Facts About Taurus

Facts About Taurus.

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Taurus is one of the numerous star signs we have out there and just like others, it is said to have some effects on the everyday lives of some persons. Taurus is the sign of the Bull and you are considered one if you’re born on April 12 to May 20. People with this star sign are said to have these keywords in common:  loyal, ambitious, determined, trustworthy, reliable, stubborn, stable, grounded, lazy, careful, boring, materialistic, etc. If you want to learn Taurus fun facts, then this article is the right facts list you need to read.

Do you know someone who is Taurus? Or are you one? Well, if you want to know things about them, hop on and let me share with you Taurus facts you need to know about the zodiac sign Taurus. And without wasting much of our time, let’s get right into it.

Taurus Facts

  • They are quite stubborn

People with the Taurus star sign can be quite stubborn during some bad times. However, they stick to their principles which makes them likely have a strong sense of justice. They are likely to have a strong bond with people who are loyal and willing to stand by them irrespective of what hardship is being faced.

  • They are Persistent

A Taurus is very persistent and is very unlikely to throw in the towel on anything that they are working on or facing. This means that they are always likely to continue with big and difficult projects until it is completed.

Being very persistent, they are also likely to stand for what they feel is right and double down on it even if it seems everyone is against them.

  • They’re good with Finance

Persons with the Taurus star sign are said to be good with money and they also put a lot of value on a thing’s worth in general. They are also likely to help bring a bit of stability into your life.

  • They want simple & clear things

A person who is a Taurus is probably going to find it frustrating if they have to explain and break down things about themselves. They love things being simple and clear.

They are also quite patient but it is a bad idea to intentionally test how far they can go as they’ll likely not cope with that. This is also not for Taurus only as it’s a terrible idea to test how far anyone can go.

  • Compatibility

Tauruses are quite compatible with many people, but they tend to match up better with Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and fellow Tauruses.

  • They don’t always let you in

Persons with the Taurus star sign are thought to be fairly guarded and don’t always let anyone in. They can open up about their feelings and lives but they must get to know you very much before they let you in. Also, it is quite a big thing to earn their trust.

They are also said to be caring and patient so you trust them to take the time to sit and listen to you. You can also rely on them.

  • They aren’t open to criticism

Being patient and caring, Tauruses are not well known for responding well to criticism on things they work on or do. Even if it is a genuine & helpful critique, they can view it as a personal attack which is quite bad. This is sadly a part of their nature as they can feel and think deeply.

  • Popular Taureans

Some famous Taureans include football star & celebrity David Beckham, model Gigi Hadid, actress Renee Zellweger, actor George Clooney, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, and singer Barbra Streisand.

  • They never forget

Since it’s quite a big thing to gain the trust of a Taurus, it is really hard to regain their trust once you let them down or sell them out. They also never forget unfair things done to them so it is best to treat them fairly and with the utmost respect. Try to build a solid bond so you can rely on them.

  • Don’t light their fuse

It is quite a terrible idea to light the fuse of a Taurus as they are likely to explode if you test their patience too hard. While they can be stoic at times, they can get out of line if they get angry after being pushed past their limits. Be sure to avoid overloading them.

  • They love to express themselves

Tauruses are the kind of people who are likely to be extremely creative and will always strive to express themselves in situations. When facing problems, they tend to go through creative ways when trying to solve them. This can be quite good or not that good, as they can be quite fun to work with but also difficult to manage.

  • They want things straight

Persons with the Taurus star sign love getting things in place, paying their bills, finishing tasks, doing chores, and also getting their slates clean. This means that their minds are mostly at rest when they have done everything that needs to be completed. They will likely get all chores done, work completed.

  • Tauruses will always have your back

A Taurus person is likely to have your back at all times so far you’ve their trust. They value friendship and family a lot and can go the extra mile just for them. So if you have a Taurus friend or family, you can always depend on the bond between you guys. They can be quite affectionate and loyalty is a big thing to them. This is one of the reasons they are unlikely to forget about betrayals.


We have gotten to the end of the list of facts about Taurus, some of these Taurus facts are actually not known by most Taurus out there, that is why it is important we create and share these Taurus fun facts with you. Next section would be dedicated to answering questions about Taurus.

Popular Frequently Asked Questions About Taurus

  • What house is Taurus?

Second House

  • What element is Taurus?


  • What metal is Taurus?


  • What is the modality of Taurus?

Modality is fixed.

  • What season is Taurus?


  • What is the ruling planet?

Venus is ruling planet

  • What color is Taurus?


  • What is the body parts of  Taurus?

Body parts are Neck and Throat.

  • What is the secret wish of Taurus?

To have the best of everything

  • What are the stones?

Amber, Emerald, Sapphire, Quartz, Coral

  • What is the Zodiac symbol?

The Bull.

  • What is the Tarot card?

The High Priest.

  • What is the date Taurus are born?

20 April – 20 May.