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Unknown Athena Facts You Should Know.

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Whether you know who Athena is or not wouldn’t really matter since we’ll be learning some facts about Athena, these facts will definitely expose you to some Greek mythology and of course history you never about, remember that Greek  myths and legends were very instrumental to ancient civilization. The facts about Athena definitely will blow the mind of anyone who is curious about the topic as it’s usually a very interesting topic to look into.

Athena is an Ancient Greek goddess and from history is one of the most popular and famous. The Virgin goddess was attributed to Wisdom, war and the crafts, city protector, law and even Justice according to Mythology.

Mind Blowing Fun Facts About Athena

When you continue to read through, you find more interesting and educating facts about Athena, some of which are:

  1. Athena has a Roman name which originates from the Etruscan mythology called ‘Minevra’.
  2. Athena was regarded as the female equivalent of her brother Ares and was named the Goddess of War.
  3. Athena as one of the 3 Virgin goddesses namely Artemis, Athena and Hestia refused to marry a god against her father’s wish and preferred to remain a virgin.
  4. Historically, Athena was regarded as an immortal goddess.
  5. Athena’s display of wisdom and unimaginable manipulative skills during war times was considered better and far greater compared to that of his brother Ares who is more aggressive and full of Anger issues. Hence, Athena was a successful deity in war.
  6. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and doubles as the mountain of the gods. According to mythology, Athena was one of the 12 Olympians to dwell on that mountain.
  7. Of all the countless attributes accorded to Athena, she was not regarded as the most beautiful goddess although she is tall, full of grace and strong.
  8. Athena had a man named Hephaestus who fell in love with her. History has it that she never reciprocated the love back and the romance never ended on a good note.
  9. Athena’s father had so many wives and had so many children which include Apollo, Ares, Aphrodite, Helen of Troy, Artemis, the Graces, the Muses, Dionysus, Heracles, Hermes, Porus, Perseus, and Minos.
  10. Athena was her father’s favorite Child which was believed to be because Athena was Zeus’s first born.
  11. Athena and two other goddesses namely Hestia and Artemis were the only 3 goddesses that never had a child of their own.
  12. Athena was believed to be have a dark brown hair, usually wear helmet with facial expression assumed to be fiercely, very witty and full of pride. Although there was no single perfect image of Athena.
  13. Athena was very skillful. She was the first to introduce weaving and pottery in Greece and this turn out to be a great skill for the Greek women.

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  1. Historically, the Ancient city of Athens was named after Athena because she conquered and triumphed the guardian position of the city; this happened during the reign of the first king of Athens called Cecrops.
  2. Athena fostered son’s name is Ericthonius son of Hephaestus which was said to be born as half human being and half serpent.
  3. Athena escaped a rape attempt by Hephaestus when she sought him for weaponry and she successfully protected her virginity.
  4. In poetry, Athena is sometimes referred to as the “grey-eyed goddess” because she was said to have grey eyes; it was also compared to that of an Owl.
  5. Athena although was kindhearted, she turned a Greek woman by the name Arachne into a spider after she boasted that her needle work skills are better than the goddesses. Athena considered the statement blasphemous. 
  6. Perseus was said to have gifted Medusa’s head to Athena because she helped Perseus kill Medusa which made Athena’s breastplate bear Medusa’s head.
  7. Athena’s immense help to overcome and conquer wars like the Trojan and Persian invasion earned her the title of the “goddess of the city”.

The above Athena facts clearly explains the most interesting things about the goddess which is quite an interesting topic to study, I’ll try to answer some of the most interesting and frequently asked questions about Athena below.

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FAQ About Athena

  • What is athena’s weakness?

Athena’s weakness is her emotion and compassion which makes her susceptible to dangers. To get to her weak point you have to access her emotional and compassionate side.

  • How did Athena die?

Athena did not die, simply because in Greek mythology gods do not die, they’re believed to be immortal. Being a god, Athena herself couldn’t have died because she’s an immortal like the rest of the gods.

  • Why is Athena a virgin?

Athena was a virgin because she was a war goddess as a result strong and can’t be dominated by other gods, also she was also a temple goddess which can’t be violated by anyone.

  • Who is Athena in love with?

Athena was in love with nobody because she lacked emotion and compassion, this is at least according to Greek mythology, as a result she had no one to love at all.

  • What is Athena afraid of?

Athena is afraid of no one and nothing at all. Being a goddess of war as well as wisdom afforded her the strength to not be afraid of anything at all because, also the on breastplate she wears are the qualities that leads to victory in wars, these qualities are; fear(inflicted on enemy), strife, defense, and assault.

  • Who did Athena marry?

Athena did not marry anyone according to Greek mythology, this is primary because she lacked the qualities of love, emotion and compassion as a result couldn’t have fallen in love nor married anyone.

  • Who is Athena’s daughter?

Athena had no children, she had no husband, or lover also she never had sex at all.

  • What are Athena’s weaknesses?

Athena’s weakness is the facts she can’t be emotional or compassionate, this is because she is ruled by intellect and reason, she had no connection whatsoever with emotions.

  • What are 3 interesting facts about Athena?

3 interest facts about Athena are that;

  1. Athena was a virgin
  2. Athena was the daughter of Zeus
  3. Athena was a goddess of the city.
  • Who did Athena kill?

Athena killed Pallas who was her childhood friend and was killed accidentally by Athena while paying together.

  • How did Athena get pregnant?

Athena never got pregnant since it was told she was a virgin and never had sex with anyone.

  • Who cursed Medusa?

Athena cursed medusa. She was cursed by Athena because she broke her vow of celibacy which she took as a priestess of Athena.

  • Is Athena alive?

Yes Athena is alive, according Greek mythology gods never die since they are immortals.

  • How many siblings did Athena?

Athena had 25 siblings these siblings are were mostly half-siblings. Athena’s siblings are; Artemis, Aphrodite, the Muses(9), the Graces(3), Ares, Apollo, Dionysus, Hebe, Hermes, Heracles, Helen of Troy, Hephaestus, Minos, Perseus, Porus.

  • Is Hercules Athena’s brother?

Yes, Hercules was Athena’s brother, though a half-brother.