Fun Facts About Time

Fun Facts About Time

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 Time is actually something that has been difficult accurately understood. There are different opinions scientists and other great and intelligent people have about time. The fact there are difference in opinions on the topic is enough evidence to show that time is a phenomena we don’t fully understand, irrespective of what you think of or understand about time, get ready to get enlightened further after reading these fun facts about time. These time facts were compiled to dispel some of the many misconceptions people have about time by sharing verifiable and factual facts about time.

Time is one of the most important thing we experience, it is a definer of a lot of things about us. Certain things would never occur if their time hasn’t come, it is the reason we have to appreciate and respect time whether we like it or not. One way to appreciate time is to learn some enlightening facts about time as compiled below.

Fun Facts About Time

  • Six thousand times per minute, lightning strikes the Earth.
  • An international fixed calendar has 13 months.
  • One hour of headphone use will cause a 700-fold increase in ear bacteria.
  •  A year has a total of 31,557,600 seconds.
  •  The age of the cosmos is 13.8 billion years.
  • The most precise clock ever created is the strontium atomic clock.
  • The “Planck time” is the smallest unit of time accepted by science.
  • In comparison to the Aztecs, Oxford University is older.
  • A sundial is a device that computes time-based on the position of the Sun.
  • The maximum duration of a solar eclipse is 7.31 minutes.
  • It took us 63 years from the first flight to the first moon landing.
  • Julius Caesar created the leap year in 46 BC.
  • Based on the Earth’s rotations around the sun, Julius Caesar’s proposed calendar, the Julian calendar, was developed.
  • The GMT is used on board the International Space Station.
  • Peter Henle produced the first contemporary clock in the vicinity of 1511.
  • The largest nation on Earth has 11 continuous time zones.
  • There are 1000,000,000,000 years which is, gigayears in a year.
  • A day lasts two years on Mercury.
  • An average person blinks 25,000 times per day.
  • Approximately 375 hamburgers are sold at McDonald’s every five seconds.
  • A year in the Mesozoic era consisted of 370 days.
  • Horology is the study of timekeeping instruments.
  • The same time zone applies to both Hawaii and Alaska.
  • Wintertime Greenwich time is the same as wintertime London time.
  • Greenwich Mean Time Every time zone in the world has the same starting time.
  • Due to its size as the largest island in the world, Greenland has four time zones.
  • The first Sunday following the first full moon following the spring equinox is known as Easter.
  • Do you know that the moon revolves around the Earth every 27.32 days?
  • The act of winding a clock forward by one hour is known as daylight saving time.
  • The pendulum was invented by Galileo Galilei and Christiaan Huygens.
  • China is one of the longest countries in the world, so it was split into five time zones.
  • The first person to suggest a Daylight Savings Type Solution was Benjamin Franklin.
  • Australia has summertime vertical and horizontal time zones.
  • A year would be approximately 15 microseconds shorter at the summit of Mount Everest than it is at sea level.
  • Every day, there are about 45,000 thunderstorms in the world.
  • Americans spend $10 million on potato chips every 24 hours.
  • DLS is observed in about 70 different nations.
  • The study of time in science is called horology.
  • While February typically has 28 days and 29 in leap years, Feb. 30 has occasionally in history actually existed as a separate day.
  • 26 calories are burned by kissing in one minute.


There are much more interesting facts about time that were not included in the list of facts above, some of these facts would be included in the form of answers o frequently asked questions about time that have been supplied to us. The following section would answer some of the most popular and frequently asked questions about time facts.

FAQs About Time

  • Which fact about time is true?

A true fact about time is a year has a total of 31,557,600 seconds and China is one of the longest countries in the world, so it was split into five time zones.

  • What fact about time is true?

A true fact about time is that the GMT is used on board the International Space Station.