Sports Quiz Questions And Answers

Sports Quiz Questions And Answers

sports quiz questions and answers

Everyone who loves sports of any kind and also loves quiz questions, will definitely find solace in this collection of sports quiz questions. That is because, we took our time to compile these sports quiz questions from different sources in a way to cover virtually all sporting events and activities that we could think of. Right from when we were toddlers, taking part in different sporting activities no matter how small, had always been part of our lives and our early development, this of course has made sports a part and parcel of our life style and entertainment till this time.

Little wonder we already have countless quiz questions about different kinds of sports on this website. To access some more of those quiz questions already compiled and published in the past check the quiz section of the site.

Back to our sports quiz questions of the day. sports activities and leagues despite being on our face all year long and we enjoying them, over time we end up forgetting some of those activities and how they went, the most important events. To take us down memory lane, we bring the below sports quiz questions, to not only test our memories but also teach us some things we never knew.

The following sports quiz questions and their answers are arranged in the manner: quiz question comes first, then answer to the specific sports quiz comes below it.

Sport Quiz Questions And Answers

  • The Wimbledon tennis tournament held for the first time in what year?


  • At what sport in the 1976 Olympics did Bruce Jenner win the gold medal?

The Decathlon

  • At what age did Boris Becker win the 1985 Wimbledon?

Age 17

  • Martin Johnson played for what rugby club?


  • Who won the 1985 Wimbledon tennis tournament?

Boris Becker.

  • What country has won the most football world cup?


  • What country did the British and Irish tour in 2017?

New Zealand.

  • The Godfather of Boxing is known as?

Muhammed Ali

  • What country did David Beckham play for?


  • What team won the World Series in the year 1980?

The Long Angeles Dodgers.

  • How many feet high is the basketball hoop?

10 feet.

  • The event El Clasico is known as?

A match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

  • Novak Djokovic belongs to what country?


  • What NFL game was first aired on TV?

Philadelphia Eagles VS The Brooklyn Dodgers.

  • In the 2000s who was named the godfather of golf?

Tiger Woods.

  • What is the second event on the first day of the men’s Decathlon?

The long jump

  • The Borg-Warner trophy was awarded to?

Indianapolis 500. See fun facts about Indiana.

  • The outsider who won the 2009 Grand National award is?

Mon Mome.

  • Why was the Baseball world series not held in 1994?

Because the players were on a strike. 

  • The first-ever Fifa World Cup was won by what country?


  • At what racecourse did the eclipse stakes run?


  • San Siro Stadium is located in what city?


  • The first African country to qualify for the Fifa World cup is?


  • What day of the week do the Spanish play football?


  • At what racecourse did the eclipse stakes run at?


  • Ben Hogan won the British championship at what sport?


  • What is Brazil’s national game?


  • A football match has how many ground referees?


  • Who was the first player to fail the Olympic dope test?

Pentathlete Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall.

  • Who won the highland game championship, six times in a row?

Geoff Capes.

  • Who won the 2013 tour de France?

Chris Froome.

  • What sport uses the term Mulekick and Stale Fish?


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  • What Sport in the USA has no game clock?


  • What is the highest possible breakpoint in Snooker?

155 points.

  • What tournament did golfer Rory Mallory win in the year 2011?

U.S Open.

  • At what club did David Beckham end his football career?

Paris Saint-Germain.

  • What country hosted the 2008 Olympics?


  • What athlete participated in the World Series and Super Bowl?

Deion Sanders

  • The 1991 US Ryder Cup team was captained by who?

Dave Stockton.

  • Total zone is a novel written by which sportswoman?

Martina Navratilova

  • Who won the first 80’s Baseball World Series?

Philadelphia Phillies.

  • What team was the first to win three Super Bowls?

Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • In Football, who is the only player allowed to touch the ball?

The Goalkeeper.

  • What sport is regarded as the King of Sports?

Horse Riding.

  • The movie Kingpin featured what sport?


  • What is the diameter of a basketball hoop when measured in inches?


  • Who is regarded as the godfather of football?


  • Who won the first baseball World Series in the ’50s?

New York Yankees.

  • US Open golf in 1977 was held where?

Tulsa Oklahoma.

  • What does the yellow card mean in sport?

A warning againt violent actions.

  • What club does Lionel Messi play for?

FC Barcelona.

That’s all the sports quiz questions that we have compiled for this quiz questions article. Certainly everyone’s favorite sport was covered in this quiz questions. Which of the above answers to the sports quiz questions were more surprising to you?