Animal Group Names You Should Know

animal group names

Animal Group Names  There are millions of known species of animals. Though we can identify them with their names, but most of the times when they appear in groups, we do not know the names to call these animals. We find their collective group names difficult to mention, or we absolutely do not know what …

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Cool Cell Phone Facts

cell phone facts for you

Cell Phone Facts  Cell phones since their invention on the 3rd of April 1973 have become one of the most important part of our modern life. Chances are you’re reading this article on cell phone facts right on your cell phone, which goes a long way to prove our points on the importance of cell …

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Rainbow Facts That Are Really Fun

Rainbow on top of Clouds

Rainbow Facts  Unique facts about rainbows that’ll stun anyone even more than the beautiful collection of colors that a rainbow possesses, these rainbow facts aren’t just mind blowing they’re also beautiful to know about. Apart from the fact that Rainbow is characterized by its unique, outstanding, beautiful colour display up in the sky, and that …

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Interesting History Facts

History Facts You Should Know

History Facts  There is always a historical fact you never know or have neither heard nor read about, these facts about history are so intriguing and fascinating that you’d doubt all you’ve been told and thought, this is because some of these historical facts and information are hidden and sometimes totally unknown and ignored, but …

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Facts About Athena

interesting athena facts

Athena Facts  Whether you know who Athena is or not wouldn’t really matter since we’ll be learning some facts about Athena, these facts will definitely expose you to some Greek mythology and of course history you never about, remember that Greek  myths and legends were very instrumental to ancient civilization. The facts about Athena definitely …

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Coolest Music Facts You Never Knew

music facts

Music Facts  Facts about music you probably do not know or have never heard of, these fun facts about music will most likely stun you and you would  probably discover why you’ve been listening to a party type of music. Truly, Music is a vocal or instrumental sounds (or sometimes both) that is combined or …

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Woodpeckers And Why They Peck

why do woodpeckers peck

Why Do Woodpeckers Peck?  Are you one of the curious bird observers who have had to ask the interestingly important of question why do woodpeckers peck? We can’t infer that they peck because the word is in their name, even though that would make a little sense but thing is the bird isn’t even aware it’s …

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Unknown Technology Facts

technology facts

Unknown Technology Facts You Should Know  Technology is ever-growing and ever-changing. You probably know a lot about technology already, but there may be some facts that you might have missed. You may have also had misconceptions about some computer and internet stuff, and you are yet to get your facts right.  There are also chances …

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