Christmas Quiz Questions

Christmas Quiz Questions.


christmas quiz questions

There’s hardly anyone today that doesn’t look forward to the Christmas season, every year. This is of course for many reasons which could range from the fun aspect to the discount sales offered by malls and retail outlets to all the good stuffs you’d expect from the Christmas season. We want to make it even more fun for you before Christmas is here, by sharing with you some of the most interesting and fun Christmas quiz questions to attempt. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, these Christmas quiz questions has it all covered for your reading pleasure.

The Christmas quiz questions will be about virtually everything and anything possible that we know about Christmas, so be rest assured it’ll be one of the most fun quiz questions collection you’ve ever seen.

Without any further ado as we already know what we’re after, let’s look at the following fun Christmas quiz questions.

The following quiz questions are arranged in the following manner; Christmas quiz question comes first then an answer to the specific question follows beneath it.

Christmas Quiz Questions

  • Why are Christmas trees very bad at knitting?

Because they always drop their needles.

  • What is the best Christmas present?

A broken drum you cannot beat?

  • What is a dog’s favourite Carol?

Bark, the herald angels sing.

  • What did Adam say the day before Christmas?

It’s Christmas Eve.

  • Why was the snowman looking through the carrot?

He was picking his nose.

  • What goes oh oh oh?

Santa walking backwards.

  • Why does Santa have three gardens?

So he can ho ho ho!

  • Why did Santa’s elf going for counseling?

Because he’s suffered from low self-esteem.

  • Why is Mrs Claus always checking Santa’s phone?

It seems to know where all the naughty girls live.

  • What did the Kremlin send MI6 in their Christmas hamper?

A mince spy.

  • What did 52% of Brits order for Christmas dinner?

No Brussel.

  • How does Santa keep track of all the fireplace is a visited?

He keeps a log book.

  • What Christmas cake looks like an actual log?

The Yule log.

  • What was Christmas pudding originally made of?

Soup with Raisins and wine.

  • What was the traditional Christmas meal in England in Victorian times?

Pig’s head and mustard.

  • What is the traditional Christmas meal in England?

Turkey with cranberry sauce and potatoes.

  • What fruit is usually placed in stockings?


  • What were mince species made with in Victorian times?

Beef and spices.

  • What holiday drink is made with milk egg and sugar?


  • What type of pie filling is really appreciated that Christmas?


  • What was the first Carol broadcasted from space?

Jingle Bells.

  • Which American holiday was the carol Jingle bells originally intended for?


  • Which saint introduced carols in churches?

St Francis of Assisi.

  • What is wassailing?

The tradition of wishing neighbors a long life.

  • What career is best sung when the weather outside is frightful?

Let it snow.

  • Which colour brings you tidings of comfort and joy?

God rest ye Merry gentlemen.

  • What Carol has the word fa la la la la la la la la?

Dec the halls.

  • Which carol was originally named One with open sleigh?

Jingle bells.

  • What carol warns you about Santa?

Santa Claus is coming to Town.

  • What Carol can you use to demand figgy pudding?

We wish you a merry Christmas.

  • What carol is also known as “the counting song?

The Twelve Days of Christmas.

  • What 1990 movie tells the story of a boy whose house is robbed at Christmas?

Home Alone.

  • What reindeer is never mentioned in “The Night before Christmas?


  • Who recorded Blue Christmas?

Elvis Presley.

  • Where are the stockings hung in The Night before Christmas?

By the Chimney.

  • What sort of spirit is Clarence in “It’s a Wonderful Life?

An Angel.

  • Who said “God bless us, every one!”?

Tiny Tim.

  • What is the biggest selling Christmas song?

White Christmas.

  • Why was the Grinch so mean?

His heart was two sizes small.

  • Who resurrected Frosty in “Frosty the snowman”?

Santa Claus.

  • Which Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale-inspired the movie frozen?

The Snow Queen.

  • What year was “Do they know it’s Christmas”? written?


  • What female actress starred in “Miracle on 34th Street?

Natalie Wood.

  • What is Smoking Bishop?

A sort of mulled wine.

  • In the poem “The Night Before Christmas”,what do children have visions of?

Sugar Plum.

  • Who wrote “A Christmas Carol”?

Charles Dickens.

  • Who wants to see the Christmas?

The Grinch.

  • Which actor got the starring role for “Jingle All the Way?

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • What is the name of Ebenezer Scrooge’s partner in “A Christmas Carol”?

Jacob Marley.

  • Which Saturday Evening Post artist made really want Santa Claus pictures?

Norman Rockwell.

  • Who created Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa’s nineth reindeer?

Rudolph May.

  • Which US states have towns actually named Santa Claus?

Georgia, Arizona, and Indiana.

  • Which reindeer name means “lightning”?


  • What reindeer’s name means “thunder”?


  • What is Santa called in France?

Pere Noel.

  • What snacks does Santa love?

Milk and cookies.

  • Which soft drinks company is the first to have ads featuring Santa?


  • What were the first eight reindeers?

Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dasher, Prancer,Vixen, Dancer and Donner.

  • How does Santa come down the chimney after getting your present?

Touches his nose, smiles and nods.

  • What ancient people started the tradition of exchanging gifts?

The Romans.

Sharing the above Christmas quiz questions with family and friends especially during the next Christmas season won’t be a bad idea as it’ll help in passing the fun around. Maybe events of the coming Christmas season would be featured in the next Christmas quiz question collection.