Thanksgiving Trivia

Thanksgiving Trivia

thanksgiving trivia

If you’re not from the US, Canada or any countries of the world observing a feast of thanksgiving every year, you’d wonder why there’s anything called thanksgiving trivia. Thanksgiving is that period of the year people give thanks and sacrifice to God for the blessings and harvest of the year and of course the preceding year. It could basically be called a national festival of food. Perhaps, it is the reason there’s no year that goes by without people feeling excited about thanksgiving.

Since it is a popular holiday or festival, there are lots of thanksgiving trivia questions created that discusses thanksgiving and everything about it, you’d be surprised at the enormous information you’d acquire from reading through this thanksgiving trivia questions alone. Without any further ado, let’s look at the below thanksgiving trivia questions and their answers.

The following thanksgiving trivia questions are arranged in the manner where trivia questions comes first with answer to the specific thanksgiving trivia question following beneath it

 Thanksgiving Trivia

  • What year was thanksgiving originated?


  • Who wrote the first series about Thanksgiving?

Sarah Josepha Hale.

  • Thanksgiving was announced by which American president?

Abraham Lincoln

  • Thanksgiving is only celebrated in America. True/False?


  • What Thursday in November does America celebrate Thanksgiving?

The fourth Thursday.

  • What is the traditional sauce for Thanksgiving?

Cranberry Sauce.

  • The Plymouth Plantation which offers free Thanksgiving meals to visitors, was opened by who?

Henry Hornblower.

  • What cutlery item was invented after 10years of Thanksgiving?


  • Turkey was the first Thanksgiving meal. True/False?


  • How long did it take Sarah Joseph to convince the American President to celebrate Thanksgiving?


  • What year did Thanksgiving become an official holiday?


  • America’s Thanksgiving parade begun what year?


  • How is Thanksgiving Parade concluded in America?

With the arrival of Santa Claus.

  • What’s the busiest travel day in America?


  • In the U.S, approximately how many Turkeys are eaten every year on Thanksgiving day?


  • Do Jews celebrate Thanksgiving?

Yes, because it has traditional origins. 

  • The American Thanksgiving parade, was inspired by which parade? 

Eaton’s Santa Claus Parade.

  • What replaced the balloons in Macy’s first Thanksgiving parade?

Animals from the central zoo.

  • Where was the first Thanksgiving held?


  • Which President moved up Thanksgiving celebration to the third Thursday in November?

President Franklin Roosevelt.

  • What year was Thanksgiving celebrated on the third Thursday in November?


  • What year was Thanksgiving reinstated to the fourth Thursday in November?


  • What state first adopted Thanksgiving as a national holiday?


  • What is the standard dessert for Canadians on Thanksgiving?

Pumpkin Pie.

  • What meat did the Native Americans bring to the first Thanksgiving?


  • What is the distance for Macy’s Thanksgiving parade?


  • After what year did American states and territories begin celebrating thanksgiving?


  • What year did the Continental Congress proclaim Thanksgiving in America?


  • What TV dinner sold first?

Turkey dinner.

  • What is celebrated on November 23rd in Japan?

Labor Thanksgiving.

  • What year was Labor thanksgiving celebrated in Japan?


  • The day before Thanksgiving is famous for what?

Highest bar sales

  • The 1541 Thanksgiving celebration in Palo Duro Canyon was held by?

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado.

  • The mother of Thanksgiving is?

Sarah Hales.

  • What month do the Germans celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving?


  • What year was the first Canadian Thanksgiving?


  • What’s Korea’s Thanksgiving festival called?


  • Approximately how many women participated in the first Thanksgiving? 


  • What part of Turkey is used for the Goodluck ritual on Thanksgiving day?


  • What country celebrates Thanksgiving on the first Thursday in November?


  • What NFL team plays on Thanksgiving?

Detroit Lions.

  • What American state held the first Thanksgiving celebration?


  • Korea celebrates Thanksgiving. True/False?


  • What do the Koreans eat on Thanksgiving day?

Rice cakes.

  • What year did Turkey arrive in Europe?


  • In 1953, how many Turkeys were ordered by mistake?

260 tons.

  • It is believed that Turkey’s can fly. True/False?


  • Who voted Turkey as a national bird?

Ben Franklin.

  • How many states provide Turkeys for Thanksgiving celebration?

Six states.

  • Whats does Thanksgiving mean?

Special Thanksgiving.