Music Quiz Questions

Music Quiz Questions.

Music quiz is a collection of quiz questions that are made to teach you more about music and to also test what knowledge about music you have. Music is the most universal thing we have on the planet that is easily understood, irrespective of what language the music being played was made in. These music quiz would definitely expose you to some of the interesting music quiz questions you’ve ever seen and at the same time teach you more about music, we already do have an article on the coolest music facts, that did not cover any aspect of music quiz and music quiz questions as we’ll do in this compilation of music quiz you are reading right now.

For lovers of music, best and most trusted method to improve your knowledge on your favorite musical genre, artiste and music generally is by reading some music quiz questions and their answers, because these music quiz are put together for the the primary purpose of expanding your knowledge with respect to music and also help with understanding them.

Let’s dive straight into the huge compilation of music quiz questions and their answers below.

The quiz questions are arranged in the manner; music quiz question comes first then the answer to the specific music quiz question comes below it.

Music Quiz Questions

  • The 2013 hitĀ Best Song Ever was recorded by which band?

One Direction.

  • All members of ZZ Top have beards except?

Frank Beard.

  • What was Bob Marley’s popular song I shot the sheriff all about?

Birth Control Pills.

  • ‘We only come out at night’ was written by who?

Smashing Pumpkins.

  • Who did the popular 2013 hit ‘Stay’?


  • From what Jay Z’s song is this line ‘ when you get to hell you tell ’em Blanco sent you‘?

Bam released 2017.

  • What is Yo Gotti’s real name?

Mario Mims.

  • Who released the song ‘Walk’?

Foo Fighters.

Have you see these country music trivia and their answers before?

  • When was music invented?

Music is dated to have been invented about 40,000 years ago, there are other reports that record much older period.

  • What is the oldest(from ancient times) musical instrument ever found?

A flute.

  • What is the meaning of the musical term ‘Allergo’?

To play lively and fast.

  • Who plays drum in the group T-Rex?

Mickey Finn.

  • What was the first rock song to hit Number 1 on the charts?

Rock Around The Clock, by Haley and His Comets.

  • Wo released the country album Rearview Town?

Jason Aldean.

  • Who’s country album is titled ‘Hallelujah Nights’?


  • What US president was criticized by the Dixie Chicks?

George W. Bush.

  • What year did Bruno Mars release the hitĀ Lazy Song?


  • How much pressure does a string in a grand piano exert on the frame?

A string exerts between 160 to 200lbs on the frame.

  • How many pieces of wood are used in making the modern violin?

77 pieces of wood.

  • How long should a piece of wood be dried/seasoned for before being used in making a violin?

At least 10 years.

  • How many notes of an octave are included in a chromatic scale?

12 notes.

  • When was the first Grammy Awards held?

4th of May 1959.

  • Which singer is known asĀ The Material Girl?


  • Complete the following song lyrics; ‘Can you take me higher to the…

‘..Place where blind men see’

  • Complete the following song lyrics: ‘I’m showing you the door, Cause I…

..Gotta have faith‘.

  • What Britney Spears single is credited with shooting her to stardom?

baby One More Time.

  • In which US state is the Firefly music festival held?


  • In what Calvin Harris song did the actor Jason Statham make an appearance?


  • In what Guns N’ Roses’ music video did the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger make an appearance?

You Could Be Mine.

These 80’s music trivia questions never got better than these.

  • What rapper holds the record for the most words in a single?


  • Elvis Presley holds the record for the most top 10 hits on the UK Singles Chart with how many songs?

77 songs.

  • Who was the female singer featured on both of Eminem’s ‘Nice guy’ and ‘Good guy’ tracks?

Jessie Reyez.

  • Which female rapper is also known asĀ Cookie, Harajuku Barbie and Roman Zolanski?

Nicki Minaj.

  • The movieĀ The Wedding Night featured which Maroon 5 song?


  • What is the singer Bessie Smith also known as?

Empress of The Blues.

  • What music group catalog did Michael Jackson purchase the publishing rights to?

The Beatles.

  • What movie did Breaking Benjamin’sĀ So Cold feature scenes from?


  • Where did Johnny Cash record two of his best selling Albums?

In prison.

  • Whose album is named ‘Songs In A Minor‘?

Alicia Keys.

  • Who recorded the hitĀ Some Nights in 2013?


  • What was the Stone Temple Pilots’ previous name?

Might Joe Young.

  • What was the previous name of the band Linkin Park?


  • What city was the rapper Kanye West from?


  • How many participants did the largest game of musical chairs begin with?

8,238 participants.

  • What is the shortest song ever?

You Suffer by Napalm Death.

  • What was the length of the shortest song ever?

1.316 seconds.

  • What were the previous names of the bandĀ Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Miraculously Majestic Masters and Tony Flow were their previous names.

  • I wanna bump into you spill some coffer on your shirt‘ is the beginning of what song?

‘I need a love story’ by Marta released in the year 2018.

  • What song did Ed Sheeran and Beyonce released together?


That’s for our list of music quiz that you might want to read, some of these quiz questions are totally unknown by most music lovers while others are purely surprising. In all, the music quiz questions and their answers are fun and interesting to read and share with friends.