General Trivia Questions And Answers

General Trivia Questions And Answers.

general trivia questions and answers

Asides facts and other general knowledge, trivia questions and their answers are one thing this site is known for. In the past we shared different trivia questions and their answers and it’s safe to say they were well loved and received by everyone, today we have compiled some of the most interesting general trivia questions and their answers.

These general trivia questions and their answers cover different topics unlike previous trivia questions that were niche and specific. The goal of sharing these general trivia questions is the same with sharing other trivia questions; to help our readers and visitors expand their knowledge by learning at least one new thing about anything each new day. The coolest part about general trivia questions is that they cover almost all topics possible and even things you could not have thought about, the topics are broad and general enough to keep you glued to your screen reading these general trivias and learning new things.

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Without any further ado, let’s look at the huge list of general knowledge trivia questions and their answers.

The trivia questions are arranged in the manner; general trivia question comes first then answers to the specific question follows beneath it.

General Knowledge Trivia Questions And Answers

  • When did Apple introduce its first tablet computerĀ The Newton MessagePad?

In first week of August 1993.

  • How big is the eye of a giant squid?

It is as big as a basketball.

  • A deer lacks what organ?

Gall bladder.

  • What organ regulates metabolism in humans?


  • Okinawa is found in which country?


  • During World War II how many U-boats did Germany lose?

630 U-boats.

  • What US president died during World War II?

President Franklin D Roosevelt.

  • During the Cold War in which country did the Soviet Union station their US aimed missiles?


  • Which wild cat has a spotted coat?


  • What are baby turkeys known as…


  • What is the medical use for Aloe Vera gel?

Treating burns.

  • Where is the Crater Lake found?

On Mount Mazama.

  • Snails can sleep for as long as 5 years true or false?

False, snails can sleep a maximum of 3 years.

  • The Great Britain has what animal in its emblem?

A lion.

  • Big Mac is a product of what fast food restaurant?


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  • What is Chiffonade?

Simply the preparation of shredded or finely cut leaf vegetables, used as a garnish for soup.

  • What are Butter Beans also known as?

Lima Beans.

  • On what day did God create man in the Old Testament of the Bible?

On the sixth day.

  • According to the Bible how many people were on the Ark?

8 people.

  • In the Bible what was the name of Nabal’s wife that later married King David?


  • What is the name of the first civilization?

Sumerian civilization.

  • In what German city are Audi cars produced?


  • Kellogg’s Corn Flakes has a rooster named…


  • What is the capital of Lesotho?


  • The movieĀ American Horror Story starred which popular American singer?

Lady Gaga.

  • What country is the largest in Africa?


  • What marsupial in Australia looks like monkeys?


  • What does ‘Classify’ in science mean?

To group.

  • What are Ibiza, Manorca and Majora collectively known as?

Balearic islands.

  • Bogota is the capital of which country?


  • Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic?

Amelia Earhart.

  • ‘Liberty cabbage’ is another name for what food?


  • Which famous person became Salvador Dali’s friend when he was in Paris?

Pablo Picasso.

  • Which famous painter named his daughter Paloma?

Pablo Picasso.

  • Where is Mount Fiji found?


  • What is the capital city of Mexico?

Mexico city.

  • In what country is the city Casablanca found?


  • Tomalley is a delicacy made from what?

Liver of a lobster.

  • What is Cenozoic Era?

It is the current era in the geologic scale.

  • Snakes and reptiles are found in every continent except…?


  • How many tribes make up the Native American group Wampanoag?

Five tribes.

  • What is the phonograph?

It is the first sound recording device.

  • What is the work of the Melanin in the human body?

It controls the color of the skin.

  • What country is the most bombed country in the world?


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  • In 1940, who was the popular Russian personality was assassinated by Ramon Mercader?

Leon Trotsky.

  • What are the component elements of water?

Hydrogen and Oxygen.

  • Sodium combines with what gas to produce cooking salt?


  • Taipei is the capital of which country?


  • At what temperature does water freeze?

0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • In what country are these cities foundĀ Keflavik, Reykjavik, and Akureyri?


  • President George H. W Bush had a Vice in the person of…?

Dan Quayle.

  • What is the British Island Lindisfarne also known as?

Holy Island.

  • What is the first thing a zygote forms during the process of mitosis?

An embryo.

  • The Austro-Hungarian Empire had its last emperor in the person of…?

Karl I.

  • When did the rebellion against British rule in Ireland happened?

Easter Sunday of 1916.

  • Marco Polo is a product of which country?


  • The Brandenburg Gate is found in which city and country?

Berlin in Germany.

  • When was the skeleton of theĀ Piltdown man found and what name was it given?

In 1912 and was named Missing Link.

  • What is one nautical mile per hour also known as?

A knot.

  • The atmosphere on Mars is made up of what?

Carbon Dioxide.

  • Captain Cook traveled on his first voyage with which famous botanist?

Joseph Banks.

  • Professionals who study cells are known as…?


  • When was the Apollo 12 mission launched?

14th of November 1969.

  • The Kiss was painted by which famous painter?

Gustav Klimt.

  • An icosahedron has how many faces/sides?

20 sides.

  • What are Salmon patches also known as…?

Stork bites.

  • Allies and Axis were the two sides of what war?

World War II.

  • During World War I where was the Gallipoli campaign fought?


  • What was the name of the Hydrogen Bomb in 1952’s Operation Ivy?


  • In the Christian calendar, when does Easter come?

40 days after Lent.

  • What is the meaning of the word ‘auto’?


  • What isĀ Silica?

It is the product of the combination of Silicon and Oxygen.

  • Isn’t Life Delicious?‘ was the ad slogan used by which brand?

Life Savers.

  • When was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) founded?

In 1949.

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  • The world’s firs computer was given what name?


  • In what year was Apartheid discontinued?

In 1990.

  • What does B.I.D mean in prescription medication?

Twice daily.

  • Hunger is controlled by what part of the brain?

The hypothalamus.

  • What is the name of Santa’s female reindeer?


  • What is a updraft?

A small scale current of rising air, usually within a cloud.

  • Acura is owned by what car company?


  • The Latin phrase ‘Caveat emptor’ means what when used in English?

Buyer Beware.

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