Unknown Technology Facts

Unknown Technology Facts You Should Know.

technology facts

Technology is ever-growing and ever-changing. You probably know a lot about technology already, but there may be some facts that you might have missed. You may have also had misconceptions about some computer and internet stuff, and you are yet to get your facts right. 

There are also chances that you do not know how most of the things that have become part of your everyday life came to be. Are you aware of the number of years it took the radio to reach an audience of 50 million or how big the first VCR was? You probably didn’t know that Domain name Registration used to be free! 

Read on to find 18 fantastic technology facts you would never have guessed.

Mind Blowing Technology Facts.

  • The Firefox Logo is not a Fox

Since the browser is called Firefox, many people think the furry creature in the logo must be a fox. However, it’s a red panda in the Firefox logo!

  • Carrier Pigeons Flew Faster Than the Internet Until 2010

A test was conducted between a carrier pigeon and the internet to determine which is faster. Against an internet upload, a carrier pigeon flew 50 miles bearing a USB stick to an internet provider in just over 1 hour. However, internet upload took over two hours.

  • The First Video Camera Recorder (VCR) was as large as a Piano

In 1956, the very first Video camera recorder (VCR) was built. I didn’t think it would be that big, but yeah, it was the size of a piano!

  • The First Ever Computer Virus was not Harmful

The first computer virus named “Creeper” was developed in 1971. It was created to experiment on how it can spread between computers. It simply displayed, “I’m the Creeper; catch me if you can!”

The first ever virus to be released into the wild was named Brain, and it was also harmless. It was, however, the first IBC PC virus. 

  • Samsung and Apple are over 38 Years Old Apart.

On 1st March 1938, the founder, Lee Byung-Chull, started Samsung as a grocery store. While on 1st April 1976, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, the founders of Apple, created Apple Computer Inc.

  • Domain Name Registration was Free

Before people realized how vast the internet would be, that is before 1995; you could register a domain name for free.

However, when it stopped being free, people had to pay high prices, typically $100 for a two years registration.     

  • Credit Card Chips Have Been Here for Longer Than You Think

Some people think that credit card chips are somewhat new fads. But the chip technology has been here since 1986. It was used in France firstly, then Germany. 

  • 1 Petabyte is so Much Data

You already know that 1 GB is equivalent to 1024 MB. But do you also know that one petabyte (PB) is the same as 1024 terabytes (TB)? A hard drive of 1 PB is capable of holding HD-TV videos of 13.3 years. It’s that big!

  • It Took 38 Years for Radio to Reach 50 Million Audience.

The invention of the radio was big, of course. However, it took 38 years for it to reach an audience population of about 50 million. Nonetheless, to achieve the same feat, the iPod took only three years.

  • The First Ever Computer Mouse was not Made of Plastic

Doug Engelbart, in 1964, invented the first computer mouse, and it was of wood. The cord at the back of the mouse reminded him of the rodent, so he called it a mouse. It was rectangular and had a small button on the top right.

  • The First Alarm Clock Could Only Ring at A Particular Time.

The first mechanical alarm clock, which was invented in 1787 by Levi Hutchins, could only ring at on time. 4 am was the alarm time until 1876 when a wind-up alarm clock that could be set for any time was made. 

  • If You Always Feel Your phone Vibrate When it Doesn’t, There’s a Name for That Condition.

When you think your phone is vibrating, but it isn’t, such a condition is called “Phantom Vibration Syndrome” This can happen when one becomes overly involved with their phone.

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  • There are a Total of 21 Million Bitcoins that can be mined

Some people may think that the number of bitcoins that can be mined would be unlimited since it’s a digital currency. However, there are only 21 million of them in total. If it were unlimited, that would devalue the currency.

  • Some People are Afraid of Technology

Some people fear technology. And this weird fear is named Technophobia. It stems from the industrial revolution and workers getting scared that machines would replace them in performing their jobs.

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  • A “Jiffy” is an Actual Measurement of Time

People commonly say, “I’ll be back in a Jiffy.” What they actually mean is, “I’ll be back in 10 milliseconds,” and they never do. A jiffy refers to the length of one cycle of the computer’s system clock. In Physics, it also applies to the amount of time light takes to travel one centimeter. 

  • Reading From a Computer Screen Slows you Down

You can read slower or faster, depending on whether you are reading from a screen or a paper. People tend to be 10% slower when they are reading from a screen, on the average, than from paper.

  • You will Get Paid if You Find a Security Bug In Facebook’s Code

Facebook can pay you a minimum of $500 for reporting a vulnerability in their security. You can potentially earn even more just to find a bug in their code.

  • iPhones Were Initially Designed in the Shape of an Actual Apple

iPhones were originally designed as a flip phone with a push keypad. It looked the same as the apple logo when closed.

  • People Who Use Computers Blink 66% Times Less Than Those Who Don’t

It’s no secret that the more you stare into a computer screen the less likely you are to close and reopen your eyes.

  • Malbolge Is The World’s Hardest Programming Language

I’m glad you’ve gotten here and can from now know what programming languages to avoid in your journey into software development.

  • A Female Robot Named Sophia Is The First Robot Ever To Get A Citizenship


  • Super Mario’s Last Name is Mario

And that makes his full name Mario Mario, isn’t that interesting?

  • Tetris Is The Best-Selling Video Game Of All Time

We all loved it when we were kids, glad it still holds the record for the best-selling game.

Finally, those are some of the most interesting and amazing technology facts that are unknown to most people, if you’re a tech-savvy person and you never knew these unknown technology facts then this is your chance. That’s it for the technology facts. I’m sure you picked up something new and maybe, got your facts right in the case of misbeliefs. 

Let’s look at some of the questions people ask about technology facts


  • How much do we use technology?

According to a research, an average person in the USA spends approximately 10 hours and 39 minutes each day on technology products. That should give you idea of how much we use technology.

  • When was technology first invented?

Technology was first invented two million years ago, they were stone tools used by men stone age men achieving various tasks.

  • What are 5 advantages of technology?

There are many advantages that technology gives to our daily life, these advantages cannot be ignored otherwise we won’t be enjoy what we’re enjoying and you won’t be reading what you’re reading right now. Some of these advantages are

  1. Efficiency
  2. Automation
  3. Communication
  4. Speed
  5. Communication(long distance)
  6. Precision

And a lot more advantages of technology that has made life a lot easier for us all.

  • Who created technology?

Stone age men invented technology. If we’re looking at all forms of technology which include simple stone tools, then we can say technology was invented by early stone age men.

  • Why is technology bad for society?

There is not evidence to suggest that technology is bad for the society, but rather the overuse and/or the abuse of technology can and will always be bad for our various societies and humanity at large.

  • How is technology useful?

Every technological produce has always been useful to mankind starting from simple tools to much more complex genetic engineering and information technology(which you’re making use of right now), everything that is a product of technology was invented or created to solve problems humans faced or make the problem solving process a lot easier, efficient and faster.

  • How long has technology existed?

Technology has existed for about 2 million years. Judging from the first simple tools ever made and used by humans.

  • Who is the founder of technology?

The founder of technology are the early stone age men who existed about two million years ago, they were able to craft simple tools to aid their lives and simplify things for them.

  • What is the oldest technology?

Simple stone tools are the oldest technologies known to mankind, they were mostly used as chopping tools.