Psychological Facts About Cheating Woman

Psychological Facts About Cheating Woman

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If you’re a man and you have been perplexed or perturbed that your partner or spouse might be cheating on you, guess what? You’re not the only one.  Many men are said to be worried about this thing as well. In today’s world, cheating has become an all too real phenomenon. Besides, the use of social media and other platforms has made it much easier – and more tempting – to meet new people, solicit affairs and cheat on your partner than ever before. In this article we would be looking at the psychology of cheating in relationships, specifically the psychology of a cheating woman while in a relationship.

Even though, this website isn’t dedicated to relation topics we are dedicated to topics related to facts about various topics which includes psychological facts about cheating woman. In this article we would look at all the psychological facts that indicates a woman is cheating in her relationships.

According to some people, cheating is a choice, not a mistake. However, it appears that the subject is a lot more complex than we think – or, to put it more precisely, the reasons women cheat are not that simple. 

To make things better, we have compiled a list of some psychological facts about a cheating woman, and these facts and you must check and watch out for in your relationship.

Psychological Facts About Cheating Woman

  • Genetics And Inheritance

Many people get to shy away from this, but a woman is more likely to cheat if her mother has cheated in the past. Studies have proved that women can inherit their mothers’ facial features, the study also shows that they can also inherit the likelihood of having extramarital affairs as well, just like their mothers. Cheating as an inherited trait is an important psychological facts about a cheating woman that a lot of people do not consider.

  • Feeling unappreciated and unwanted

One of the key things in a relationship is for both partners must feel loved and appreciated. Thus, a woman who is not valued in her primary relationship will feel incomplete.

A woman needs to feel valued, and not just needed in a relationship. When this need goes constantly unfulfilled, the balance of the relationship will ultimately become distorted.

And, if another man gives her the needed attention and special treatment, he will succeed in filling the gap by giving her what she is lacking – which may provide some logical context to cheating. Therefore, it’s essential that both partners should feel loved and appreciated. 

  • Being Indecisiveness

Some women can be indecisive and especially with the advent of social media and other evolutions in modern lifestyle, we now have access to more choices than ever. It’s no surprise, therefore, that indecisiveness has become an integral part of our lives – especially because we are easily seduced to believe that the grass is greener on the other side, and end up second-guessing our decisions, choices, and relationships. 

So, a woman might start overthinking, constantly asking herself: Is he the one for me? What if I’m better off being single? What if there is someone better than him? 

  • Motives And Purpose For Cheating

Women are more likely than men to cheat for emotional reasons as opposed to purely physical motives and instant gratification;

  • Emotional Deprivation

Women are more likely to cheat if they feel emotionally deprived (their partner makes them feel lonely, unattractive, unwanted or taken for granted);

  • Revenge Against Their Partner

Women have cited revenge, boredom and thrill-seeking have all been reasons women have given for cheating on their spouse or partner;

  • Communication Signals

Communication is key in all relationships. Faithful women reportedly talk to their partners for at least 30-60 minutes on average per day, whereas women who cheat report communicating with their partners for five minutes or less.

  • Self-Esteem

Low self Esteem can also contribute to partners cheating. Having an affair can fuel the mentality that someone cares for you and wants to be with you, regardless of whether their primary partner is already providing that emotional support;

  • Lack of Interest And Passion

Even if they still love their partner, sometimes women cheat because they lack passion within their relationship. It is, however, possible to rekindle the passion with your partner. Ways include playing romantic games, going on romantic trips together and having open and honest conversations;

  • Commitment issues

Commitment is by choice and if she demonstrates discomfort with being in a committed relationship, or unease with staying in one for long, there is a woman with a reason to cheat on her partner in the first place. One of the roots of choosing not to be committed can stem from events and traumas from childhood, toxic relationships, and terrible breakups, among others. Therefore, when a woman sees that things are becoming serious, she immediately pulls away to protect herself from investing emotionally. For her, it may have become too risky to develop an emotional attachment. So, if her current (or potential) partner seems to be getting too ‘close’, she is most likely to jump ship – and very likely will not mind cheating for the sake of regaining her freedom. Commitment issues is one of the most prevalent psychological facts of a cheating woman you should watch out for, if she isn’t committed to you, then there’s no need.

  • Single Affairs

While men are more likely to cheat with multiple partners, women are more likely to have only one romantic partner outside their primary relationship. This could be due to the fact that women are more likely to have emotional affairs than merely physical affairs;

  • Virtual Romance

Because more women on average spend their time online and on social media, women are more likely to find another partner online. This is also why many women have non-physical affairs.

  • More Happiness, less Cheating

Women are less likely to cheat if they report being in “happy” relationships. On the contrary, a man wishing to have an affair will cheat regardless of his level of happiness in the relationship, supposedly because their affairs are primarily sexual in nature;

  • Rise in Cheating Statistics

An interesting study shows that women are 40% more likely to cheat than they were 20 years ago;

  • The greater the success, the greater the temptation

Successful women (successful in the workplace, higher income) are one and a half times more likely to cheat on their partners than lower-earning women. 

Strangely, men in relationships where the female partner earns higher, are more likely to cheat on their female partner as well.


What do you think of these psychological facts about a cheating woman that we outlined and explained above? While they are all put together from works of different experts and researchers who engaged thousands of women to come to the conclusion, they are still not 100% proof as individual persons are different from others in one way or another. Do share this article with your friends who are interested in this kinds of topics.