Best Old Man Cartoon Characters

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Old Man Cartoon Characters   Cartoons as we know that are a huge part of our life, particularly our entertainment needs. Just as much as embrace cartoons fully, cartoons also embraced us fully in whatever shape, color, form or age that we might come in. Be you old or young, there is a cartoon character …

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11 Popular Blue Cartoon Characters

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Blue Cartoon Characters Since their inception, cartoons have not just become an integral part of films and story telling but they have also changed the game of movie making as well as the way the stories are being told. Something that hugely differentiates cartoon characters from human actors are their appearance, they are always unique …

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11 Fat Cartoon Characters You Should Like

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Fat Cartoon Characters. Cartoon characters come in different forms, shapes and sizes. In fact there are many more differentiating features cartoon characters have, and these features make them stand out and retain their personality. One of such characteristic features of cartoon characters is their body size and weight, characters with larger and fatter outlook are …

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Pokemon Facts

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Pokemon Facts You Didn’t Know.   I don’t know if there’s anyone that doesn’t know what Pokemon is, if you’re one of those you’ll not only learn what Pokemon is but you’ll learn some facts about Pokemon. Pokemon is otherwise known as Pocket Monsters in Japan. It is a series of video games developed by …

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Pinocchio Paradox

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Pinocchio’s Paradox.  Chances are you know whom Pinocchio is, at least you’ve read books about him. At the same time you possibly do not know what a paradox is(well, not everyone knows what a paradox is, so no issue here), but we’ll be talking about Pinocchio’s Paradox, so having a knowledge of whom Pinocchio is …

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