Art Trivia Questions

Arts Trivia Questions.

arts trivia questions

A picture, they say is worth a thousand words. Whether you admit to that statement or not one thing that is sure is that pictures are one of the most compelling ways of telling stories. Throughout history, that fact has remained the same way. Today we’re not going to be telling stories with pictures but rather asking arts trivia questions. Basically, questions about most popular pictures and other works of arts throughout history. These arts trivia questions will focus on as many aspects of arts as possible. For example, there’s hardly anyone in the developed world today who wouldn’t recognize the featured image of this arts trivia question. This is simply because some work of arts have been so captivating and compelling that virality has become their second name. Which is the case of The Mona Lisa(our featured image).

In these arts trivia questions we would look at questions about some popular and well known paintings and other works of arts by great artists from different parts of the world. If you’re an art enthusiast, certainly you’ll find this fun, interesting and education. If you’re not into arts already, don’t worry as there’s something for us all.

Without any further ado, let’s look at the following arts trivia questions.

Arts Trivia Questions

  • Moved by the desire to help people, Vincent van Gogh left art in 1876 to become what?

A priest.

  • Which artist painted “The Gleaners”?

Jean Francois Millet.

  • With which fellow painter did Salvador Dail become friends while in Paris?

Pablo Picasso.

  • Who painted ” Madonna of the Rosary”, in which St.Dominic has been given a rosary by “the Virgin”?


  • Which artist became famous for the work ” The Birds of America”?

John James Audubon.

  • Which artist painted, “Guernica”?


  • Which artist painted the ” Le Demoiselles D’Avignon?


  • After spending years copying old masterworks, what did Pablo Picasso do with them?

Rearranged Them.

  • What are the colours obtained by mixing equal amounts of two primary colours called?

Secondary Colors.

  • Which art movement is Salvador Dail associated with?


  • Who painted the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling?


  • What is the material which provides a surface upon which an artist applies colour, collage, etc.?


  • Rembrandt opened his first art studio at what age?


  • What is the Japanese art of flower arrangement called?


  • Young Edgar Degas made over 700 copies of what?

Older Works of Art.

  • How many paintings did Van Gogh sell during his lifetime?


  • Leonardo da Vinci was called the “Homo Universalis”, which is Latin for what type of man?


  • In the late 1700’s Fransisco Goya took a job drawing for what type of royal factory?


  • In what country was the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci born?


  • Who created the oblique self-portrait ” Felt Suit”, displayed on a hanger? 

Josef Beuys.

  • In what century was the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden added to the Smithsonian? 


  • The production of art with stones, leaves and dirt is called what?

Earth Art.

  • Baroque art was a movement which was encouraged mainly was encourage mainly by which religion?


  • In 1905, Pablo Picasso entered his “Rose Period”, painting jugglers and acrobats from where?


  • In some of Pablo Picasso’s work, he used what method of attaching paper to canvas?


  • What color do you get by mixing blue and yellow?


  • What artist is famous for the ” Helga Picture”? 

Andrew Wyeth.

  • After giving up mural painting, Gustav Klint designed for what industry?


  • Who out of the following was famous for his paintings?

Pablo Picasso.

  • Which is the main substance used to make a crayon?


  • How do artists join two pieces of steel when making a sculpture?


  • In her later years, Georgia O’Keeffe loved painting the deserts and cliffs of what state?

New Mexico. See fun facts about New Mexico.

  • Who designed the logo for Old Dutch Cleanser?

Georgia O’Keefe.

  • What is Pablo Picasso’s daughter’s name? 


  • Andy Warhol’s “Factory” was located in what large eastern American city?

New York.

  • Pablo Picasso said that the best work was made for what moment in time?

The Present 

  • Leonardo da Vinci was hired by the Duke of Milan when he said he could build a portable what?


  • The figures in Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” worked as what?

City Guards.

  • In which of these major American cities did Georgia O’Keeffe once live and paint?

New York City.

  • Who painted the famous picture of Napoleon crossing the Alps?

Jacques-Louis David.

  • Salvador Dali’s “Silky Allegory” is a painting of an egg what small, colourful flying creatures?


  • Who painted a view of Phillies Dinner at night?


  • In 1472, Leonardo da Vinci became a member of which Florentine guild?

Painter’s Guild.

  • The “Mona Lisa” was painted by?

Da Vinci.

  • Who was the American Pop artist, who lived from 1928- 1987?

Andy Warhol.

  • What city is the Prado Art Gallery located?


  • Who painted “The Kiss”?

Gustav Klimt.

  • With what type of quick drawings did a young Claude Monet begin creating art?


  • Frida Kahlo was married to which famous muralist?

Diego Rivera.

  • Why did Vincent Van Gogh drop out of the Antwerp Art Academy?

He was too Unique.

  • Which artist created the famous painting ” The Starry Night”?

Vincent Van Gogh.

There you have it. Our complete list of arts trivia questions and their answers. Which of the arts trivia questions was hard to get right without checking the answers provided? Endeavor to share this art trivia with your fellow arts enthusiasts, family and friends who are looking for something entertaining.