovering methamphetamine addict.
  • She slept with Gene Simmons.
  • First words Lois’s child Stewie were, “Damn you, vile woman!”
  • She became a black belt in Tae-Jitsu in “Lethal Weapons”.
  • She is very ticklish.
  • She married Brian Griffin, thinking that Peter was dead.
  • She starred in a pornographic film in her college days.
  • She is approximately 43 years old.
  • She had an affair with a man named Stan Thompson.
  • Her job as a piano teacher had not been referenced for several seasons.
  • She was selected for an Olympic diving team.
  • Her son left a time-bomb for her on her 50th birthday.
  • She considers herself Protestant but is technically ethnically Jewish.
  • She tries to be friends with other women, but fails occasionally as in “And Then There Were Fewer”.
  • She is a size four.
  • She has a brain tumor.

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  • Her family is actually a very wealthy family.
  • Her parents are Barbara and Carter Pewtershmidt(who is an old man cartoon character).
  • Lois Griffin was actually born as Lois Pewterschmidt of the Pewterschmidt empire.
  • Lois Griffin has a brother named Patrick.
  • Lois Griffin has another brother who was long lost, but it was late revealed that was a serial killer who only attacked and killed fat people.
  • She appears with exclusive material is a pinball game by Stern Pinball.
  • She played in a band with Peter .
  • Peter claims Lois lost a fetus when they visited the museum of staircases.
  • Lois gets a job as a phone sex operator.
  • There was rumor that Lois kills Stewie but it is untrue.
  • She used to bowl back when she attended college.
  • Lois tells a catatonic Chris that she killed a jaywalker in “Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)”.
  • Lois Griffin became mayor of Quahog in “It Takes a Village Idiot and I Married one”.
  • She hates the sound of Bubblewrap squeaking.
  • Fran Drescher portrays Lois Griffin in the real life Griffins.
  • She was ranked the top ranked fighter in Rhode Island.
  • In the 80’s Lois Griffin starred in a pornographic movie called “A Quest For Fur”.
  • Lois ends up becoming the fat one in her marriage to Peter instead of the other way around.
  • The natural color of Lois Griffin’s hair is orange.
  • The natural eye color of Lois Griffin is green.
  • Lois Griffin’s weight is known to be 119 pounds.
  • On one of the episodes, Lois Griffin was selected to be a member of an Olympic diving team.
  • On one episode, Lois Griffin opened up about never wanting to be a mother. The episode is titled A fish out of water.
  • Loise Griffin is known to speak Klingong which is a Star Trek language.
  • On one of the episodes of the show, Lois Griffin married Brian the family dog. She did this because she thought her husband Peter Griffin was dead.
  • Lois Griffin was noted to have been with several other men before meeting and marrying Peter Griffin.
  • She has been a house wife for major parts of her life.
  • According different episodes on the family guy shoe, Lois Griffin was never a good a mom to her older children, she eventually transferred the same bad parenting habit to her baby, Stewie.

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FAQ About Lois Griffin

  • Who voices Lois Griffin?

Alex Borstein voices Lois Griffin.

  • when was lois griffin born?

Lois Griffin was born on the 3rd of June 1958.

  • when is lois griffin’s birthday

Lois Griffin’s birthday is on the 3rd of June.

  • how old is louis griffin

Louis Griffin is 43 years old.

  • how old is lois griffen

Lois Griffen is 43 years old.

  • Who has Lois slept with?

Lois Griffin has slept with Gene Simmons, she has also featured in a porn movie; A quest For Fur.

  • How old is Peter and Lois Griffin?

Lois is 40 years, if Peter is 42. Lois and her husband Peter’s age have been skewed and fluctuating at different times but the general rule of thumb suggests she is two years younger than Peter.

  • Who plays Lois Griffin?

Alex Borstein plays Lois Griffin.

  • What color is Lois Griffin’s hair?

Orange. Lois Griffin’s hair color is Orange.

  • What is Lois Griffin’s birthday?

June 10 1956 is Lois Griffin’s birthday.

  • Who has Lois cheated on Peter with?

Stan Thompson.

  • What accent does Lois Griffin has?

New York accent.

  • Is Meg Griffin a boy or girl?

Meg Griffin is a girl.

  • Are Peter and Lois related?

No. Peter and Lois are not related.

  • Who is the oldest Griffin child?

Meg Griffin.

  • How old is Lois Griffin?

Lois Griffin is 43 years old.

  • How tall is Lois Griffin?

Lois Griffin is 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

  • What race is Lois Griffin?

Lois Griffin’s race is Jewish.

Lois Griffin has three children named Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin and Stewie Griffin.

  • Does Louis cheat on Peter?

Yes, Lois does cheat on Peter. Some many times, one of the most significant one was her escapades with President Bill Clinton.

  • What episode does Brian sleep with Lois?

Brian attempted sleeping with Lois in episode 10 of season 6 of the show.

  • Who does Lois cheat on Peter with?

Lois cheats on Peter with a lot of people including President Bill Clinton.

  • Does Lois love quagmire?

No, Lois does not love Quagmire but Quagmire has confessed to being attracted to her.

  • Does Lois ever divorce Peter?

Yes, in the future Lois divorces Peter due to Peter’s disregard of their marriage.

  • Are Peter and Lois still together?

Yes, Peter and Lois are still together in the current episode of the show.

  • Why did Brian marry Lois?

Brian married Lois because he wanted to support the family. Despite the marriage, Brian never slept with Lois.

  • Is Brian in love with Lois?

Yes, Brian is in love with Lois. Brian confessed being in love with Lois in episode 10 of season 6 of the show.

  • What episode is Lois addicted to pills?

Lois was addicted to pills in the 1st episode of season 14 of the show. The episode is called ‘Pilling Them Softly’

  • What episode does Lois choke?

Lois choked in the 7th episode of season 8 of the show. The Episode is called ‘Jerome Is The New Black’

  • Is Lois loyal to Peter?

Lois is not very loyal to Peter this evident in the several times she has cheated on him. But nevertheless, Lois still loves Peter very much.

  • What episode of Family Guy does Lois cheat on Peter?

Lois cheated on Peter with Bill Clinton in the 13th episode of season 5, the episode is called ‘Bill & Peter’s Bogus Journey’. Lois is also went ahead to cheat on Peter over the phone with a random stranger who turned out to be Peter himself. In this episode Peter said to have known it was Lois on the phone which confirmed to him they are both soulmates, this was in the 15th episode of the 11th season, the episode is called ‘Call Girl’.

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  • Does Stewie care about Lois?

Yes, Stewie cares about Lois even though it was momentarily. This shown in the 1st episode of the 5th season of the show, the episode is called ‘Stewie Loves Lois’.

  • What episode does Peter and Lois break up?

Lois broke up with Peter in the episode called ‘Death Lives’, this is after Peter was ignored their marriage for so long.

  • Why Lois should divorce Peter?

Lois divorced Peter because he was ignoring their marriage.

  • Who is Peter Griffin’s son?

Peter Griffin’s sons are Chris Griffin and Stewie Griffin.

  • What episode does Peter ask Lois to marry him?

Peter asked Lois to marry him in the 6th episode of the 18th season of the show.

  • Who has Lois slept with?

Lois has slept with the following people: President Bill Clinton, J. Geils, Darryl Hall, the “pyro guy” from the band Whitesnake, and Gene Simmons of KISS.


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