Fun Facts About Fishing For Everyone

Fun Facts about Fishing 

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Most people I know living in riverine areas or living just by the rivers have their hobbies to be fishing, not just them a lot other people who don’t live close to water bodies also love fishing, learning a few facts about fishing won’t be a bad idea for fishermen or anyone at all interested in the topic. This article is exactly about the fun facts about fishing most people do not know but want to know, as we know fishing entirely is a fun activity to engage in, so are the facts about fishing fun to read.

Fishing encompasses the activity of fetching fishes from the water bodies. Any individual who engages in fishing practice is regarded as a Fisherman regardless of the gender.

Fun Facts About Fishing

  1. Fishing is a practice of catching fishes either for consumption as food or for sport through the use of different traditional or automated techniques.
  2. Fishing activities is divided into two categories: one Commercial fishing and Sport fishing.
  3. One of the most interesting aspects of catching fishes for sporting activity is that, the fishes caught are been thrown back into the water..
  4. In line fishing practice, fishes can be attracted by either natural or artificial bait. Baits are used to catch and hold the fish.
  5. One of the various techniques for catching fish includes hand gathering, spearing, nesting, angling as well as trapping.
  6. The most popular way of fishing is with spinning outfits and fly rods.
  7. China happens to be the largest producer of fishes in the world and as such the largest exporter of fish and fish product in the world.
  8. Japan ranked first as the most fish consuming countries followed by the United States of America.
  9. One million Americans spends an average of nothing less than 17 days fishing.
  10. Also over 44 millions of Americans enjoy fishing practices year in year out.
  11. Globally, there are over 21 million fishermen and in records, nothing less about 200 million people depends solely on fishing to survive.
  12. Since the year 1970, the average number of people fishing, practicing fishery and aquaculture globally has doubled. 
  13. Commonest method of fishing is Fly Fishing.
  14. An individual or person who fishes with the use of rod and line is called an Angler.

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  1. Fly Fishing as a popular method of fishing was invented and introduced around 200 CE. 
  2. The two types of trolling that is engaged in fishing are: one is the down rigger and two the flatline.
  3. Trawling is one of the most popular methods employed during commercial fishing in the world.
  4. Asian countries have the base for fish industries since the year 1980 according to record.
  5. During Fishing, some animals get caught, injured or killed. Unfortunately, sea birds are part of those animals.
  6. When fishes are hungry, they are easier to catch. They get attracted to bait used during fishing.
  7. Every year, about 24,000 people who engage in fishing, fishery or fish processing dies at their work.
  8. Out of the known destructive methods of fishing, Drift Gill Netting is one of them because it causes quite a lot of damage to the fish.
  9. From history, fishes were never kept as pets at home not until the year 1853 in London, UK, when aeration and filtration of water was understood and done.
  10. In the world today, nothing less than 27,000 living species has been recorded, and Australian water bodies has 6,000 species of fishes with varying size and colours present in them. 
  11. During fishing, it was observed that a fish called the Antarctic ice fish possess antifreeze in their blood which adapts them to live under the coldest temperatures in the water. Temperature as cold as -10C.S
  12. Fishing in the wild has made it known that not all fishes are edible. Some few species are poisonous such as Puffer fish, Stonefish, Lionfish, and Stingray, boxfish and trunkfish e.t.c.
  13. Human beings are known to have 9000 taste buds according research while catfish possesses over 27,000 to itself. Amazing isn’t it?

We have the fun and amazing facts about fishing compiled up above, which you have read, next is the most popular and frequently asked questions about fishing asked by fishermen and fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing FAQs

  • What are some fun facts about fish?

Some fun facts about fish is that:

  1. A group of fish is called a school or school of fish.
  2. Fishes are vertebrates just like you.
  3. There are over 30,000 known species of fish.
  4. Tuna fish can swim at a speed of 70 kph(43 mph)
  • When was fishing invented?

Fishing has always been part of survival for mankind as fishes are a good source of animal proteins, throughout history people who live around rivers and other water bodies have always been fishing for food. Commercial fishing only became popular in the 15th century.

  • Do fishes fart?

Yes, fishes fart.

  • Do fish get thirsty?

No, fishes do not get thirsty for obvious reasons.

  • Do fishes cry?

No, fishes do not cry as they can’t due to lack of the organs responsible for that.

  • Who made fishing?

Fishing was not made nor invented as it has always been part of human history since time immemorial.

  • Who was the first person to catch a fish?

Fish fossils found during archeological digs suggest that the homo habilis were the first fisher men, and this was dated as far back as 500,000 years ago.

  • Why is fishing called angling?

Fishing is called angling because angle is referred to the rod, the line and the hook used in fishing, this term was used up until the 19th century. The use of angling to refer to fishing started in the 15th century.

  • Why is fishing a sport?

Fishing is regarded as sport because it requires certain skills which need to be learnt and it is also a physical activity.

  • Why do people fish?

People fish for various reasons, which could be for fun, for food, for commercial purposes and even for sports(checkout these sports trivia questions) and entertainment.

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