Psychological Facts About Soulmates

Psychological Facts About Soulmates

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A soulmate can be said to be someone perfectly suited to you, usually as a romantic partner. Sometimes, the relationship can be platonic as they might just be suited to you as a great friend. They are essential in everyone’s lives and there are some psychological facts about soulmates you need to know. These soulmate facts would help you learn somethings about your soulmate you probably never knew of. In fact, these facts have the opportunity of helping you identify your soulmates because somethings, studies say we sometimes don’t know those who are our soulmates.

People say a relationship with your soulmate is going to be your best as you’ll fit into each other’s lives like no other. They will embrace everything about you even your flaws as you will do theirs.

Most people are very curious about soulmates and want to know how it feels to meet their soulmate. Well, in this article, I’ll share 25 interesting psychological facts about soulmates that you need to know. Without wasting much of our time, let’s get right into today’s article.

Psychology Facts About Soulmates

Here are 25 interesting psychological facts about soulmates that you absolutely need to know as you go on in life.

  • You both feel an energy when you meet

When you meet your soulmate for the first time, you are likely to feel a special energy like a bolt of lightning striking you. They will also feel this when they see you.

This makes it easy for you guys to recognize each other the moment you meet.

  • It hits off instantly

After feeling the energy, you and your soulmate will hit it off instantly, talking and acting like you’ve known each other for years. It feels like cracking the last part of the puzzle. It won’t start a bit cold like most other relationships you’ve been in.

  • ¬†You can be friends rather than lovers¬†

When most people think about soulmates, their minds go to romantic relationships but you’re more likely to have a platonic relationship with your soulmate. They can be a best friend, teacher, siblings, or parents to whom you feel a soul connection. They show you pure and unconditional love and will always support you.¬†

  • You complement each other’s lives¬†

When you meet your soulmate, you’ll fit into each other’s lives perfectly and complement each other. This means that even with the inevitable ups and downs, you’ll have each other’s back and be each other’s resting place.¬†

  • It can go wrong

Whilst most think there’s nothing bad about soulmates, it can go wrong if you have an undying belief.¬†

There is a phenomenon called “soulmate trap”, and this happens when you view your relationships from a soulmate perspective only. The thought that the relationship will be perfect and always work no matter what can cause a problem very quickly. You’re likely to keep lesser effort into getting the relationship to work and this will lead to taking each other for granted.¬†

  • You facilitate each other’s growth¬†

When your soulmate comes into your life, you guys are going to help each grow in life by being a supporter, a motivator, and an honest friend. You’re going to help each other reach higher heights in life and achieve long life goals.

  • You understand each other instinctively

According to many studies over the years, it is confirmed that soulmates tend to think the same way. They are also likely to know what is on each other’s minds due to an instinctive understanding. This will make it possible to do things for each other without having to say a word.¬†

  • It goes with age

As you get older, you are less likely to believe in soulmate relationships and this may be due to the various experiences you’ve had.

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  • Your judgment is easily clouded in a soulmate relationship

Well, love is blind, it is extremely hard for you to judge when you’re in a soulmate relationship. This makes it very hard to think objectively about situations or even notice flaws.

  • You’re vulnerable to each other

When you’re in a soulmate relationship, you guys are going to be vulnerable to each other due to how much you trust each other.¬†

  • It just happens

There is no certain time to meet your soulmate and most studies show that it only happens when your stars align, a destined time. 

  • It’s not about how they look

When you meet your soulmate, you feel a soul connection with physical attraction playing a negligible part.

  • You feel safe with them

When you’re in a relationship with your soulmate, you are going to feel secure with you also being calm and less anxious or stressed out.¬†

  • They bring a positive energy

Due to the support, motivation, help, and inspiration that your soulmate brings, you are likely to feel more positive in all aspects of your life thanks to their presence.

  • They are your best friends¬†

When you meet your soulmate, you’re likely to be best friends with them, when you’re in a relationship with them, they’d be your lover and also your best friend.

  • You’re transparent with them

As I said earlier, you feel safe around your soulmate, and this makes you transparent when dealing with them. There are no secrets or random lies.

  • They accept you as you are¬†

When you meet your soulmate, they are likely to accept you for who you are so you don’t need to pretend when you’re with them. Your flaws and imperfections will not change what they think about but this isn’t a pass to avoid working on becoming a better version of yourself.

  • Your goals are aligned

When you meet your soulmate, you are likely to have similar goals with them. This makes planning for the future with them easier than it normally is.

  • More men believe in soulmates

A bit negligible but 73% of men are said to believe in soulmates as opposed to 70% of women. This was discovered through a research study by Marist Poll that was conducted on Americans (so it’s universally confirmed).

  • You often meet at unideal moments¬†

Soulmates are said to meet when one of them is in a moment of distress so it often affects how the relationship starts. However, they tend to make things in your life change for good. 

  • A Deja Vu moment

According to some studies, soulmates tend to feel like they have known each other for a long time when they meet. You feel like you know them even though you’ve never met them in your life.

  • Soulmates are a bit different from each other

Despite the chemistry and similarities that soulmates share, they still have noticeable differences. Soulmates are not mirrored versions of each other. They will however respect the differences, this plays a big role in how they complement each other.

  • They make you more confident

When you meet your soulmate, they are likely to make you feel about yourself because they accept you for who you are. This confidence will make it easier for you to do other things in your life. 

  • It is addictive¬†

When soulmates meet, it is easy for them to become quite obsessed with each other. This is said to happen due to the high levels of dopamine that are released into our nervous system as a result of the love and butterflies feeling. When you’re not around them, you are going to always miss them and think non-stop about them.¬†

  • They make you smile¬†

Soulmates are one of the major sources of happiness in each other’s lives. When you think about them, you’d notice you have a lovely smile on your face for no reason. They make you happy, and the thought of them also does that.¬†


We’ve gotten to the end of the list of psychology facts about soulmates, how many of these soulmate facts did you know before? Which other soulmate facts do you know about but was not included in the facts list up above?