Confusing Questions That Are Impossible To Answer

Some Impossible Questions Difficult To Answer  

impossible confusing question

Ever thought of mind startling questions before? Questions that will have you stop to think if at all there is an answer to such question? I bet you have, just like millions of people all over the world, we have at one point in time attempted answering at least one unanswerable question that later proved to be an impossible question. Since you’re not alone in that thought of trying to answer unanswerable questions, we’ve taken our time to compile some of the most shocking questions with no answer and also you have the opportunity to try answering these confusing impossible questions, you might just break a record to become the very first person to answer an impossible question.

These confusing questions are created from observing things around us and the intention is to be mind-boggling. No one has ever answered the questions even after so many trials. The impossible questions can only be answered by clever people or people who think they are clever.

Below is the list of impossible questions that will surely get you confused and have you question everything you’ve always know.

  •  While driving, why do you turn the radio’s volume to look for an address?

impossible questions

Because it increases concentration! But I’m certain you need more concentration when driving fast.

  • If you enjoy time-wasting, did you really waste time?

confusing impossible questions

Is there any being who enjoys wasting time? Probably they enjoy doing nothing, but it can be considered a waste of time. However, my own answer is no. 

  • When someone with multiple personalities exhibits suicidal actions, would it be called a hostage situation?

impossible questions

In this case, I will say no. The situation is just weird.

  • Assuming nothing is impossible, is it impossible for anything to be possible?

impossible questions

This is unlikely to be likely, but who knows?

  • What is the color of a mirror?

confusing impossible questions

Does a mirror have a color? Maybe it does. That’s actually my answer to this question. As mentioned earlier, the intelligent ones might get the answer correctly sometimes. Apparently, from various researches conducted at different times it was agreed that the color of a perfect mirror is white, even though it is also believed there aren’t any real  perfect mirror in the world.

  • If you attempt to fail and triumph, which did you actually achieve?

confusing impossible questions

Here, you succeeded to fail; therefore, you have failed in life. Bravo!

  • Why does rain drop and snow falls?

impossible questions

Maybe because rain is lighter than snow? This answer really sounds good!

  • Why is a driver’s license needed to buy alcohol when you can’t drive under influence?

confusing impossible questions

You can also use a passport. But if a pilot tries it, it will be a lot worse!

  • Why is the word “abbreviated’ long?

confusing impossible questions

The truth is, there are many short words. I presume a word was needed to explain this when the only words to be used are long.

  • Why does a boxing ring have a square shape?

impossible confusing questions

Because it is! No arguments!

  • Why would you find the word dictionary in a dictionary?

confusing impossible questions

I don’t have an answer to this. Maybe it is for extremely dumb people.

  • Why is rush hour used to refer to the time of the day with the slowest traffic?

confusing impossible questions

It’s because everybody is rushing home for dinner or they don’t want to miss a TV show. From a realistic perspective, it never happens.

  • Why do we refer to the third hand on a watch as a second hand?

confusing impossible questions

Easy-peasy! Is it something that has to do with time differing from numbers? I guess this isn’t that easy!

  • Why don’t we have mouse-flavored cat food?

impossible questions

Do cats feed on mice? Maybe they just consider them a toy? I guess I just answered a question with another question.

  • At what time did time begin?

impossible questions

Anything you answer here doesn’t matter as no one actually knows.

  • Does time only flow forward?

confusing impossible questions

We’ve come to the end of some of the most confusing and unanswered questions of all time, am certain these questions were puzzling to you as you’re probably considering them for the first time despite having a clue of some of these impossible questions.


  • What are unanswered questions?

Unanswered questions are questions that have proven to be impossible to answer, these questions are what we’ve compiled in this article up above, for the complete list of unanswered questions scroll up.

  • What are some weird questions?

Some weird questions are the questions featured in this article, some of the weird questions are surprisingly shocking and weird that you’ll be taken aback, scroll up to see the weirdest questions on the net.

  • What is a tricky question?

A tricky question is a question that’s confusing to answer because they trick you into choosing the wrong answer.

  • What is the stupidest question ever asked?

These questions are some of the most stupid question ever asked

  1. If I eat myself will become twice my original size?
  2. Can I watch anime when I die and go to heaven?
  3. Why do black people call each other Monica?
  4. Are there gravity in India?

These are some of the most stupid questions.

The most mind blowing questions would be one of the existential questions asked such as;

  1. When did time begin?
  2. Does the universe have an end?
  3. Why does everything exist?
  4. Why do living things die?

And much more mind blowing questions.