Rainbow Facts That Are Really Fun

Unique Rainbow Facts You Never Knew

Rainbow on top of Clouds

Unique facts about rainbows that’ll stun anyone even more than the beautiful collection of colors that a rainbow possesses, these rainbow facts aren’t just mind blowing they’re also beautiful to know about.

Apart from the fact that Rainbow is characterized by its unique, outstanding, beautiful colour display up in the sky, and that rainbow does not appear in the sky daily but once in a while. What other things can you say about it?

Facts About Rainbows You Never Knew

Right here, we will be learning some amazing facts about the rainbow that will wow you. Some of these facts are:

  1. Rainbow originates from Latin arcus pluvius, which means “a rainy arch”.
  2. Rene Descartes from history was the first person who found out that rainbow is formed as a result of light coming from the sun which then splits into different colours by rain.
  3. A scientist named Sir Isaac Newton was the first to explain how a rainbow occurs in the sky.
  4. Rainbow is a multi-coloured arc that is formed in the sky with the several colours well arranged on top of each other.
  5. Rainbow arch is a 42-degree angle whose starting point is from the direction that is opposite from the sun.
  6. Rainbow is proved to be arainbow meteorological phenomenon that is as a result of refraction, light reflection and also dispersion in water droplets.
  7. The Colours that appears on Rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet
  8. The easiest way to remember the rainbow colours is ROYGBIV just as it appears in the sky. 
  9. On the earth crust particularly on the ground, the view of a rainbow is a semi-circle but from a very high surface like an air craft, the view of the rainbow is a perfect complete circle. 
  10. Rainbow occurs when rain is falling in a particular part of the sky and it appears sunny in another.

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  1. Rainbow do not have a set number of colours because each and every one of the colours blends perfectly into the next to it without setting a hard boundary.
  2. There are times when Double Rainbow appears up in the sky. This occurs when light bounces into the water droplet more than once.
  3. Hawaii is said to be the home to the most appearing rainbows than any other geographical area on planet earth.
  4. March 14, 1994 in England, the world longest-lasting rainbow was seen over Sheffield.
  5. Rainbow can be seen in the mist, spray, fog and dew just as it is also seen in the rain.
  6. Rainbows are seen more in the tropical regions and by waterfalls too.
  7. Rainbows mostly appear higher up in the sky when the sun is lower.
  8. The Solar system comprises of many planet, but rainbow formation is possible only on the earth.
  9. Since Rainbow does not have a physical appearance, it makes it impossible to be touched.
  10. Rainbows are rarely sighted in the noon time. Hence, noon appearing rainbow is uncommon.
  11. It is impossible to see rainbow during winter. This is because during winter, rain drops freeze into snowflakes and only few raindrops fall.
  12. Hence, there is what is referred to as the Red Rainbow which is otherwise called the Monochrome Rainbow. This is formed just after rainfall which is during sunrise or sunset.
  13. Cloud Rainbows are formed from small water droplets in the clouds and damp air, instead from rain drops.
  14. There is a belief according to the Greek mythology that rainbow is a bridge between heaven and the earth.
  15. All across the globe, Rainbow depicts the Universal symbol of peace and harmony.

Rainbows are a unique aspect of nature, am certain you’ve learnt that already from the collection of facts about rainbows above, the next is to try answer some of the enlightening and frequently asked questions that bother around rainbow facts.

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  • How did a rainbow get its name?

The rainbow got its name from its shape which is like a bow, the the ‘rain’ in its name came from the fact rainbows are mostly seen during or after rain falls.

  • Who found the rainbow?

Sir Isaac Newton is credited with discovering that sunlight falling upon a prism could split into its component colours, of course this is not an indication that he founded rainbows because rainbows have been existing since time immemorial.

  • Can you touch a rainbow?

No, you can’t touch a rainbow because it is not a physical object but an dispersion of the constituent colours of sunlight. Basically, rainbows are a dispersion of sunlight meaning they can’t be touched.

  • What is a rainbow for kids?

A rainbow is a multicolured arc that appears when sunlight strikes raindrops. Rainbows mostly appear during or after rainfalls mostly faraway.

  • Why are rainbows so special?

Rainbows are special because they are optical illusions that are very beautiful to behold.

  • What do the 7 colors of the rainbow mean?

The meanings of the colors of rainbow are:

  1. Yellow for the sun
  2. Green for nature
  3. Indigo for harmony
  4. Blue for art
  5. Violet for spirit
  6. Red for life
  7. Orange for healing
  • Can you be inside a rainbow?

No, you can’t be inside a rainbow because a rainbow is not an physical object but rather a refraction, reflection and dispersion of sunlight. Just the way you can’t be inside light you can’t be inside a raainbow.

  • Does Rainbow have an end?

A rainbow does not have an end because it is an optical illusion and does not touch the ground.

  • What is so special about rainbows?

Rainbows are special because they are optical illusions that are very beautiful to behold.

  • Is pink in the rainbow?

No, pink colour is not in the rainbow. The colours present in the rainbow are red, green, blue, yellow, indigo, violet and orange.

  • What are the 12 types of rainbows called?

The 12 types of rainbows are called;

  1. RAB-1 has all the colors visible, strong Alexander band, and supernumerary bows.
  2. RAB-2 has all the colors visible, strong Alexander band, but no supernumerary bows.
  3. RAB-3 has all the colors visible, weak Alexander band, and supernumerary bows.
  4. RAB-4 has all the colors visible, weak Alexander band, but no supernumerary bows.
  5. RAB-5 has no violet or no blue color.
  6. RAB-6 has no green color.
  7. RAB-7 has no violet and no blue color.
  8. RAB-8 has no blue and no green color.
  9. RAB-9 has only blue and red colors.
  10. RAB-10 has only yellow and orangey red colors.
  11. RAB-11 has only red colors.
  12. RAB-12 is an unspecified other kind of rainbow

These above 12 types of rainbows are classified according to their component features which include the colors present or absent and the arcs present or absent.

  • How do rainbows make you feel?

According researches and studies, most people say that rainbows make them feel happy, maybe this happy feeling is as a result of the beautiful combination of colors present in a rainbow and the shape of rainbows as well.

  • Are Rainbows dangerous?

No, rainbows are not dangerous. Since rainbows are a reflection, refraction and dispersion of sunlight after it hits raindrops, they are as harmless as sunlight.

  • What happens if you touch rainbow?

Nothing happens if you touch a rainbow because, rainbows are not physical objects that can be touched hence you can’t touch them.

  • Can a rainbow touch the ground?

No, rainbows do not touch the ground and they have no end.

  • Has anybody ever found the end of a rainbow?

No one has ever found the end of a rainbow because they have no end and do not touch the ground, rainbows are optical illusions made from light.

  • Is Rainbow real or virtual image?

A rainbow is not rain but can be regarded as virtual image or an optical illusion from sunlight.