Confusing Questions That Are Impossible To Answer

Some Impossible Questions Difficult To Answer. 

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Ever thought of mind startling questions before? Questions that will have you stop to think if at all there is an answer to such question? I bet you have, just like millions of people all over the world, we have at one point in time attempted answering at least one unanswerable question that later proved to be an impossible question. Since you’re not alone in that thought of trying to answer unanswerable questions, we’ve taken our time to compile some of the most shocking questions with no answer and also you have the opportunity to try answering these confusing impossible questions, you might just break a record to become the very first person to answer an impossible question.

These confusing questions are created from observing things around us and the intention is to be mind-boggling. No one has ever answered the questions even after so many trials. The impossible questions can only be answered by clever people or people who think they are clever.

Below is the list of impossible questions that will surely get you confused and have you question everything you’ve always know.

Confusing Questions That Are Impossible To Answer

  •  While driving, why do you turn the radio’s volume to look for an address?

impossible questions

Because it increases concentration! But I’m certain you need more concentration when driving fast.

  • If you enjoy time-wasting, did you really waste time?

confusing impossible questions

Is there any being who enjoys wasting time? Probably they enjoy doing nothing, but it can be considered a waste of time. However, my own answer is no. 

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  • When someone with multiple personalities exhibits suicidal actions, would it be called a hostage situation?

impossible questions

In this case, I will say no. The situation is just weird.

  • Assuming nothing is impossible, is it impossible for anything to be possible?

impossible questions

This is unlikely to be likely, but who knows?

  • What is the color of a mirror?

confusing impossible questions

Does a mirror have a color? Maybe it does. That’s actually my answer to this question. As mentioned earlier, the intelligent ones might get the answer correctly sometimes. Apparently, from various researches conducted at different times it was agreed that the color of a perfect mirror is white, even though it is also believed there aren’t any real  perfect mirror in the world.

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  • If you attempt to fail and triumph, which did you actually achieve?

confusing impossible questions

Here, you succeeded to fail; therefore, you have failed in life. Bravo!

  • Why does rain drop and snow falls?

impossible questions

Maybe because rain is lighter than snow? This answer really sounds good!

  • Why is a driver’s license needed to buy alcohol when you can’t drive under influence?

confusing impossible questions

You can also use a passport. But if a pilot tries it, it will be a lot worse!

  • Why is the word “abbreviated’ long?

confusing impossible questions

The truth is, there are many short words. I presume a word was needed to explain this when the only words to be used are long.

  • Why does a boxing ring have a square shape?

impossible confusing questions

Because it is! No arguments!

  • Why would you find the word dictionary in a dictionary?

confusing impossible questions

I don’t have an answer to this. Maybe it is for extremely dumb people.

  • Why is rush hour used to refer to the time of the day with the slowest traffic?

confusing impossible questions

It’s because everybody is rushing home for dinner or they don’t want to miss a TV show. From a realistic perspective, it never happens.

  • Why do we refer to the third hand on a watch as a second hand?

confusing impossible questions

Easy-peasy! Is it something that has to do with time differing from numbers? I guess this isn’t that easy!

  • Why don’t we have mouse-flavored cat food?

impossible questions

Do cats feed on mice? Maybe they just consider them a toy? I guess I just answered a question with another question.

  • At what time did time begin?

impossible questions

Anything you answer here doesn’t matter as no one actually knows.

  • Does time only flow forward?

confusing impossible questions

  • If most animal species on earth are not monogamous, why are humans expected to be monogamous?

This one is a bit self explanatory. If you look around you, virtually all animals that exist have different partners some could be concurrently while others are at different times of their life. Why should that be different with us humans?

  • If the universe and essentially our existence started after the big bang, what existed prior the big bang?

What created the big bang? If it is the beginning of everything, what existed before it or what is its origin? This one science question that would have you think harder and harder but still end up with no result.

  • Was There A Time When Nothing Existed Or Has There Always Been Something Existing?

Very similar to the difficult question up above about the big bang theory, was there ever a time when nothing existed at all? Or was there always something hanging around?

  • If our cells die and get replace by other newer cells, are we still the same individual we were years ago?

Another deep scientific question that is an impossible to answer question. You might to ask the closest scientist you if they know or have an answer for this difficult and confusing question.

  • Why do men not go through menopause but women do?

Another crazy and impossible to answer biology question. If we are literally the same specie why do our bodies act differently especially with respect to menopause. By the way, females of other organisms also do not experience menopause.

  • How many grains of sand does it take to make a pile of sand?

This is a weirdly interesting question, at what point do we agree that a pile of sand has been created and from how many grains of sand? is it 100 or 1000 grains of sane? Nobody knows.

  • What is the purpose of life?

What are we doing on earth? Do we even have any use? What is the purpose of our life on earth alongside the purpose of the lives of our fellow earthlings(animals and plants)?

  • Are You Dying Slowly Or You Are Living?

I’ve had to think about it a few times but still haven’t come up with any answer at all. Is the purpose of our lives not truly death? Are we actually living our life or we’re slowly approaching our purpose which is death?

  • What Is One Thing That Has No Identity?

No name, no color, no smell, no test, no shape, no form. Nothing at all we could use to describe it, is there any such thing? Something we have nothing to describe it with.

  • Did the first man and first woman have belly buttons?

When did we start having belly buttons, did our very first ancestor have them? I might have to hit the time machine.

  • Which Letter Is Silent In The Words ‘Scent’ And ‘Scene’? Is It The ‘S’ or The ‘C’?

There are lots of words like these that keep me wondering. You might want to ask your English teacher, legend has it they know everything about the English language.

  • How Far West Do You Have To Travel The Globe Before You Start Going East?

Do the east and west cardinal points even exist at all? How far do we have to go to either of them before we start going to the other?

  • What Section Of The Library Are Bibles Kept? Fiction or Non-Fiction?

This one had me wondering why do these impossible to answer questions get so confusing and seem really difficult to answer? Why? If you have any librarian close to you, ask them where The Bible is kept, and more importantly why is it kept there.

  • Is It Blinking Or Winking When Cyclops Closes Its Eye?

We have to meet Cyclops to ask it what it actually does, when it closes its one and only eye.

  • Was Mathematics Invented Or Discovered?

You’ve essentially experience or passed through maths be it in class(school) or elsewhere, no one can escape maths and it’s importance. But one intriguing question that has gone unanswered for years is whether math was invented or discovered.

  • Was Physics Invented Or Discovered?

Just like Maths above, everything above that applied to maths applies to physics. Now, the question is was physics discovered or invented?

  • Who discovered time?

If you happen to discover who discovered time, get back to me I owe you something nice, maybe a time machine?

  • What Is The Purpose Of Time?

What is the purpose, the use and the meaning of time to the entire universe?

  • When The Calendar Was Invented, What Day Was It? 

And how did they know it was that day and from what basis did they calculate to agree it was that day since there was no previous calendar?

  • Do Children Who Feature In Adult Rated Movie Get To Watch The Movie When It Is Done?

Hey, I’m just thinking out loud here, do they? If not why are they not allowed to watch their works or why were they allowed in in the first place.

  • How Is It Possible For The World To Be In Debt?

Who do we owe if at all we truly are in debt? Do we owe aliens. It’s understandable that different countries owe different countries, but why is it regarded as the world being in debt?

  • How Old Would You Look When You Are In Heaven?

Do you look the exact age you died or younger? This impossible question is for those who have travelled to and are experienced in heaven matters.

  • Do You Truly Expect The Unexpected When You Are Already Expecting It?

If you expect the unexpected, why then is it still regarded as the unexpected when you are already expecting it? Interesting indeed.

  • Do You Succeed Or Fail When You Are Trying To Fail And Ended Up Succeeding?

Now this is strange, if you are trying to fail and you succeeded, did you fail or you succeed? The question is simple to ask but really difficult to answer because, what do we really consider success at anything? Is it only when you get the expected and desirable result? Doesn’t that create a paradox?

  • What Shape Is Your Field Of Vision?

Does our field of vision even have a definite and specific shape? How can we be able to map it accurately and measure it when we don’t know.

  • Do You Become A Waiter When You Wait For A Waiter To Return With Your Order?

I really do think it is so. It’s safe to say I’ve been a waiter for several times in my entire life. I guess someone owes me salary.

  • At What Point In Your Existence Do You Become You?

When did you become you and what actually makes you ‘you’? Are you truly whom you think you are? At what point did you become that person and what really made you into that person?

  • Was The Color Orange Gotten From The Fruit Or The Fruit From The Color?

Which of orange came first? Your favorite fruit or your favorite color? And When did either of them take up that name?

  • Do Humans Have Free Will Or We Are All Programmed To Do Everything We’ve Been Doing?

Do we really have free will or everything about us has been predetermined? This is one of the deepest questions I’ve ever had to think about because it bothers on so many things.

  • When We Die, Do We Actually Die Or We Merely Transition?

Long question short, is there life after death? If there is life after death, is it still called life? Wouldn’t that be weird calling it life even though our life just ended?

  • If Humans Evolved From Apes, Why Do Apes Stile Exist?

I’ll tell you this; I don’t know. Maybe the smart scientists among those of you reading this would have a perfect answer for why our friendly neighbors haven’t been able to evolve to become one of us. Why do they still exist as apes?

  • Does A Falling Object Make A Sound When It Falls If No One Is There?

Another difficult to answer question to make you rethink your sound engineering career. What do you think really happen if no one is there to hear the sound, does it really make nay sound when it falls?


We’ve come to the  end of some of the most confusing and unanswered questions of all time, am certain these questions were puzzling to you as you’re probably considering them for the first time despite having a clue of some of these impossible questions.


  • What are unanswered questions?

Unanswered questions are questions that have proven to be impossible to answer, these questions are what we’ve compiled in this article up above, for the complete list of unanswered questions scroll up.

  • What are some weird questions?

Some weird questions are the questions featured in this article, some of the weird questions are surprisingly shocking and weird that you’ll be taken aback, scroll up to see the weirdest questions on the net.

  • What is a tricky question?

A tricky question is a question that’s confusing to answer because they trick you into choosing the wrong answer.

  • What is the stupidest question ever asked?

These questions are some of the most stupid question ever asked

  1. If I eat myself will become twice my original size?
  2. Can I watch anime when I die and go to heaven?
  3. Why do black people call each other Monica?
  4. Are there gravity in India?

These are some of the most stupid questions.

The most mind blowing questions would be one of the existential questions asked such as;

  1. When did time begin?
  2. Does the universe have an end?
  3. Why does everything exist?
  4. Why do living things die?

And much more mind blowing questions.