Animal Trivia Questions

Animal Trivia Questions.

animal trivia questions

Animal trivia questions are the coolest way to learn about all the animals we share thus big green ball with, because we have animals spread across all parts of the world just as humans do, there are definitely things you’ve always wanted to know about animals or even a specific animal that has got you puzzled, these questions are what we classify as animal trivia, we love them because they’re a way of learning new things in the most fun ways possible.

While we have answered some animal trivia questions in the form of animal group names and animal facts in the past, there is an endless list of questions that remain unanswered about animals, these questions we will take a look at in this list of animal trivia and ensure to answer them in the most comprehensive manner.

Why do we really need to learn these animal trivia? Simply because we and animals alongside plants are shareholders of this one great real estate property called Earth. So it becomes imperative that we equip ourselves with the best knowledge about our fellow earthlings. No matter how knowledgeable about animal trivia you’ve ever thought you are, be prepared to be thought something new because that is the sole essence of these animal trivia questions and answers.

The animal trivia questions come first while the answers the specific animal trivia comes below it.

Animal Trivia

  • What is the scientific name of the Asian frog?

Rana Tigrina.

  • What is the scientific name of frog?


  • What is the scientific name of apes?


  • What is the horn of a rhinoceros made up of?


  • The leader of a herd of elephant is known as what?

The matriarch.

  • What is the only animal that cannot jump?


  • What is a group of elephants known as?

A parade or a herd.

  • What is the female elephant called?

A cow.

  • How many teats do cows have?

Four teats.

  • Is a Komodo dragon a dragon?

No, it is a lizard.

  • What is the largest mammal?

The Blue Whale.

  • What is the smallest mammal?

The Bumblebee bat.

  • What is the largest monkey?

The mandrill monkey?

  • What is the smallest monkey?

The pygmy marmoset.

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  • What is the fastest animal in the world?

The cheetah.

  • What is the slowest animal in the world?

The three-toed sloth.

  • How long does it take a sloth to digest its meal?

Two weeks.

  • What does a dove universally signifies?


  • What bird is a symbol of luck?


  • What animals are symbol of hope?


  • How many heart chambers does a cockroach have?

As many as 13 heart chambers.

  • Do mice feed breastfeed their babies?


  • What is a group of lion called?

A pride.

  • What is a guinea pig also known as?

A cavy.

  • What is a group of giraffes known as?

A tower.

  • Where do dogs have sweat glands?

On their paws.

  • Does a slug has nose and how many?

Yes, slugs have nose and they are 4 noses.

  • What is a male turkey known as?

Tom or Gobbler.

  • Are turkeys social animals?

Yes, turkeys are social animals.

  • What is a baby elephant known as?

A calf.

  • How many legs do honey bees have?

Six legs.

  • How many eyes do honey bees have?

Five eyes.

  • How many brains do Octopuses have?

Nine brains.

  • How many hearts do Octopuses have?

Three hearts.

  • What is the world’s poisonous spider?

The Brazilian Wandering Spider.

  • How many legs do spiders have?

Eight legs.

  • What is the group name of crocodiles?

Bask or Float.

  • What mammal has the ability to fly?


  • What type of animals are Sika and Roe?


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  • What is the name of the fastest bird in the world?

The peregrine falcon.

  • What type of dog is a basenji?

A hunting dog.

  • Can ostriches fly with their wings?

No, they cannot fly.

  • What is the gestation period of a tiger?

100 days.

  • What is the scientific name of tigers?

Panthera tigris.

  • What animal gives birth through its mouth?

The gastric-brooding frog.

  • What bird lacks the ability to walk?

The grebe.

  • What animal never stops growing?


  • How many legs do lobsters have?

Ten legs.

  • What is the group name of hyenas?


  • What are baby swans called?

Flappers or Cygnets.

  • A butterfly is also known as…?

Cabbage white.

  • What animal has the longest gestation period?

Elephant for 22 months.

  • What animal has the shortest gestation period?

The Virginia opossum, just 13 days.

  • What is the smallest reptile?

The leaf chameleon.

  • A lady bug has color of spots?


  • What is the group name of squirrels?


  • What is a group of kittens known as?

A kindle.

  • How many legs do crabs have?

Ten legs.

  • What animal eats sugar cane?

Giant Pandas.

  • What are female donkeys called?


  • What is the group name of crows?


  • What is the group name of whales?


  • What kind of water do Jacobin Cuckoo only drink?

Rain water.

  • What is a bird with webbed feet known as?


  • What animal has eyes bigger than its brain?


  • Do humans hear sound better than dogs?

No, dogs hear four times better than humans.

  • What is the group name of turtles?


  • What do birded vultures eat?


  • What animals have no vocal cords?


  • Are pythons venomous snakes?

No, they’re non-venomous snakes.

  • What is the only venomous snake found in the UK?

The Adder.

  • What animal lacks the ability to fart?


  • What is the group name of buffalos?


  • How many legs do mosquitoes have?

Six legs.

  • How long can a snail sleep?

As much as three years.

  • Are rabbits born blind?


  • What animal has the highest blood pressure?

The giraffe.

  • What animal does not sleep?

The bullfrog.

  • What animals do not have hearts?


  • What colors are ocelots?

Yellow color with black markings.

  • What animal has fingerprints resembling that of humans?


  • Where are blind dolphins found?

In the Indus river of Pakistan.

  • Where does the shrimp has its heart located?

In its head.

  • What animal has the longest lifespan?

The artic whale also known as bowhead.

  • What animal does not drink water?

The kangaroo rat.

  • What is the most recently discovered fish in the world?

The paedocypris progenetica, discovered in 2006.

That’s all about the biggest list of animal trivia collections we have, there are lots of things to learn about animals am certain many you have learnt from this animal trivia question collections. This animal trivia is suitable for kids in school and those who are interesting in learning more about our world. Share with friends who are likely interested in learning new things about animal trivia. Do check out these general trivia questions and answers.