Facts About Gemini You Need To Know

Facts About Gemini You Need To Know.

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Gemini is the third star sign in the zodiac, it spans 60° – 90° of the celestial longitude and originates from the constellation of Gemini.

You are considered a Gemini if you’re born between May 20 and June 21. As a Gemini, there are some keywords associated with you. Some of them are lively, inquisitive, versatile, smart, witty, flexible, curious, busy, expressive, superficial, communication, independent, fickle, unreliable, nosy, cunning, social, and chatty. By the way, these keywords are not always common with all Gemini.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you 15 facts you need to know about Gemini. Without further ado, let’s get right into today’s topic.

  • They rarely show their true self

Geminis are thought to not always show their true colors easily and sometimes can even hide it from people totally. They are said to have a difficult time letting people know how they really feel and they tend to hide behind a mask to cover their inner true feelings. Surprisingly, they are known to be quite joyful when they explore themselves.

  • Compatibility

Geminis are thought to make quite a good match with fellow air signs Libra and Aquarius but they tend to have not so good a match with Sagittarius. Like I said earlier, these traits are not common to all Geminis so don’t let this affect your relationships.

  • They aren’t open to criticism

Persons with the Gemini star sign are thought to be quite bad at receiving feedback on things they have done. Despite being known to have a good time working with others, Geminis tend to not be open to receiving criticism even when they are positive and fairly harmless.

  • They are complicated

Being ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini is thought to be one of the signs in the zodiac filled with lots of complexities when you decide to go past the surface level. This may make it hard for you to understand them.

  • They are reliable

Geminis are known to always have your back no matter what happens and they’ll stand up for what you guys believe in without backing out. This makes them great friends and partners.

  • They enjoy their company

Despite being known for being social, Geminis are also known to enjoy their own company and are not afraid to do things on their own. This makes them love exploring their inner capabilities and feelings.

  • Don’t vex them

Persons with the Gemini star sign are thought to get annoyed fairly fast especially when people get worked up on insignificant issues. They are known to dislike useless drama and love to keep things in the simplest form possible.

  • They are adventurous

Gemini is known to be quite adventurous which makes them step out of their comfort zone to try out new things. They are very curious and easily attracted to people who have similar interests as them. They are known to love mystery which makes them love solving puzzles about things and even people sometimes.

  • They love activeness

People with the Gemini star sign are known to love having something to do and also something which occupies their minds. They tend to dislike not having anything to do and will always try to get something done.

  • They are individualistic

Geminis are known to be freethinkers and independent people who really love to carry out things using their methods, though it can result in them overthinking.

  • They can be cunning

People with the Gemini star sign are thought to be quite sneaky and tend to have a bit of a mischievous part in them. This may result in other sensitive star signs finding their attitudes a bit difficult to manage at first.

  • They love meeting people

Geminis are one of the most social signs in the zodiac and this shows as they love meeting new people, having company, attending occasions, etc. Being very social, they usually make really good friends.

  • They are focused on the bigger picture

Geminis are said to be very focused on the larger picture and they tend to disturb themselves too much with the smaller details and stuff. You may think they do this because they want to avoid facing problems but they are known to be quite good at solving any problem they come across.

  • They are full of energy

People with the Gemini star sign are said to be quite energetic and lively, this makes them take spontaneous decisions at times and hard to keep up with if you’re as energetic as they are.

  • They love intellectual

Geminis are known to be quite intelligent which makes them likely to choose programs and careers that need intellectuals. This makes them have an inventive and ingenious mind in their way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gemini

  • What house is Gemini?

Third house.

  • What element is Gemini?


  • What metal is Gemini?


  • What is modality of Gemini?

Modality is mutable.

  • What season is Gemini?

Spring season.

  • What is the ruling planet of Gemini?


  • What color is Gemini?


  • What body parts are Gemini?

Hands, shoulders and arms.

  • What is the secret wish of Gemini?

Secret wish is to have every answer.

  • What stone is Gemini?


  • What is the symbol of Gemini?


  • What is the Tarot card of Gemini?

The lovers.

  • What date is Gemini?

May 20 – June 21.