Chris Griffin

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Chris Griffin Chris Griffin whose full name is Christopher Cross “Chris” Griffin, is the first son of the pair of Peter Griffin and his wife Lois Griffin. He has two siblings; Meg Griffin his older sister and Stewie Griffin his baby brother. Chris is a very fat(a fat cartoon character) and very unintelligent teenager who …

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Meg Griffin

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Meg Griffin.     Meg Griffin whose full name is Megatron “Meg” Harvey Oswald Griffin is the daughter to the duo of Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin. She is has two brothers Chris Griffin and very intelligent Stewie Griffin. She is the boring girl nobody wants to identify with even in her family she is …

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Brian Griffin

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Brian Griffin Brian Griffin also known as Brian The Dog is the family dog of the Griffins family. Unlike every dog elsewhere and on the show, Brian is a dog that is more human dog, in fact Brian drinks alcohol(martini) and dates humans. He is the only member of the family that try to balance …

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Stewie Griffin

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Stewie Griffin. If you are a fan or follower of the popular American TV series Family Guy, you should know of Stewie Griffin. But for those who do not know him or want to learn some knew facts about Stewie Griffin, we have decided to write this article about Stewie Griffin. Stewie Griffin, whose full …

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Lois Griffin

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Lois Griffin Facts. Lois Griffin, the sadomasochist wife of Peter Griffin and mother of Stewie Griffin, is the matriarch of the Griffin’s family from Family Guy cartoon. Herself, Peter Griffin and Stewie happen to be some of the main characters of the popular American television sitcom; Family Guy. She has a total of three children …

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Peter Griffin

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Peter Griffin Facts. Peter Griffin is the guy from Family Guy an American animated sitcom. He’s well known for a lot of things and characters that made him an interesting character in the Family guy series. This post is entirely dedicated to Peter Griffin, covering everything you probably do not know about Peter Griffin. So, …

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