Facts About Phones

Facts About Phones 

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Cell phones since their invention on the 3rd of April 1973 have become one of the most important part of our modern life. Chances are you’re reading this article on facts about phones right on your cell phone, which goes a long way to prove our points on the importance of cell phones. Let’s face it, cell phones cannot be avoided by any modern person, not only because they’re useful but because they’re pretty much everywhere. For something that is basically everywhere, learning some facts about phones would prove to be very vital and important.

You’ll get to learn some really interesting facts and information about cell phones at the end of this article. Whether you’re using a cell phone to read this or you’re using a different device, it doesn’t matter, what matters are the facts about cell phone you’ll learn which will in turn broaden your knowledge on the one of the most important component of modern human life.

Communication has travelled through a journey called technology. Without doubt, one of the most popular means of communication today is through cell phones.

A cell phone as such is a phone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network. It has been developed, packaged, modified with so much intelligence.

Facts About Phones

Here are some interesting cell phone history facts. Do not be surprised if there are some which you never knew, after all that’s what we pledge to do; teach you thinks you never knew.

  1. In April 1973, a former Motorola inventor called Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone call.
  2. The first cell phone was sold in United States in the year 1983 and cost about $4000 each.
  3. The fear of losing your cellphone signal or losing your cell phone is called NOMOPHOBIA. It’s literally an addiction.
  4. The first smartphone was produced in 1992 and it was called the Simon Personal Communicator which was created by IBM.
  5. Computer was one of the earliest inventions of mankind. But today, there are five times more mobile phones in the world than PC.
  6. From survey analysis, 47% of people who are smartphone users in the United State said that their smartphone is one thing they cannot live without.
  7. 21% of traffic road accidents recorded in the United States of America in 2013, were as a result of use of mobile phones while driving.
  8. Japan is one of the highest producers of Mobile phones in the world. Hence, 90% of the phones they manufacture are waterproof so that their young ones can use their phones in shower or while swimming. 
  9. Through the help of Science and Technology, Scientists developed a way to charge cell phones using urine. Trust me, technology is improving daily.  
  10. There is 18 Times as much bacterium on your phones as in a toilet handles.
  11. There is a mobile phone out in the space. It is a Google Nexus phone that was launched into space by researchers in 2013 from the University of Surrey (United Kingdom).
  12. In Finland, one of their official Sport is Mobile Phone throwing. Don’t be surprised!
  13. Research has it proved that radiation coming from cellphones can cause its user headache, Insomnia and even confusion.
  14. It was declared legal by the Malaysian Government to divorce your partner through phone text message. Ridiculous you think right?
  15. The word “phubbing” is a new word used to explain someone who is ignoring a friend in favour of mobile phone.
  16. Apple recovered nothing less than a tonne of gold while recycling their old iPhones in 2015. The Gold’s worth was approximately $40million at the current gold price. It’s quite a fortune right?
  17. An average individual clicks the unlock button on their smartphone 110 times daily.
  18. A lot of photos and video uploads on Facebook was done using their cell phones and it accounts for 27% of internet roaming.
  19. The earliest commercial phone weighed about 2.5 pounds, but lately, the weight of smartphones on the average is around 250gr.  
  20. Psychoacoustic phenomenon is when you frequently hear or have a feeling that your cellphone is ringing whereas it’s not. It is a “ringxiety” people can suffer from. 

Unknown technology facts for you.

These above listed interestingly fascinating cell phone facts were as informative to you ad they were to me, some were surprising while others weren’t. We’ll look into some of the most frequently asked questions about cell phone facts asked by people who are very interesting in knowing more about cell phones especially as these devices are very important to humans.

Cell Phones FAQs

  • What is a cell phone used for?

A cell phone is used for sending and receiving information, these information comes in the form of audio, texts, pictures and video messages. Modern cell phones have become very advanced that they’re now used for much more than the original cell phones that were invented in the early days.

  • When was the first cell phone made?

The first cell phone was made in 1973. The 3rd of April 1973 marked the first day a cell phone call was made.

  • Who invented the cell phone?

Martin Cooper invented the cell phone, he did so alongside some other inventors.

  • How use mobile phone safely?

There are some safety measures to employ if you want to use mobile phones safely, these measures will ensure your health isn’t affected at all by any health hazards posed by the mobile phones and their use. These are steps to use mobile phones safely;

  1. Use headsets or speakerphone option.
  2. Keep mobile devices away from your body.
  3. Keep cell phone away from children.
  4. Avoid long conversation.
  5. Turn off Cellular data and Wi-Fi.
  6. Avoid calls at places with low signal reception.
  7. Fewer calls More Text.
  8. Use landline telephones.
  • What is the most important use of a cell phone?

The most important use of a cell phone are the uses for which cell phones were invented. The most important use of cell phones are to make phone calls and send messages.

  • How do you call a cell phone from a cell phone?

You call a cell phone from a cell phone by dialing the phone number associated with the cell phone you’re calling, the rules for making calls on a cell phone are mostly the same all over the world, but phone numbering vary slightly according to countries and their country code number.

  • How long do cell phones last?

A cell phone can last as long as 5 years, only that as the years adds up the cell phone begins to show signs of becoming weak, these signs are evident in the battery life which gets poorer and the speed of operation which also gets slower. The minimum number of years which a cell phone must last is 2 years.

  • How is mobile phone useful to us?

Mobile phones are useful to us in many ways because they have made making calls and sending messages a lot easier and much faster than ever before. Sending and receiving information is one of the most important part human existence and cell phones have made that simpler, cheaper, faster and more efficient.

  • What is best phone in the world?

The best phone in the world is the phone that can do all that you want from it and won’t cost much above your budget. This is because pricing have been a part of cell phone since their inception, most times pricier phones have much more quality than less pricy phones, though this isn’t the case, but you must consider this when searching for the best phone in the world you’d want to buy.

  • What was the first cell phone called?

The first phone was called Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.

  • Who made first cell phone?

The first cell phone was made by Marin Cooper a Motorola employee.

  • Why is it called a cell phone?

It is called a cell phone because it is a phone with access to a cellular radio system.

  • What was the first phone called?

The first cell phone was called Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.

  • How much did the first cell phone cost?

The first cell phone cost $3995, it was the Motorola DynaTAC 800X.

  • Is it safe to sleep with your phone next to you?

No, it is not safe to sleep with your cell phone next to you.